Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun Review

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran on the field, by outlining particular features of the Tippmann X7 Phenom paintball gun, you will be better able to make an informed decision in selecting the correct equipment and the playing style.

Our Tippmann X7 Phenom paintball gun review will make the many aspects of the Tippmann X7 clear, from its firepower to the design and accuracy.

We’ll go through its effectiveness, weight, different advantages and disadvantages, and how reliable it is.

Let’s give it a read!

The Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun Overview

Tippmann X7 Phenom Reviews

The Tippmann X7 Phenom has many fans because it offers people the “military experience” of fighting in the field. It does not matter if it is an airsoft pistol; it is still thrilling. Keep reading to learn more about the Tippmann X7’s features.

Flex Valve Innovation

The Tippmann X7 Phenom’s most general characteristic is the Flex Valve innovation. This advancement in air economy allows the gun to function at a default pressure of 300 PSI.

The standard PSI is usually about 190-200, but you can shoot more bullets faster and more accurately with this Flex Valve tech. Aside from the 300 PSI, this feature decreases recoil when a round of paintballs is fired.

It is a significant improvement over previous Tippmann versions, where the recoils may be very startling for a novice player. For sure, with practice, you will grow used to it, but a softer recoil is still a pleasant enhancement.

Electronic Hall Effect Trigger

This trigger feature aids in switching between firing modes; safety, Semi, and Full Auto, PSP, Response, and NPPL are the five options of the Tippmann x7.

However, switching between shooting modes while playing without the electric hall effect trigger will be challenging.

This ability also makes it easy to switch it up based on the type of paintball game you’re playing. As a result, the Tippmann X7 is a strong contender in contests.

Military Appearance

Some individuals like a sleek aesthetic, while intermediate players adore the Tippmann X7 Phenom’s military appearance and feel.

This design offers them a sense of how military weapons work, which increases their enthusiasm for paintball. The Tippmann X7 is an excellent start if you’d like to become acclimated to heavier markers.

Three-Position Selector Switch

This marker also has a three-position selector switch, which is an excellent feature. In addition, this feature allows you to alter the marker’s operation. Thus, the transition from manual to computerized is simple.

It also provides the option of using or not using Flex Valve tech. Unfortunately, because many individuals are uncomfortable with switching procedures, this switch is an underappreciated feature.

However, the more battles you attend, the more you realize that employing an automated operation is not always the best option. On the other hand, there are times when the operation mode is preferable.

Aluminum Frame

The manufacturer has made the Tippmann X7 entirely of solid aluminum. It means you can count on your Tippmann X7 to last you a long time.

The long-lasting frame aids in its overall marker’s precision and consistency. Although solid aluminum is a touch heavier than lighter materials, it helps keep the marker stable even when playing in inclement weather.

Picatinny Rail

Thanks to the Picatinny rail, the Tippmann x7 is easier to be customized. You may attach various accessories such as scopes, handles, and sights to the two rails.

Adding other accessories also be available to make your gun more straightforward to use. Adding too many extras, however, risks making the gun heavier.

Because this Tippmann gun is already rather heavy, it is essential to be aware of your ideal weight before continuing to add extras. Also, keep in mind that adding weight to the marker might reduce its accuracy.

Likes & Dislikes About The Tippmann X7 Phenom

tippmann x7 phenom review

Tippmann X7 offers many excellent features; however, there are a few drawbacks to purchasing this model. Learn more about its advantages and disadvantages so you can determine if it’s a suitable marker for your play style.

What I Like About It

  • Excellent battery life and the gun’s effectiveness are over the roofs for ball breakage, lifetime endurance, and rounds without cracking.
  • It boasts an easy-to-maintain design with a robust aluminum body that is easy to clean.
  • The gun is also extraordinarily silent and produces no recoil when fired.

What I Like About It

  • It is bulkier and heavier than comparable markers available. However, if you’re looking for a genuine vibe, you could consider this a plus.

General User Experience 

We can conclude that the majority consensus is extremely favorable based on many Tippmann X7 reviews from genuine consumers that we have found.

While some people have worried about the tank leaking, which is always a risk, no one has worried about how it operates. Instead, users have praised its tiny form, quiet operation, and ability to be used electronically and manually.

The paintballing community has reacted positively to the model overall. So let’s have a peek at how the X7 functions:


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

Q. Is Electronic Or Mechanical Version Better?

A. Because of its wholly automated shooting mode, the electric variant is preferred.

Q. Is There A Stock On The Standard Marker?

A. There is no rear-stock on the basic version.

Q. Is X7 An Automatic Marker?

A. It has semi-automatic and completely automated modes of operation (via an electric hall effect trigger).


After reading this Tippmann X7 Phenom review, you may understand that it is an excellent intermediate marker for people who enjoy military-style designs. The design alone gives you the impression of being an expert in the area.

Furthermore, it is very adjustable, making it simple to add some extras to improve your entire game. However, if you are still unsatisfied with this, refer to the best paintball guns and choose the one that suits your playing style.

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