Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann Alpha Black is a professional paintball gun with all the features you need to pay special attention to. The gun has a robust design, very close to reality, allowing users to feel the atmosphere in the field.

In particular, they can deliver incredible performance to you at a super low price. We would like to offer some Tippmann Alpha Black paintball gun reviews to help you have a candid, in-depth look at the product to prove the above statements.

Let’s get right into the details!

Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Gun Overview

Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Gun Overview

Tippmann alpha black possesses an impressive appearance, with a slim personality and flexible design. The gun weighs 8lbs, an ideal number for drastic action on the field.

The head of the weapon has a receiver made of pure aluminum, the air passage and the elbow of the feeder are made directly from stainless steel. Thus, they will help the use time of Tippmann alpha black longer.

We are excited about the advantages Tippmann alpha black offers, especially in terms of cost. The price for you to own the product is not high compared to the features and components that come with it. And indeed, you won’t find any paintball gun as affordable as the Tippmann alpha black.

Tippmann alpha black’s rate of fire is fast; they can fire up to 12 balls per second with an accuracy of up to 40 – 50 yards. Thus, when owning a Tippmann alpha black, you will have exciting experiences.

The Tippmann alpha black professional paintball gun has extensive coverage, suitable for a wide range of participants. Even if you are a beginner, you can still use this paintball gun or choose anyone in this list. And you can completely upgrade them if that’s what you want.

Likes & Dislikes About Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Marker

Likes & Dislikes About Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Marker

Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of Tippmann alpha black below!

What I Like About It

  • Reliable: If you are looking for a reliable and powerful paintball gun, you can not miss the Tippmann alpha black. From its design to its features, everything is perfect for tough battles.
  • Easy to clean: This paintball gun model can remove components easily. Allows users to easily clean, thereby increasing the working efficiency of the product.
  • Ample storage space: Tippmann alpha black can store about 1000 balls. That way, you can comfortably shoot for your long-term experiences.
  • Ideal Rate of Fire: Commend the Tippmann alpha black for its rate of fire. Smooth shots with fantastic speed towards the opponent are what you get from this paintball model.
  • Comes with some additional accessories: The manufacturer is exceptionally fond of equipping the accessories with Tippmann alpha black at the same time. This feature is also one of the many bright spots that attract users to the product.

What I Did Not Like

  • You need to add some accessories to maximize the power of the product.

General User Experience for Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Gun

tippmann alpha black review

We rate the Tippmann Alpha black as the perfect paintball gun; it fully converges the size, features, and price strengths. Owning the product will bring you many interesting and exciting experiences.

Almost everywhere on the forums, customers have commented that the Tippmann alpha black is a product that can aim accurately and with a great rate of fire. In addition, most users are also highly interested in its ability to upgrade to more quality versions.

However, there is still some negative feedback about the need to equip some accessories to maximize the product’s features. And many people think that this search is not easy, they take a lot of time.

We think Paintball is an attractive, exciting game but also contains many dangers if you cannot recognize the problem and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge.

To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones before participating in this game, you need to equip yourself with protective gear fully.

And for you to better understand this game, you can refer to the article best paintball guns. Surely, this information will help you have a safer and more productive experience.


You can learn more about Tippmann alpha black through the frequently asked questions below.

Is Tippmann alpha black a good product?

Tippmann alpha black, in our opinion, is a high-quality, high-quality paintball gun. The features it brings are perfect for a great experience. We recommend choosing Tippmann alpha black as soon as you are new to the game.

Who is Tippmann alpha black for?

The users of Tippmann alpha black are relatively wide, including both beginners and professionals who can use them. For newbies, it is to use the regular version, after having experience, you can switch to the more advanced and professional versions.

Can you upgrade Tippmann Alpha black?

Tippmann alpha black is fully upgradeable to more professional versions if that’s what you want.


With the information we give above, we hope to answer your questions about Tippmann alpha black partly. We hope that this article can help you accumulate more knowledge and experience in choosing a paintball gun.

Above all else, we always want to be able to bring you quality products. Finally, we would still recommend using the Tippmann alpha black, because it is valuable. Try it out and give us feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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