Reviews Of The Tippmann Tipx Paintball Gun

If you have ever considered purchasing a paintball gun, the Tipx is an excellent choice. When it comes to this marker, Tippmann concentrates on optimum efficiency at a cheap cost.

But what makes it such an appealing option for a paintball marker? Let’s take a closer look at this Tippmann Tipx review.

In-Depth Reviews Of The Tippmann Tipx Paintball Gun

In-Depth Reviews Of The Tippmann Tipx Paintball Gun

The Tippmann TiPX is our excellent recommendation. It’s reliable, air effective, and magfed. Also, it is lightweight with a stylish military-style appearance. It may be a little big, but it is the sort of paintball gun you’ll want by your side!

You can rely on this video to better understand how this paintball gun performs.


The TiPX’s fundamental functioning is relatively straightforward, which is why it is such an excellent choice for both new and experienced paintball players.

The gun has an opened bolt and a blast forward mechanism that reduces recoil and kickback for a more enjoyable shooting experience.

It contains Tru-Feed magazines that automatically feed the first bullet into the chamber once you install the paintball marker. Then, when you enter the game with a new cartridge, you need to squeeze the trigger a second or third time to fire.

This feature is almost associated with CO2 cartridges, and it’s the one that we much enjoyed on our first attempt. But, unfortunately, replenishing the CO2 after some rounds takes more time than ever.

So you should be on the alert for these types of cartridges as well! 12g cartridges are lasting 2-3 magazines in field trials, depending on the circumstances.

When you’re in the thick of a game, it may be a game-breaker, especially if you’ve resorted to utilizing the TiPX as a primary gun.


You can strike every target on the battlefield with the Tippmann TiPX. The manufacturer makes it of compact and lightweight materials to keep you handy as you move about the field.

When used with paintballs of the same size, the.68 caliber handgun will be more precise. So, bear in mind if you decide to purchase it.

You can fire more bullets in a short time with quick access to the speed adjustment behind the barrel, giving you more productivity in the fighting zone. Additionally, the rear of the receiver of this marker has an external speed adaptor.

Because this pistol is not thumb-adjustable, you may modify it with a wrench. Additionally, the TiPX is available in three stunning colors.

Ease Of Use

This gun has a low learning curve. You’ll understand precisely how to master it within 30 minutes of starting to utilize it. The fact that the trigger is from metal is something we like.

It assists the user in firing paintballs whenever they need them and never clogs up. You may not be disappointed if you use this weapon when playing speedball games.

You will not have to be concerned about buying many barrels with the TipX. You may keep it secure within your armband and access it whenever you need it. It’s easy to transport and adapts the manner you prefer to play, according to everyone.

Likes & Dislikes About The Tippmann TipX Marker

tippmann tipx review

A built-in additional velocity adapter appears at the rear of the receiver on this marker. Because the gun is not thumb-adjustable, you can modify it with a screwdriver.

What I Like About It

  • Has the highest rating in the market
  • Lightweight and ideal for military-style games
  • Comes in handy
  • Clear ammo window
  • Guaranteed for two years
  • Available in several hues
  •  Excellent accuracy
  • A powerful trigger that doesn’t break off

What I Did Not Like

  • Small magazine size.

General User Experience 

Many users have commended this product’s lightweight design and outstanding performance. Despite its small barrel, it has a very high level of accuracy.

While most people use it as a backup weapon, some people utilize it as the primary gun. In any case, the consensus has been favorable, and the gun can fire between 14 and 20 rounds each cartridge.

Most consumers’ sole issue is that it doesn’t come with additional mags and runs out soon. But its characteristics are well-liked, and it is one of the best paintball guns on the market.


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

Does This Paintball Gun Come With A Leg Holster?

No, it doesn’t work that way. It includes only a barrel plug, two marker magazines, and a user handbook. You may, however, upgrade to the deluxe package, which includes a leg holster.

Does It Have Full Or Semi-Auto Capability?

This paintball gun is just semi-automatic.

What Does It Come With?

It has an elastic strap that secures around its rear and fits into the pistol’s barrel. As a result, there will be no mishaps. It also comes with a bit of lubrication and a repair kit inside.

So if you want to oil any parts, you’ll find everything in this bag. For upkeep or troubleshooting, it comes with a comprehensive owner’s handbook.


Tippmann TiPX’s outstanding features are its lightweight construction and excellent firing accuracy. In addition, it provides you with increased speed and mobility, which can be beneficial in high-speed competitive matches.

In addition, the small size makes it easy to handle and avoids the discomfort of carrying a vast and heavy paintball pistol around with you. We hope this Tippmann Tipx review gives you enough information for making purchases.

Thank you for reading!

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