Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun Review

For paintball enthusiasts, Planet Eclipse Gtek paintball gun is probably no longer a strange name. When asked about the impressive paint gun, most people often mention Planet Eclipse Gtek.

What features does this gun have that so many people prioritize?

To learn more about gtek, we will come to the article below. The content of the article will be an honest review of the user experience.

Here are the details about the Planet Eclipse Gtek review!

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun Overview

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun Overview

First, we will give you some characteristics of this gun to help you have a better overview before choosing a gun as a weapon to support yourself on the battlefield.


Like most of the best paintball guns today, Planet Eclipse Gtek has a pretty sturdy frame of high-quality aluminum.

In addition, the composite components also have impressive durability, ensuring that the gun still performs well in harsh environments.

Overall, we can’t rate Planet’s design lower than any paint gun of the same price on the market.


This product has many good reviews in terms of weight because planet eclipse gtek is quite light (2 Lbs) and compact. Based on that, you can easily move and operate with the paint gun for a long time.


In paintball battles, perhaps fuel is a precious thing. With planet eclipse gtek, you don’t need to worry about wasting a lot of air and paint.

Because this paint gun has quite good performance to help give users accurate shooting results. From there, the paint gun will save fuel to the maximum.


One of the most outstanding things about planet eclipse gtek is probably the durability of this weapon over time.

In many tests, people used the gun continuously for many hours, and as a result, the gun still handled the target well without the need to lubricate the warhead.


To make the experience more wonderful, the manufacturer of planet eclipse gtek has launched a complete and quality product set.

Besides, the eye-catching paintball guns are accessories that fully meet the player’s needs, all bringing more professionalism in your battles on the battlefield.


Planet eclipse gtek is often the choice of many shooters because the maintenance process of the gun is relatively simple.

Accordingly, this paint gun gives you easy access to the main internal components for maintenance and repair.

As a result, this gun can compete fairly with many other brands on the market.


Like many other brands, planet eclipse gtek also comes with a 1-year warranty.

As a result, you can be assured of product quality as described by the manufacturer for a long time.

Like And Dislike About Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Marker

Besides the above information, planet eclipse gtek also has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you intend to buy this product, the section below is very important that you should refer to.

What I Like About It

The first is the advantage part of the gun, which includes:

  • High durability: Gtek can maintain operation at high or low temperatures continuously for a long time. In addition, the material is also strong and hard to break.
  • Lightweight: as we updated above, the gun’s weight is only 2 pounds, so you won’t get tired when holding the gun for a long time.
  • Minimalist design: The Eclipse’s compactness enhances the gunner’s aesthetics and comfort when using this gun. On the battlefield, a minimalist weapon greatly helps the player.
  • Very effective: with gamma core technology, gtek has made many achievements compared to other guns. In particular, a preeminent ability is the maximum saving of air and fuel.
  • No recoil: keep your hand steady when shooting and limit hand pain. This feature is something to be proud of gtek because not all paintball guns have a good anti-reverse function.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning: Thanks to this, you can save a lot of time and effort. In addition, you do not have to pay any extra for maintenance every month.
  • Ease of Repair: A privileged benefit of planet eclipse gtek is that many authorized repair shops help you quickly replace gun accessories.

What I Did Not Like

Along with outstanding advantages, planet eclipse gtek still has disadvantages that you need to overcome. Here are some examples of bad sides:

  • Make noise in long-range mode: This helps you to reveal your position. However, for close range, planet eclipse gtek handles quite well in terms of sound.
  • Expensive: Of course, a product of good quality is not cheap. To own planet eclipse gtek requires you to invest a fairly high amount of money.
  • Now, do you want to find yourself a quality paint gun from the planet eclipse gtek brand? If you are interested in this product line, then we will come to the next part.

Alternative for Planet Eclipse Gtek paintball marker

Here, we will introduce you to some of the most impressive eclipse paintball models that you must own.

#1. Action Village Eclipse EMEK 100

Action Village Eclipse EMEK 100

With the Eclipse Emek range, you will have higher quality marking experiences than others, thanks to leading performance technology.

Besides the quality inside, the exterior of Eclipse Emek is also very artistic. For those who love beauty, this gun model might be a good choice.

In addition, the accompanying accessories are also quite complete for professional matches for a long time.

Because the product comes in a complete package, you have to pay to own them is quite high. So please consider this before deciding to buy Action Village Planet Eclipse.

#2. Planet Eclipse ETEK5

Planet Eclipse ETEK5

Next on this list is the ETEK series, a version that also stands for durability and reliability.

From materials, performance to ergonomics Planet Eclipse ETEK is superior. If you commented that this is a mid-range gun, you are wrong.

However, be mindful of the weight because Planet Eclipse ETEK weighs 4 pounds. But overall, this gun is quite impressive and can not be criticized at any point.

If you are a professional paintball player, you should not ignore this gun.

#3. Planet Eclipse Etek 3

Planet Eclipse Etek 3

Finally, a product we cannot fail to mention is the Planet Eclipse Etek 3 LT.

In addition to being a leader in reliability and performance, the Etek 3 LT is well worth the money. Accordingly, Etek 3 LT is extremely reasonably priced for new entrants.

Not only that, but many people are also impressed with this gun, thanks to the design. Overall, the Planet Eclipse Etek 3 LT’s chassis is quite special and stylish.

Besides the strong design, cut 90 degrees of the tail, the Etek 3 also has a special military pattern. If you are a person who loves to be different and rich, then you should not miss this version.


Through this article, we hope you will have more information and knowledge about Planet Eclipse Gtek review. From there, you can choose for yourself a suitable paint gun.

If you have any questions or comments, please contribute below for us to answer and fix. Don’t forget to share the article if you find the information useful.

Thank you for reading!

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