Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun Review

To enjoy the paintball to the fullest, you should have a reliable paintball gun. But you need to consider carefully before investing in a marker.

If you are a beginner, it’s better to start with an affordable entry-level gun. Costing less than $300, the Planet Eclipse Etha will be a good starting point. Besides, it’s also simple to use and performs well.

In this Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun review, we will give you all the information about this marker. Let’s get right into the details!

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun Overview

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun Overview

leading brands in manufacturing paintball markers. Their entry-level markers are famous for their light weight and wide range of prices.

The Planet Eclipse Etha has many similar features to its Geo counterpart. However, the Etha marker has a lower cost and more optimal design. This gun is one of the best paintball guns for the money you can find on the market. Here are some outstanding features of this marker.

Spring return bolt system

The Etha marker has a different firing system from the other guns of Planet Eclipse. It uses a spring return bolt system that simplifies the function of the gun.

This bolt system will vent air from the firing chamber with a pull-poppet spool. After each shot, the bolt will return to its original position.

Dual-stage accelerated bolt

The bolt of the Etha uses dual-stage acceleration in picking and pushing the ball into the barrel. Besides, it has a rubber piece on the tip to separate and cushion the ball to avoid breaking balls.

Front Macro line On/Off Purge System ASA

Front Macro line On/Off Purge System ASA of Planet Eclipse Etha

The Planet Eclipse Etha also has an On/Off Purge System ASA on the frame’s bottom. You can twist the knob to turn it on or off. When turning it off, the marker will get fully vented then you can remove the tank easily and safely.

Flexible SL3 Regulator

The SL3 Regulator of the Etha marker can work with HP, MP, and LP air tanks without making any adjustments. Therefore, you don’t have to switch to change the pressure level when playing with this gun. Also, this regulator helps you to use the air efficiently.

Flexible SL3 Regulator of Planet Eclipse Etha

Two-piece barrel

The Planet Eclipse Etha also features a two-piece barrel. This barrel allows players to fire with different modes such as semi and PSP. It makes the gun fit with many playstyles and scenarios of the game.


Made of aluminum and plastic, the Etha marker weighs only 2 pounds. The lightweight makes the gun suitable for beginners as it’s comfortable to manage. Besides, advanced players who often play for hours will also prefer this advantage.

Likes & Dislikes About The Planet Eclipse Etha

The Planet Eclipse Etha offers many awesome features. However, it still has some areas that need improvements. Here are my feelings when using the Etha marker.

Likes & Dislikes About The Planet Eclipse Etha

What I Like About It

  • The Etha marker has an affordable price. It is also cheaper than the Planet Eclipse Geo.
  • It’s straightforward to use, which is favorable for beginners.
  • The gun can fire swiftly with high accuracy.
  • It doesn’t chop paintballs.
  • It’s very lightweight and comfortable to hold even for hours.
  • The marker has impressive self-sufficiency and requires little maintenance.
  • It’s very efficient in using batteries and air.
  • It has many features that are suitable for players at all levels.

What I Did Not Like

  • Sometimes, the Etha gun vibrates too much and makes a noticeable kickback when shooting.
  • The sound produced when firing is rather loud.
  • The grip of the gun is not upgradable.

Some Recommended Alternatives for Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun

Do you still feel the Planet Eclipse Etha is not your desired gun?  You can consult the following alternatives.

1. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100The Powerful Entry-Level Marker

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 – The Powerful Entry-Level Marker

The EMEK 100 is also a good entry-level gun from Planet Eclipse. It has the same quality and performance as the Etha marker. However, this gun creates less recoil and kickback than the Etha counterpart.

Besides, it also has a hoseless air transfer system that helps you manage the entire gun more easily.

2. Tippmann 98 CustomAn Easily Customizable Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom – An Easily Customizable Gun

The Tippmann 98 Custom is another affordable choice for price-sensitive players. It’s easily customizable that you can add some modifications to this marker. It also has high performance on the field and never chops paintballs.

3. Spyder MR100 ProThe Excellent Performance Marker

Spyder MR100 Pro – The Excellent Performance Marker

Another good alternative for the Planet Eclipse Etha is the Spyder MR100 Pro.

It’s beginner-friendly and also has many advanced features for experienced players. The best part of this gun is the velocity adjuster. It permits the player to play with the desired paintball velocity.

General User Experience for Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun

Many players have used and got impressed with the quality of the Planet Eclipse Etha. Most of them agree that it is an excellent gun for its price. The high accuracy and easy maintenance of the Etha marker are what customers love about this gun.

However, some users complain that the trigger is firm and can’t operate smoothly. Besides, the gun also gets negative feedback about the recoil and chopped balls.

Planet Eclipse Etha Overview


Can you customize the Planet Eclipse Etha?

The Planet Eclipse Etha is customizable, but only in some parts. You can modify its feed neck,  trigger, barrel, and ASA. However, the costs of the compatible parts are relatively high.

What is the best tank regulator PSI for the Etha marker?

The Planet Eclipse Etha can work well with all the low, medium, and high-pressure tanks. You can choose the tank pressure that fits your play style.

Can you change the grip of the Planet Eclipse Etha?

No, the grip of this gun is exclusive, so you can’t change it. But it is a good grip, and you can stay content with this one.

Final Words

Although the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun is an entry-level gun, it can fit any player. It has the features of high-end markers, but its price is very affordable. We hope that this Planet Eclipse Etha review can be helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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