Piranha Paintball Gun Review

An easy-to-use paintball marker at a low price is the best place to start for any player. The brand we recommend is Piranha.

So, what are the outstanding features of Piranha markers? Is it worth your money? Let’s find the answer in this Piranha paintball gun review by Discovery UK.

Piranha Paintball Gun Overview

When it comes to Piranha, people will immediately think of a brand that produces mid-range paintball markers.

Piranha has been in business since 1981. Their guns are often very competitively priced when compared to their competitors.

If you keep that price in mind, you’ll find that the value of Piranha paintball markers is pretty good. It is easy to use and highly reliable.

A few models available in the market that you can choose from are the Piranha R6, the Piranha Enforce EXT, and the popular Piranha GTI.

Now, we will find out the reason that customers love Piranha in this section.

Piranha Paintball Gun Overview

Decent Firing Rate 

Being an entry-level paintball marker, you should not expect too much from the fire rate of the Piranha paintball guns. Within 5 seconds, it can fire from 5 to 20 paint bullets depending on the user’s proficiency. This number stops at a decent level.

However, when you compare the price correlation, this rate of fire is very stable.

This gun also has excellent gas consumption. With a can of CO2 about 20 oz, you can shoot from 600 – 650 shots. The Expansion Chamber unit is responsible for handling this compressed air efficiently.

Good Shooting Accuracy 

The Piranha paintball markers give high accuracy to your shots.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Piranha’s bolts are all rear cocking. This seemingly small part plays a vital role in adjusting the firing line.

In addition, the manufacturer is conscientious about covering the inside of the barrel with a ceramic layer. This coating helps prevent the pooling of paint in the barrel and reduces friction.

In addition, I am grateful for the quiet that the Piranha guns provide. This feature is not commonly found in other types of markers.

One drawback of this type of paintball marker is that the range is not very wide. Within a range of about 30 yards, you can even knock a flea off a fly’s back.

However, from that milestone onwards, adjusting the bullet’s flight path will be quite troublesome.

User-friendly Operation

Piranha Paintball Gun Overview

The design of these Piranha paintball guns is quite simple, and it has a slight resemblance to the Spyder guns. The primary material of the weapon is aluminum which promises a long service life and durability.

The slightly long trigger of these guns is easy to activate. A feature that will come in handy during battles is the double trigger.

What if you suddenly want to upgrade them? These markers are incredibly user-friendly, and you can freely add sights, crates, or grips.

One part that I like is the quick-strip pin. This feature allows you to access the internal components without tools.

This feature leads us to the final advantage.

Easy Maintenance

As someone who is getting into the paintball game, perhaps marker maintenance will confuse you. With that in mind, Piranha has produced guns that you will only need to spend little to zero effort in maintaining.

Within five minutes, you were able to break down the parts of the Piranha paintball gun. Usually, all you need to do is add a little oil and change the o-rings.

Just be careful not to let the marker get cocked for long. You can extend the life of your Piranha gun easily.

Likes & Dislikes About Piranha Paintball Gun

What I Like About It

  • Affordable price.
  • This marker is durable and can last for a long time.
  • It has a decent firing rate at 280 PSI.
  • Good shooting accuracy.
  • Easy to pull the trigger.
  • Easy to break down for maintenance.
  • The marker is relatively quiet when shooting.

What I Did Not Like

  • Short shooting range.
  • This marker can serve beginners only. Professional users need to look for a more advanced marker.

Some Alternatives for Piranha Paintball Gun

In case the Piranha paintball gun doesn’t impress you, check this out. I want to introduce you to three other choices that are also very popular in the market:

1. Tippmann Cronus – The Best Paintball Package For Beginners

Tippmann Cronus - The Best Paintball Package For Beginners

The Tippmann Cronus guns are the first choice for those just starting in paintball. The manufacturer also prepares you a combo to fully equip all accessories.

The MilSim body and composite material provide high durability. The Picatinny rails also make it easier to upgrade guns in the future.

2. Kingman Spyder Victor – Best Firing Rate Marker

Kingman Spyder Victor - Best Firing Rate Marker

Spyder’s paintball guns are known for their quality firing rates. The advanced EKO valve system allows you to fire 1,500 shots with just one 20 oz can of CO2. Indeed an impressive number.

3. Empire Mini GS – Compact Marker For Powerful Shooting

Empire Mini GS - Compact Marker For Powerful Shooting

Don’t let the gun’s neat appearance and fresh colors fool you. The Empire Mini GS is a real little monster. It allows you to flexibly switch between multiple firing modes, including PSP and MILL.

This gun is also straightforward to install so that you can do it all by yourself.

General User Experience for Piranha Paintball Gun

General User Experience for Piranha Paintball Gun
General User Experience

With a very reasonable price, the Piranha paintball gun easily received the love of customers. They claim that it delivers much stronger value and performance for the money.

Some customers rave about its user-friendly features and easy-to-understand structure. Maintenance is as easy as pie for them.

However, there are a few complaints about the gun often jerking when in operation. In addition, it is only suitable for those who are just starting to play paintball.


This section will help you answer questions about Piranha paintball guns.

Can you use HPA for the Piranha marker?

You can use both CO2 and N2 for Piranha markers. This gun is incredibly versatile.

What is the marker type of the Piranha paintball gun?

Piranha paintball guns are semi-automatic markers. If you want to learn more details, read more of our best paintball guns articles.

Can you upgrade the barrel of the Piranha paintball gun?

Yes, you can. The barrel of the Piranha marker is interchangeable. You can find and install the barrel that works best for you.


The Piranha paintball guns are the best choice for newbies on a tight budget. All three of its models, the Piranha R6, Piranha Enforce EXT, and Piranha GTI, have quality beyond their price.

Hopefully, this Piranha paintball gun review can give you the most comprehensive look. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

Thank you for reading!

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