GoG eNVy Paintball Gun Overview

This paintball pistol, originally known as the Smart Vibe Paintball Marker, has excellent potential for expansion. So, we have compiled some of its outstanding features in this GoG eNVy paintball gun review.

In addition, you can take a look via the world of the best paintball guns and pick one. Let’s read on to discover!

GoG eNVy Paintball Gun Overview

GoG eNVy Paintball Gun Overview

The GOG eNVy is an all-black electro-pneumatic gun that’s great for newcomers and field players alike. It may, however, be enhanced with several add-ons to make it appropriate for beginner to experienced players.


The GOG eNVy deviates from the electronic gun norm by allowing the user to use CO2 with HPA or Nitrogen. However, because an HPA device is more expensive, players new to the game will likely choose to operate the marker using CO2.

The HPA is recommended for those who want peak efficiency and are willing to invest a little more money. Just make sure you possess 9-volt batteries handy while using the gun. The GOG eNVy can fire about 20,000 rounds on a 9-volt battery.

Shooting Performance

When outfitted with the right parts and accessories like a board and QEV, this paintball marker can lick off bullets at a rate of roughly 11 bps and up to 25 bps.

It means that newcomers to the sport may take up the marker straight away and gradually enhance it as their ability and playing time improves, allowing them to attain a better performance level.

The marker appears with a hammerless electrotype to lessen the quantity of kick generated by shots. In addition, it improves accuracy since the GOG eNVy is widely regarded as among the most accurate beginner paintball guns available.

While using this paintball gun in a top-level competition may not be a wise decision, it will offer players a significant advantage over opponents in informal matches with friends who use inferior pistols with less accuracy.

Design & Style

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Although the GOG eNVy is slightly compared to others, it is nevertheless regarded as a high-performance paintball marker.

A very gentle and smooth anti-chop action is used to prevent paintballs from splattering when being transported into the feed breech vertically.

The gun’s bearer may use two fingers for increased shooting speed and control thanks to a light microswitch and a two-point adjustable stock dual trigger.

Rather than full-auto or the three-shot burst mode, it operates best as a semi-automatic.

With a 10-inch ported.693 barrel, there is a standard Smart Parts barrel thread. The GOG eNVy also has a Max-Flo Regulator and Seal-Forward innovation, which improves efficiency by allowing the user to change the force to his preferred level easily.

This paintball pistol provides you with more rounds per tank than the other novice paintball guns available.


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For upkeep, the GOG eNVy is simple to use and has an excellent user interface. In addition, the cleaning and reassembling procedures are straightforward enough for anyone to do.

Because of its widely praised BOB construction, you can remove it at any time. However, an Allen wrench is required to remove the cover from the back of the pistol.

After unscrewing the bolt, all it takes is a quick wipe and re-greasing before reinstalling. The pistol comes with a one-year warranty, which is included in the purchase price.

GOG has a large inventory available for purchase if you require a specific part, and the firm’s professionals can quickly repair the eNVy if it breaks down. Consumers should not anticipate the marker breaking shortly after purchase.

It is pretty sturdy and made to last with a robust composite chassis, frame, and clamping feed neck.

Likes & Dislikes About The GoG eNVy Paintball Marker

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You should consider the benefits and drawbacks of each paintball marker before purchasing one to discover whether it is a suitable fit for you.

What I Like About It

  • Economical, long-lasting, and dependable.
  • Good value for the money.
  • It fires smoothly with little recoil.
  • Not cut balls.
  • Functions quietly.

What I Did Not Like

  • Requires top-quality 9-volt batteries available.
  • Not compatible with low-cost batteries.

Other Alternative Options for GoG eNVy Paintball Marker

The GoG eNVy is the most reliable paintball marker, but we’ve put up a list of competitors with comparable characteristics.

#1. GoG eNMey

GoG eNMey

The GOG eNMEy paintball pistol is built to last. It is user-friendly, especially for novices, because of its basic design. In addition, because of its small weight, you may use it for many hours without becoming tired of it.

#2. Spyder MR 100

Spyder MR 100

The Spyder MR100 Pro is semi-automatic and fires precisely straight on the goal. You can perform brilliantly every time if you have a solid military appearance.

#3. Empire Mini GS 

Empire Mini GS 

The first thing you’ll notice about it is how tiny and slender it is. Empire Mini GS is hardly an exaggeration to say that the pistol lives up to its moniker.

General User Experience for GoG eNVy Paintball Gun

The GOG eNVy is a powerful marker for both beginning and advanced paintball players. It works well, but more veteran players may find it a little lacklustre for usage in a high-pressure situation.

Players on a budget may seriously consider this GOG eNVy paintball gun, which costs only $200. Moreover, you can rely on this video to better understand this GoG eNVy marker and see how it functions.

GoG eNVy Paintball Gun FAQs 

Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

Is The GoG eNVy A Durable Paintball Marker?

This maker’s body, frame, and feedback are all made of a strong and durable composite material. In other words, it won’t break while you’re using it.  It is sturdy and well-made, and it will last for many years.

What Upgrades Included With This Gun?

GOG eNVy accessories and upgrades include grip covers, a dovetail connector, a fast grip panel, rechargeable batteries, charger, and ion bolt support, which you may purchase separately. Inline, Tactical, and The Freak barrels are also available.

Is Electrical Or Mechanical Gun Better?

Electronic markers include a trigger framework that allows you to shoot your marker with precision. Unfortunately, electronic producers are typically more expensive to acquire, and they are quieter but less dependable.

A machine gun is another choice if you have a restricted budget. ; however, it is noisier and slower. Suppose you are serious about the paintball marker.

In that case, though, an electro-pneumatic one provides a steady firing and is considerably quieter than mechanical markers, but you will need a significant budget to acquire one.


Budget-conscious players seriously consider this marker.  It excels in terms of usefulness, durability, and economy, as well as being quite dependable.

Via this GoG eNVy paintball gun review, you may know it is based on a tried-and-true platform that offers various upgrading possibilities. So if you’re searching for a pistol that’s both inexpensive and effective, go for this one.

Thanks for reading!

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