Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

Empire Mini GS paintball gun is an innovation that impresses paintball players. Mini GS is the upgraded version of the mini that Empire launched not long ago.

Although the first version did not receive much positive feedback from users, this Mini GS surprised everyone.

The surprise not only comes from the design, competitive price but also from the outstanding features. So what has the Empire Mini GS improved, and is it as surprising as advertised? Find out more in the following article.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Overview

empire mini gs review

If you have learned about this paintball subject, you will surely know that the cost of a good gun is not cheap. However, this Mini version of the Empire’s launch is less than $300 for a paintball gun with many features.

Launched not long ago, Empire Mini was not well received by the community because of many destructive features. But it seems that it is just a draft of the Empire to get consumer opinions for this Mini GS.

Accordingly, mini GS has wholly overcome the disadvantages of mini. In addition, it also equips a few more tools for a perfect player experience.

For example, the minigun has an automatic lubrication mode that makes it easier for players to use the gun. This one is the point that even other expensive firearms don’t have.

Another big difference of mini gs is that it has a feedneck clamp, which is probably the point that makes the mini-empire receive the most criticism.

Therefore, miniguns have appeared to make it easier to control the player’s gun. You can also check out a few other best paintball guns to see the importance of the feedneck.

Likes & Dislikes About Empire Mini GS

If only speaking in general, it will be difficult for you to imagine the functions of the product. Therefore, Discovery UK will analyze the product in the most objective way with both advantages and disadvantages.

What I Like About It

Mini GS inherits and improves a lot from the previous mini version, so it should overcome the shortcomings in the mini version.

Empire Mini GS added a feedneck clip after receiving feedback about the mini performance without this accessory.

  • The handle has a sturdy rubber cover, so you don’t need to worry even if your hands are sweaty.
  • Lightweight (14 pounds) should be suitable even for people with weak physical strength.
  • The Empire Mini GS does not make a loud noise when firing. So you can act with peace of mind without fear of the opponent’s detection.
  • People are also nervous when using guns and recoil. However, when using the Empire Mini GS, you will not need to worry about this problem. So you can use aiming more accurately.
  • Although it is a mini version, the company still ships with a toolkit and user manual when purchasing.

What I Did Not Like

  • The gun design is in mini size, so you need to consider the size before buying.
  • Some features are limited, such as no OLED panel compared to the regular version.

Alternatives for Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

#1. Mercury Rise Semi-Auto

empire mini gs review 1

Mercury is a new brand, so not many people use it. However, perhaps because it was released later, it has overcome the shortcomings of previous paint guns.


  • Products with a variety of colors, the shiny metal layer.
  • It comes with many accessories.
  • The adjusted rate of fire.
  • The molded gun body and handle.
  • The lightweight aluminum gun case is dust-resistant.


  • Large size, bulky.

#2. Spyder Victor Paintball

empire mini gs review

If you are a color lover, then Spyder Victor will surely make you satisfied.


  • Six different colors.
  • Free warranty company if the gun has a problem.
  • Firing-rate can be adjusted.
  • There is a safety lock valve.


  • Frame made of plastic.

#3. Tippmann TMC FED 

There are not as many colors as the above two products, but Tippmann TMC FED brings a design with a professional look.


  • Equipped with the most modern style aiming point
  • Solid steel material, anti-rust
  • Has a built-in light for use at night
  • Warranty period up to 12 months


  • Relatively high price

General User Experience

There are few reviews about these miniguns because most people who want to invest in paintball guns already have favorite options. However, all the user reviews of this product are satisfied with their purchase.

Empire Mini GS paintball marker can meet almost any requirements that users expect. With such a low price and such features, many people are surprised to use it. The product is also small and light, making it suitable for women as well.

However, the size is also what many people complain about the most. Many people buy without reading the description carefully, so they are disappointed when they receive the product.

In contrast, others have hands or bodies that are too big, so they feel that the mini gs is an inappropriate product.


empire mini gs review2

How to maintain the Empire Mini GS?

Maintenance is an essential step for a gun to last for a long time. This maintenance can be difficult at first because of the small size of the gun. However, you only need to learn a bit of time to be able to handle them easily.

Cleaning instructions for the Empire Mini GS are in the kit and tools. However, it will be somewhat confusing because there are no illustrations and the wording is slightly confusing. So you can find more visual tutorials on youtube and follow along.

How many shooting modes does Empire Mini GS have?

Expensive guns are unlikely to surpass the mini GS in this regard. Usually, a good and costly gun will have 2-3 different firing modes. But with Empire, even the mini version has 4 modes.

The Mini GS’s firing modes can be easily switched and observed. 4 methods include automatic and semi-automatic, continuous fire, and NXL mode.

How long can I use the Mini GS?

Usually, people will worry about the durability and shelf life of mini products.

With Mini GS, as long as you use it carefully, you can use it for several years. You can also disassemble the parts of the gun to replace and repair it when there is a problem.

Final Thoughts

Although there are mixed opinions about the Empire Mini GS paintball marker, this is a product worth trying. With an inexpensive price tag and a unique mini version, this is a memorable experience, especially for beginners.

The product has a low price, so you can freely transfer it or add it to your collection without regret. Thank you for reading!

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