Empire Evs Paintball Mask Review

Mask is an indispensable item when you play paintball guns. This item helps protect your face from damage, especially the eye area.

One of the best masks available today is Empire EVS. Let’s learn more about the Empire EVS mask review in this article!

Empire EVS Overview

Empire Evs Paintball Mask Overview

Empire is a manufacturer of many protective equipment, and the most recent product launched is the empire EVS mask. This mask is the perfect combination of the best features of the previous mask versions that Empire has ever released.

The Empire mask has rubber for the material. The mask will hug the face more tightly with this material, creating a comfortable and comfortable feeling for the user.

You will not need to worry that the mask will be too tight to make it difficult to breathe or too wide, unable to provide maximum protection.

EVS is not only of good quality, but the appearance is also highly appreciated. The mask has a high-gloss finish to create a brighter and more luxurious feel.

The mask design is also soft with reasonable curves that match the face and create accents for the mask.

Empire EVS Overview

Likes & Dislikes About Empire EVS Paintball Mask

After releasing many masks in the past, it seems that Empire has absorbed customer feedback to come up with a better product. However, to have the most objective view of the product, we needs to evaluate both the pros and cons.

What I Like About It

  • EVS can change lenses easily. Previously, if the glass part broke, you would have to buy a new mask at a high price. Some masks can replace glasses, but it seems unlikely. So EVS has overcome this drawback.
  • The inner lining of the mask is made of fleece so that it can absorb sweat better. The fleece material should also create a feeling of softness, comfort, and fit for the user.
  • You can also adjust the mask to fit your face, thanks to the level adjustment cord. With this mask version, whether you are male or female, you can use it.
  • The design of this Empire also focuses a lot on user experience. Therefore, the mask inside has an ear structure to feel more comfortable and easy to hear.
  • EVS has a breathable design – a great point compared to other masks. Masks for paintball guns are often designed to be closed and cover the face, making it difficult to breathe. However, EVS has overcome this drawback with large ventilation holes.

What I Did Not Like

  • In addition to the above advantages, EVS still has limitations that Empire omits in this product.
  • Although you can easily replace the glass, it will cost extra money because the two drinks have to be purchased separately. EVS glasses come in two different components, smokey and mirror, and when you change them, you will need to buy both.
  • You may have a little difficulty putting on or taking off the mask because the inside of the mask has a small curve. However, after just a few times of wearing it, you will soon find the way that suits you best.

Alternatives for Empire Evs Paintball Mask

EVS is the best mask product on the market today. So it also has a rather high price that not everyone can afford. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford that price, but the EVS runs out, here are some suggestions for you.

1. Virtue VIO AscendBest for Breathability

Virtue VIO Ascend - Best for Breathability

The first mask we want to introduce comes from the virtue brand.


  • Waterproof coating, easy to clean
  • There are many colors to choose from
  • There are many ventilation holes
  • Lightweight
  • Easily replaceable accessories


  • High price

2. HK Army Paintball KLRBest for Colors

HK Army Paintball KLR - Best for Colors

Another premium hat to choose from comes from the HK Army brand. This seems to be a perfect hat as there are no significant minuses.


  • There are many colors to choose from.
  • Anti-fog glass covers visibility.
  • Glass with glossy coating.
  • Can easily replace other lenses.


  • The hat’s design is large, so it is not suitable for people with small head sizes.

3. JT Premise GoggleBest for Budget

JT Premise Goggle - Best for Budget

If you cannot afford the above products, then the JT mask is the choice for you. The price is only 1/3 of the overhead masks, but the quality is not inferior.


  • Lenses can be easily changed
  • Matte paint and unique and novel patterns
  • Accepts a variety of glasses
  • Anti-fog glass


  • Visibility is more limited than other products

General User Experience

After only a short launch time, the Empire EVS mask has gained much positive feedback from users. The reviews talk about the airiness and comfort of the EVS that they did not find in previous masks. Many people are surprised by their design and slickness.

Besides the good reviews, there are still bad reviews for this product. Most of these reviews come from shipping reasons. However, if the product is damaged due to shipping, the manufacturer will contact you to return it.

Paintball is an adventurous but fun sport. You also do not worry about safety because now there are enough protective means. You can also learn more about the best paintball gun to get ready to play this game.


We’ve put together and answered a few frequently asked questions to help you better understand this type of product.

What mask should I choose if I’m just starting with paintball?

Consider many factors if you are just starting to play paintball and want to invest in a protective mask.

If you’re going to play for a long time, you should buy a good cover. And if you believe this as an entertainment game, buy a cheap mask, enough to use.

How is a good mask evaluated?

A good mask needs to be evaluated based on many criteria. In which, you need to be safe, that is, a good protective mask. In addition, the mask also needs to be comfortable and breathable.

What to do if the glass part has a problem?

Glasses are an important part of these specialized masks. Glasses help protect the face, and without glasses, the cover is useless. However, this is also the most fragile part because they are thin and difficult to clean.

One solution if your glasses are having problems is to replace them. You need to choose the right type of glass and quality to ensure safety when using it.

Final Thoughts

Empire EVS paintball mask is a newly launched product but has received a lot of positive feedback and excitement from users. With special features and can protect you from danger while playing, it is well worth the investment.

Hopefully, the article has given you enough knowledge to understand about this mask. Thank you for reading!

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