Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

The Empire Axe paintball gun is a high-quality marker with a reasonable price tag and enthusiast features. It functions similarly to many high-end versions, while Axe’s performance is comparable to many other markers available.

Let’s take a closer look at its wide range of features in our review. Moreover, if you are still unsatisfied with this version, refer to the best paintball marker and pick one.

Empire Axe Paintball Gun Overview

Empire Axe Paintball Gun Overview

The Empire Axe gun is a high-quality paintball marker with a reasonable cost and enthusiast features. It functions similarly to many high-end versions, while Axe’s performance is comparable to many other markers available.


The Empire Axe has a beautiful, smooth finish. Most players agree that the appearance of the gun is unimportant.

Nonetheless, the axe has a unique appearance that helps to explain its high price. The frame of this marker includes a well-crafted wrap-around type grip to ensure that the user has a secure grasp.

Many paintball manufacturers include flat-panel type grips, which are less expensive but less functional. On the other hand, Empire Ax is a hoseless marker. Thus, the player won’t have to worry about the hose breaking down.

While many paintballers are concerned about leaks or damaged hoses, Axe owners are secure in the gripping air transfer mechanism of the marker.


This new model provides the same firing experience as prior Axe models. However, performance and functionality are considerably improved, and the environment is quieter.

Its ergonomics have been greatly improved thanks to the enhanced grip frame and the trigger frame. Furthermore, the gun’s small weight makes it highly user-friendly, allowing you to handle it comfortably for extended periods.

Because of its small size, you can crawl, leap, roll, or do whatever you want without becoming tired. On the Chrono, the marker ranges from +-3 to +-5 in terms of dependability and consistency.

It makes the Axe incredibly consistent, and you can rest assured that your gun will work admirably. Every function ensures that this paintball gun performs to its full potential. You may adjust the trigger to four different locations.

You may shoot at a quicker rate without experiencing any lag. To increase performance even further, the Empire guarantees enough space between the fore-grip and the trigger guard.

Overall, this marker will function admirably, making it a genuinely reliable alternative to consider.

Shooting Power

When it comes to shooting ability, the players can count on this paintball marker. It fires with fantastic precision and ease. Furthermore, the procedure is easy to follow, and there are no delays.

Because it allows users to fire at a faster rate, the trigger performs better than other markers. For the best skeet shooting experience, the marker employs ramping and semi-shooting modes.

When the paintball gun is in semi-auto mode, the player may control the gun with two fingers beneath the trigger guard. You may also position three fingers underneath the trigger, with the index finger resting on the trigger.

With a mini activation point, it is possible to adjust the trigger to four distinct places. The anti-chop design of this marker has low operating pressure.

This device has also been claimed to fire 5000 paintballs by specific users. Furthermore, the ability to choose from a variety of firing modes, including Semi and Millennium-Ramping, as well as PSP Ramping, is incredible.

Pros & Cons For The Empire Axe Paintball Gun

empire axe pro review

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each paintball marker before purchasing one to discover whether it is a suitable fit for you.


  • Quite efficient when using gas
  • Not chop balls
  • Straightforward to upkeep
  • Quick, strong, and precise shots
  • Ideal for mid-range attack thanks to the small and lightweight design


  • Not has realistic design derived from real weapons
  • Feed neck must be improved

Other Alternative Options for Empire Axe Paintball Gun

The Empire Axe is the most reliable paintball marker; however, we have compiled some alternatives that offer the similar features below.

#1. Tippmann TMC

Tippmann TMC

If realism is critical to you, this Tippmann TMC MAGFED marker is ideal for military-style simulations.

#2. Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Planet Eclipse Etha 2

This battery-powered paintball gun can shoot roughly 20 times per second when pushed, so if you’re looking for something similar to the Axe but with a twist, this planet eclipse etha could be the one for you.

#3. Empire Mini GS 

Empire Mini GS 

You also discover numerous Empire Mini GS vs. Empire Axe comparisons, both of which are comparable. If you do not want to spend the extra money on the Axe, you may try this model out.

General User Experience for Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Customers have praised the cost-effectiveness of the Empire Axe Pro in a slew of reviews. In addition, many users have praised the quickfire rate and pinpoint accuracy of the rounds.

Other consumers complained about receiving second-hand items from specific purchasers – this is not a defect with the model. Still, the point is that buying it from reputable vendors is necessary.

For the most part, the client group for Empire Axe 2.0 is full of satisfied customers. Additionally, you can rely on this video to see how it performs.

Is The Empire Axe Easy To Maintain?

Yes, it is.

A single button allows users to access the engines. A ball bearing will go down as soon as you remove the button and reach the motor from the rear. The engine is a significant component with a lot of o-rings on it.

However, the marker’s minimalism is the most excellent feature you’ll discover, and it allows you to assemble the marker quickly and confidently. All you have to do is set aside the time after each game to repair your pistol.

Does The Empire Axe Paintball Gun Function In Silent?

This paintball marker is quiet and efficient, using less air to move the barrel.

Whereas other paintball guns make noise all around the battlefield, it is barely audible. This one is recommended to use this noiseless paintball pistol to enhance your game without alarming your opponents.

Is Empire Axe Marker An Ideal Choice If I Go For Lightweight?

Yes, you can count on this product.

Empire Axe is made of high-quality aluminum. The pistol is exceptionally light, weighing only 3 1/2 pounds.

You can take more paintball guns on the battlefield if you have a lightweight one. It is an excellent option for people that play frequently and all day.


If you disregard possible concerns with leaks and malfunctioning regulators, the Empire Axe 2.0 marker is stunning when used on the field. It was also dependable, even on long-range shots, simple to use, and fired balls at a breakneck speed.

We hope that after reading this Empire Axe review, you may gain more knowledge about this gun. Thanks for reading!

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