Dye Dm14 Paintball Gun Review

The Dye dm14 is a gun for those who love a modern, unique design. Compared to previous versions, the dm14 has a smaller design with outstanding improved features. That is why dye dm14 is a product that has many mentions on paintball guns forums.

However, there are still many mixed reviews about this product. So the actual use of the gun is so good?

Let’s find out and have the most authentic look at Dye Dm14 review in the following article.

Dye Dm14 Paintball Gun Overview

The reviews about dye dm14 all say that it is the best product of all the guns they have ever tried. The Dm14 was born due to drawing on the experience of previous gun manufacturers and enhancing the customer experience.

Dye Dm14 Paintball Gun Overview

Many paintball players often complain that they feel tired every time they clean their guns. Some of the commonly found guns on the market have a relatively poor cartridge design, leading to the ball breaking inside. If you are looking for a gun that can store ammo well, this is a perfect product.

It’s hard to find a better product than dye dm14 at the moment. However, you can still find another one among the best paintball guns and see which one is the most suitable for you.

Likes & Dislikes About Dye Dm14

Likes & Dislikes About Dye Dm14 paintball gun

It is not natural that people say that Dye Dm14 is the best gun they have ever known. So let’s see where they are good and what they are worth buying with some of the following comparisons.

What I Like About It

  • The first feature when talking about dm14 is the ability to clean itself. You can hardly find a gun that can clean up dirt and paint from broken balls on its own. This function is exactly a big plus to help you observe easier and save time cleaning the paintball gun.
  • You’ve heard of medium to low-pressure guns and were satisfied with that number. You will be even more surprised when the pressure of the rated dm14 is shallow. With this pressure indicator, you will not be able to feel the gun’s recoil, and it will help you align more accurately.
  • In the past, paint guns, in general, would cause you a lot of trouble while replacing accessories. Later, some manufacturers made improvements to make the parts more easily removable. However, in dye dm14, you don’t even have to remove anything, but you can easily access the battery and circuit board.
  • Even if you want to take the parts apart for a closer inspection of the internal functions, you don’t need tools. It would help if you replaced the bolts and dowels of dye dm14 with springs. So you can remove and inspect your gun on the spot in just a few taps.

What I Did Not Like

  • Some people complain about the design of dye dm14, but I find the design to be perfect. If there’s something I don’t like, it’s probably that the company has released so many colors that I don’t know which one to choose.

Alternatives for Dye Dm14 Paintball Gun

#1. Mercury Rise Venom

Mercury Rise Venom


  • Body made of aluminum and manual installation.
  • The handle is with the gun body for sure.
  • Easily adjust the gun speed from the outside.


  • The tool kit comes with plastic.

#2. Tippmann Stormer Elite

Tippmann Stormer Elite

Tippmann .68 is an eye-catching and powerful gun.


  • Use common warheads, easy to find
  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis
  • Can hold up to 20 bullets at a time
  • Easy to clean


  • Over-oiling may affect performance

#3. Mercury Venom Semi Auto .50 

Mercury Venom Semi Auto .50 

The Mercury .50 is the cheapest gun on this list, but the functionality is not inferior to the above products.


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Reasonable price
  • Gun body made of solid aluminum
  • Plastic coated handle
  • Can adjust the speed


  • The design is not very good, and it looks quite bulky.

General User Experience for Dye Dm14 Paintball Gun

Those who have experienced dye dm14 all think that this product has the best function compared to the price. Everyone is satisfied with its functionality and improvements.

Dye Dm14 Paintball Gun

There are also negative comments, but those reviews are all about the design. Some say they want a shorter or adjustable barrel because they’re used to handguns. Meanwhile, others want the overall design to be more colorful. Overall, no one seems to complain about the functionality of dye dm14.

Not only functional, but users also feel satisfied because of the convenience of dye dm14. With features such as self-cleaning or easy disassembly, they can easily clean their guns.

Is Dye dm14 suitable for new players?

There is no set standard for a beginner’s gun. However, you can start with other basic guns to learn skills and techniques. The Dye dm14 is a good gun, and you will notice this and take full advantage of it once you know the basics.

You can also own a good gun from the start to be available for a long time. However, it will take some time for you to learn how to use and control them. You also need to be careful when using it because no one wants to damage an expensive gun after a few uses.

What will I get when I buy dye dm14?

Dye dm14 is a product that attracts many paintball lovers. So you can also see many suppliers of this product. However, not everyone gives you a complete set of guns. So you need to check things after receiving the goods.

  • Guns and gun cases
  • User manuals
  • Warranty
  • Disassembly tool kit

When buying dye dm14, do I need to buy anything?

If you are a paintball newbie and are preparing for your fun, you will have to equip quite a lot of equipment. The simplest thing is that you need to prepare yourself a good mask to play safely. You can then purchase additional protective clothing, but this is not required.

And if you are a long-time player and have protective gear, just buying dye dm14 is enough. In the kit that the manufacturer provides, these are all tools and manuals included for you.

Final Thoughts

Dye Dm14 paintball gun is a product that received the most feedback and the most incredible user love ever. It is a perfect gun in terms of pressure, speed, and ability to clean and upgrade.

If you’ve tried using this gun, you probably won’t think about changing guns anymore – Unless Dye Matrix releases the next upgrade.

Thank you for reading!

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