Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun Review

Paintball shooting is an interesting subject and is attracting more and more people to participate. However, this is also a risky game, and you need to learn carefully before playing to be safe.

Guns are an indispensable tool when playing this game and one of the best options for beginners is the Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun.

Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun Overview

Dangerous Power G5 Overview

Dangerous power g5 is a gun suitable for everyone, even beginners, to paintball guns. In addition to the Dangerous power g5, there are also many other best paintball marker with many unique features on the market today.

G5 is lightweight, so you can easily carry, move and hide. Usually, newbies will be afraid of complicated features because it is pretty difficult to use and adjust to your liking.

The gun has 5 different firing modes, but you can use it with confidence after only trying it for the first time. You can also easily disassemble and clean your guns without worrying about damage or incorrect installation.

Most professional paintball guns these days start with Dangerous Power G5. The gun construction is simple and easy to use.

In addition, it is also to ensure the safety of the user. The long and tapered barrel will make it easier to see the target and improve accuracy.

Likes & Dislikes About The Dangerous Power G5

To better understand this national gun, Discovery UK can look more at its pros and cons. The following are the actual feelings of those who have used dangerous power G5 and evaluated it. So you can trust the objectivity of these opinions.

What I Like About It

  • Easy to observe because there is a good, clear point of view
  • The near-instant accuracy speed makes it easier to hit
  • Lightweight so you can move with it all day without getting tired
  • The long barrel makes it easy to target and close the distance
  • The large ammo box, which can hold up to 20 rounds, makes your fun not afraid of interruptions
  • 5 firing modes that you can adjust to your needs: semi-automatic, automatic, single-shot, ramp, and tournament
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance, replacement
  • The price is not too high, so everyone can afford it

What I Did Not Like

  • Because dangerous power G5 is cheap and produced mainly for beginners, you can’t expect durability.
  • Some bolts may rust or get stuck, but you can fix it with regular oiling.

Alternatives for Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun

Many people complain because they like the features of the Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun but are not satisfied with its design. So we have some other suggestions for you with similar characteristics to G5.

#1. Legends MP Airsoft Pistols Gas

Legends MP is a suitable product for those who like the uniqueness because of the different designs of this gun.


  • It has a fixed stand
  • Can hold up to 52 bullets at a time
  • There is a custom firing mode
  • Rugged, durable metal case


  • The price is quite high, but there are many discounts

#2. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

If you like Dangerous power G5 because of its firing modes, empire axe 2.0 is another product to help you satisfy this.


  • There are many color options
  • Special motor for pressure control
  • Equipped with a laser aiming point to help accurately locate the target
  • There are 4 different shooting modes


  • Prices vary from place to place

#3. Action Village Dangerous Power G5


This gun is the most expensive version in these recommendations, but it certainly won’t let you down.


  • Bright, beautiful metal design
  • The handle comes with sturdy plastic
  • Good performance for high accuracy
  • Quiet, doesn’t make loud noises
  • Clever design keeps the ball from breaking when it’s in the storage box


  • High price

General User Experience for Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun

dangerous power g5 review

Dangerous power produced G5 specifically for beginners because it was to be the easiest for users to use. So many people expect more features and underestimate this product.

However, all those new to paintball guns and using the G5 have responded that it gives them a great experience. G5 has high speed and accurate observation ability, so they feel delighted when using G5.

G5 also received many reviews, such as gun recoil or leakage. Some people also complain that bolts get stuck. Perhaps this is what dangerous power manufacturers need to fix in their next paintball guns.


Beginners exposed to paintball guns often ask many questions because this is a dangerous game. However, we have compiled a few questions to answer for you right here.

How to maintain Power G5?

Self-maintaining your gun can save you money on labor or capital on several colored bullets. You will receive instructions with your purchase, and it is best to read them carefully before removing any part.

Basically, you can maintain the gun shell, then gradually remove the parts to clean the inside.

Remember also to clean the aiming point so that observation can become more accessible. The last step before reinstalling the gun is to lubricate it to ensure the gun’s flexibility.

What are the important specifications of G5?

  • Lightweight, only about 1.8-1.9 pounds.
  • The total length of the gun is 19.5 inches, of which the barrel is 13 inches long.
  • The gun uses electric power and is maintained by a 9V battery.
  • The cartridge can hold up to 20 bullets with a size of 0.68

Who is Dangerous Power G5 suitable for?

Dangerous power G5 is the perfect choice for those who are new to paintball guns. This gun is precisely a quality for the money you spend on it.

However, perhaps because of the simplicity and ease of use, professional players often do not like this G5.

Final Thoughts

When starting to know about paintball guns, many people wanted to invest in the best and most expensive tools to experience.

This design is not bad, but it can cause you many difficulties and loss of money before you know how to play for real. Just a little mistake in control or use can turn your gun into a pile of scrap.

So, if you’re new to this subject, Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Gun is an excellent place to start. After you have mastered the use of paint guns, you can leave the G5 without regret because of its low cost.

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