Top 9 Best Speedball Paintball Guns 2023: Review, Comparison & Top Picks

Currently, there are many good paintball guns with various features and beautiful designs on the market. So, it’ll be difficult for you to choose a good gun.

Another reason is your limited budget. Therefore, choosing a favorite paintball gun is not an easy thing. Don’t worry; this article will help you choose the suitable paintball gun by reviewing the top 9 best speedball paintball guns.

Now, let’s read on to discover!

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Top 9 Best Speedball Paintball Guns You Should Buy

After reading about choosing the best gun, the article will fully introduce you to the top 9 highest quality speedball paintball guns. Read and discover more now:

#1. Dye M3 Paintball Marker

Dye M3 Paintball Marker - Best for Overall

Overall, the Dye M3+ has an outstanding rating with its new design and enhanced other features. The first thing to mention is the gun’s performance after upgrading from a legendary Dye M3+ version.

Overall, we can see more comfort and convenience after using it in speedball game mode.

A special edition only available on the Dye M3+ is the 4th generation patented AirPort slide lock that comes with the BWing21 remote access trigger. There is also an updated FL-21 bolt system with flexible bolt heads.

In particular, the refined BWing21 electronic case comes with a new UL-S two-piece barrel system making it the ultimate performance marker in paintball.

Next comes the legendary FL-21 bolt system with an all-new two-stage flex bolt head. In the first stage, the system will process rather slowly and softly for optimal paint handling, and then in the second stage, with an accelerated speed to maximize valve lift action.

Since the upgrade to a better version comes with more excellent reliability, better performance and operability, and more accessible adaptation to harsher conditions, that’s why it’s on the list of the highest quality speedball paintball guns. In addition, the bolt head is also quite flexible to help maintain speed throughout the cycle.

Especially the MOSair operating system, aka paintball’s most advanced electronic system with 5 player configuration, 7 screen options, and 3 memory training, can be customized bootable and wireless charging. So you are entirely comfortable in the process of using your gun.


  • Convenient, stylish, easy to use
  • Peak performance, superiority after upgrade
  • New two-stage bolt system
  • Simplified serviceability
  • Increased leverage and activation speed
  • Increased finger trigger response


  • Sometimes there is a problem with the on/off switch.

Bottom line

M3+ is known as the best speedball paintball gun under $200 that many users appreciate in terms of quality, design, and features, especially with this upgrade. You can fully experience the comfort as well as the ultimate shooting ability.

#2. Action Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker

Action Dangerous Power G5 - Best for Beginners

Product’s highlights

First of all, it must be confirmed that the G5 Spec-R is a suitable version for a beginner to use a paintball gun. The gun’s performance is quite good at about half the cost compared to an oil paint loader.

For this reason, the weapon has become a top priority choice for many users because it is both excellent and affordable.

A unique feature of these speedball gun packages is shooting a lot of paint at the opponent through the belt drive system and preventing highway jams. You can shoot up to 20 balls without worrying about getting stuck in the middle.

A particular point to mention next is that the 3000 Psi 48 has a cubic shape, commonly known as a high-quality aluminum tank. With this tank, it will have an outlet pressure of about 800 psi and will not self-regulate.

In addition, the container has a DOT & TC stamp, so it is pretty popular in Canada and the US. Depending on your marker, coupled with high performance and accuracy, this pot can deliver between 500-700 shots.


  • Affordable cost
  • Perfect for newbies
  • Good performance, low recoil
  • Tranquil belt drive system
  • High rate of fire with multiple firing modes
  • New and Tweaked Triggers


  • The color is not eye-catching

Bottom line

Overall, the G5 Spec-R gun is a perfect choice for beginners with its high reliability and ease of use. With programmable shooting modes and easy maintenance make G5 one of the top best pro paintball guns and receives many positive reviews from users.

#3. Planet Eclipse GTek Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse GTek Paintball Marker  - Best for Budget

Product’s highlights

First of all, the Gtek 170R has a slim and reasonably minimalist design with a marker. You may wonder about the durability of the speedball paintball marker because it is pretty thin.

However, don’t worry too much because you can use it for a whole year without worrying about damage.

Similar to the previous two products, it also has an improvement in design as well as features. By adding the front handle, the Gtek 170R is considered by experts to be quite delicate because it is removable.

In addition, the gun is equipped with additional batteries and eye shields to help users not worry about paint splashes in the eyes.

Besides, as we just mentioned, the gun is relatively light because it is mainly of aluminum, except for the glass-reinforced nylon battery.

In particular, the gun has a Gamma Core drive system with an air control function. Through the sensor ring, the drive system will control the air, preventing the air from escaping.

What’s more, Gamma Core helps you shoot exceptionally accurately, even when you’re using low-quality paintballs. With 3-stage bolt acceleration, you will have better control of the gun, and it will also be easier for the gun to push the paintball out. More importantly, you can use it in any weather.

Finally, the triggering ability of the gun is quite good with high self-adjustment. By adjusting with screws, please pay attention gently while operating it.

Of course, you can loosen or tighten it but make sure not to screw too deep as you could damage it any time. This speedball paintball gun also has additional accessories that are very flexible and convenient.


  • Slim design, easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Convenient to remove the rubber grip
  • Flexible with all-weather
  • Low recoil and efficient use of compressed air
  • High-quality extras


  • Limited range

Bottom line

In fact, the Gtek 170R is a mid-range paintball gun and has a rather slim design. So if you always appreciate the lightness during use, the Gtek 170R is a pretty perfect choice for you.

#4. Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Etha Gun - Best for Anti-Recoil

Product’s highlights

First of all, the color of Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun is exceptionally modern and not outdated. Besides, this speedball paintball gun is a higher and more upgraded version of the previous two versions. So surely its features and design will make you satisfied.

First of all, the handgrip with the larger size allows you to hold it in a much more comfortable and ergonomic way. Next is the frame and gun protection.

Whether you have a large or small hand size, you can still grip your hand around the plunger without worrying about your hand slipping or getting uncomfortable.

In addition, with mainly aluminum on the inside, the Etha 2 is easy to use in any harsh weather. In addition, this speedball paintball gun comes with a highly sturdy frame, so you will not worry about it breaking or encountering any obstacles when using it.

Next is the screwing system that has been upgraded to a new level by the founder. With the dual spring and accelerator system, you can easily control the paintballs efficiently, even at lower speeds.

In particular, a point that users love about Etha 2 is its ability to reduce the amount of air transmitted in and out, helping to prevent unnecessary leaks.

Besides, this speedball paintball gun uses an LED screen to help track the rate of fire and detect the firing position exceptionally sensitively.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • The gun is light, with a comfortable and firm grip
  • Good recoil reduction ability
  • Use immediately in the harshest environment
  • Gamma core is significantly superior


  • The noise is quite loud

Bottom line

Overall, at a highly reasonable price, the Etha 2 gun is suitable for all users, especially newbies. Most of all, guns are an experience that is sure to be exceptional if you join your friends or partners.

#5. Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Gun

Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Gun - Best for ease of cleaning

Product’s highlights

Empire Axe 2.0 continues to be a remarkable improvement with excellent ball speed and ease of use. Compared to the previous version, the feature still seems to be preserved by the manufacturer. Except that the size of the gun is smaller, and the Ax 2.0 is plastic instead of aluminum as before.

In addition, the gun also received a lot of positive feedback from users and experts about its repairability and ease of cleaning. Next, continue reading the article to see the features of this gun.

As mentioned the day before, the speedball paintball gun’s rate of fire is a big plus that makes it a perfect choice for your entertainment.

Adopting a gun design equipped with an ASA regulator that turns the relay on/off allows you to control the amount of pressure entering the speedball paintball gun quickly.

Besides, the regulator easily releases the pressure at the fuel tank without worrying about damaging the O-rings.

And yet, you won’t have to worry too much about cleaning the bolt. It doesn’t necessarily require the use of cleaning tools.

Moreover, the gun has a design of 4 shooting modes, not too little and not too much, which is very suitable for you to choose.

In particular, for the Empire series, this speedball paintball gun contains an upgraded micro-switch trigger sensor from the previous version’s magnet system. So you will have a wonderful experience.


  • High rate of fire
  • Tool-free bolt system
  • The gun is relatively quiet and easy to use
  • Suitable for all subjects
  • Equipped with anti-cut eyes
  • Secure and secure lace clip collar


  • The price is relatively high
  • Easy to get stuck when removing bolts

Bottom line

Empire Ax 2.0 is an option suitable for both beginners and professionals.

In general, the quality and durability of this speedball paintball marker are pretty good, so you can fully enjoy your free time playing paintball without worrying about malfunction or damage in the middle.

#6. Dye DM14 Paintball Gun

Dye DM14 Paintball Gun - Best for Shooting Speed Control

Product’s highlights

You may not know, Dye DM14 represents more than 10 years of paintball development. And similar to the products mentioned earlier, Dye DM14 Paintball Gun is also an updated version with very outstanding features.

Overall, the most apparent change is in size. It has a compact design and is up to half an inch shorter than the DM13. Besides, the ability to maintain and clean is also much more convenient.

Next up is the color-coded O-ring that gives you no trouble pinpointing the exact location of the O when making your marker. In addition, the polycarbonate tube that shields the lens system is self-cleaning from dirt and peeling paint.

Next is the Fuze bolt system, which operates at a low level, so it can create smooth pipe cycles and moderate recoil but still high accuracy.

In addition, this speedball paintball gun has a wide-spectrum reach trigger, so you can completely adjust the angle and reach to suit your shooting capabilities.

The Hyper 4 regulator is very reliable with its durability and quick disassembly.

So you’re sure to spend less time maintaining, and delivering good performance for your markers every day.

Last and perhaps one of the essential elements of the gun is the Ultralite 45 frame. The Ultralite 45 frame gives players control over the range and more easily adjusts the weapon and pulls the trigger.


  • Low-level one-piece bolt system
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Minimal recoil and high accuracy
  • Good speed control ability
  • Balanced LPR for smooth, efficient performance


  • The price is quite high.

Bottom line

Basically, with a compact design and high durability, Dye DM14 is a suitable choice for most users. Indeed with the above-mentioned superior features and features, you will not have to worry about the quality of this speed paintball gun.

#7. Dye DSR Paintball Gun

Dye DSR Paintball Gun - Best for Professional Players

Product’s highlights

Dye DSR is a spyder paintball gun that many professional players love and choose. First up is the groundbreaking ARC Bolt technology with fantastic performance. Moreover, the ARC shoots quietly without the noise being too loud and comes with a soft touch on the paint.

Next is the UL Frame hourglass design with an exact differential structure, giving users a feeling of comfort and convenience.

Not only that, this speedball paintball gun with OLED and MOS operating systems brings the best intuitive interface to users. One highlight of this programming system is that it is pretty logical and responsive and has extended battery life.

And yet, the gun’s Edge1 Roller Bearing Trigger allows you to conveniently adjust optimally for optimal speed, reaction time, and trigger control.

It also features a 5-way joystick with micro-USB operation for quick and easy software updates to ensure your gun is always running at peak performance.

Finally, there’s the all-new Hyper6 regulator with efficient airflow and remarkably consistent piston movement. By updating a single coil spring with built-in pressure release will ensure no air in the degassing process.


  • New, breakthrough engine with high performance
  • Precise differential structure
  • Support OLED screen and 5-way joystick
  • Hyper 6 mechanism improves airflow
  • Reliable and consistent regulator


  • The grip is not flexible

Bottom line

The Dye DSR is explicitly designed for professional players who have mastered the marking and dynamics functions. With its groundbreaking motor and exact differential construction, this speedball paintball gun is perfect if you’re a pro.

#8. SP Amp Paintball Marker

SP Amp Paintball Marker - Best for Water Resistance

Product’s highlights

SP Shocker is one of the most eye-catching and dynamic speedball paintball guns. The AMP is convenient to switch from electronic to mechanical operation with a two-piece board design and easy portability.

For the same reason, the gun’s electronics are also maintenance-free and allow for faster frame removal. And like its predecessors, the SP AMP has extremely efficient valves and bolts, especially after an upgrade.

Next is the ability to depressurize in one touch via the Twist-Lock Bolt. In addition, this speed paintball gun has improved efficiency in pressure, reducing 160psi to 110 psi.

Thanks to that, every time you close the latch, you will feel very light whether you are operating in automatic mode or anti-tight mode to ensure that this speedball paintball gun always hits the right target.

Finally, and very special, it is water-resistant and resists moisture ingress by coating each part of the electronic board with paint. So, it will help you quickly join the game without worrying about weather problems or external factors.

In addition, because this speedball paintball runs on a 9V battery, you will also easily find it on the market if it is necessary to replace the battery.


  • Quick frame removal
  • Improve and upgrade efficiency
  • Remove tool-free solenoid valve
  • Perfect moisture resistance
  • Depressurization with one-touch
  • This speedball paintball is durable and has a long life


  • More suitable for professionals

Bottom line

Although Shocker AMP has been upgraded and has less manipulation during use, it is still more suitable for people who often play sports and skilled players.

#9. Empire 1.5 Paintball Marker

Empire 1.5 Paintball Marker - Best for Accuracy

Product’s highlights

The final product in this post is Empire SYX 1.5, which is highly suitable for beginners. In general, with a highly modern blue and silver color, the SYX version is not too different from other products of the same brand.

SYX 1.5 can help increase the ability to shoot accurately and more conveniently.

First of all, the innovative bolt system with high performance makes it the ideal marker. Coupled with the bolt system is a re-engineered regulator that further increases accuracy.

Next is the 7.5-inch two-piece aluminum barrel system combined with a micro honing system. Moreover, this speedball paintball has additional ergonomics so you can reduce the tension between your fingers and hands.

In addition, this speedball paintball grips also have a more comprehensive design, so holding the gun makes you much more satisfied.

Finally, a handy feature that most users love about this machine is its maintenance-free adjustment access. It makes it easy to mark your spots without the need for professionals or a maintenance shop. Your job is simply to use a dedicated wrench and bounce the marker up.


  • Compact design
  • Advanced technology for enhanced performance and durability
  • High precision and efficiency
  • Low recoil
  • Anti-slip rubber grip
  • The tool-free battery door is located on the front handle.


  • There is no significant difference compared to previous products.

Bottom line

Empire SYX is a product suitable for most users, including novice or intermediate users. With its compact design and superior features, you will surely be delighted with it.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Gun For Speedball?

Before introducing the top 9 paintball guns, you can learn how to choose the best speedball paintball gun in terms of speed. It is helpful for newbies.

Usually, you will quickly come across guns on the market, including mechanical, blowback, and electronic paintball guns.

  • A mechanical paintball gun has a primary speed gun with the use of compressed air or carbon dioxide. In addition, it is a semi-automatic gun, and you will only fire once after pulling the trigger. So it is pretty popular, but in terms of speed shooting, it is not suitable.
  • Next is the blowback gun with two styles: Folding and inline. Stacked tubes are more expensive and have higher capacity than inline tubes. This type of gun is suitable for more strategic games. Therefore, it is not a good decision if playing the ball about speed.
  • Finally is the electric paintball gun. This speedball paintball gun is becoming more and more popular and is the best choice if you are shooting speed due to its ability to fire continuously with a high rate of fire per trigger. The ability to shoot always and high-voltage battery power are also plus points for this gun.

Another factor to consider when choosing a speedball paintball gun is compressed air and CO2. As you probably know, CO2 is usually stored in liquid form, so it is difficult to maintain at cold temperatures and is a good choice for a machine gun.

Compressed air, also known as high-pressure air, can be used at different temperatures, but it is pretty expensive. But, if the weapon uses compressed air, it will adapt to harsh climates and is a good choice for speed shots.

Besides, to choose for yourself a good gun for a fast-paced game like speedball, you should also consider the weight.

If the gun is heavy, it will make you shoot a lot slower. So consider choosing a lighter gun to meet the characteristics of the speedball genre.


Whether you are a novice or a professional player, we hope you have chosen for yourself a gun you like in the top 9 best speedball paintball guns that we just mentioned earlier.

We also hope you have more information about firearms as well as how to choose them. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!