Top 7 Best Paintball Knee Pads In 2023: Reviews & Expert Recommend

Knee pads are an essential piece of equipment for any paintball player, as they help provide safety and comfort so you can focus on the game in progress.

However, choosing quality knee pads is indeed not an easy job. Don’t worry; the following article will be the method to help you solve this problem.

For our review, we looked at the 7 best paintball knee pads on the market today.

Our top experts have been tested for quality and suitability, so you can rest assured to refer to them. Let’s dive into the article with Discovery UK!

The Best Paintball Knee Pads Reviews Of 2023

New Releases Paintball Knee Pads List

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The Best Paintball Knee Pads Reviews Of 2023

Through experience and feedback from customers who have used the product, we have established and built a collection for the best paintball knee pads.

This collection will bring you a full range of products with complete functionality and within budget. Let’s look at the novelty and uniqueness of each heel pad in the detailed evaluation below!

#1. Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex
Exalt Paintball FreeFlex

The first pad we bring to you in this collection is the Exalt Paintball. It is the pad capable of providing maximum comfort to the user.

So, your choice to use it is completely justified. Exalt Paintball’s comfort comes primarily from the material and design of the pad.

Exalt Paintball is manufactured from a premium Memory Foam material with a dense molded cushion combination that protects the knee from the effects of kneeling or sliding action. Not only that, but this material also provides players with airiness and confidence, making the experience more valuable.

In terms of design, we appreciate the product’s idea of ​​integrating the cup mold with memory foam that allows users to be comfortable in each of their races.

More for those who have a bit of a knee problem but still want to get in the game, and they’ll still play thanks to the Exalt Paintball’s impressive configuration.

Besides, you can also look forward to this level of anti-slip protection. With a unique strap that maintains transmittance, keeping the pad in place, it won’t slip and won’t move out of your knee. This feature is also a necessary condition to help bring you comfort for your game longer.


  • Provides comfort and stability
  • Effective high impact resistance
  • Positioning belt
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible


  • Size is smaller than advertised

#2. Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads

Dye Precision Performance Paintball
Dye Precision Performance Paintball

If you are looking for the best overall pillow pad to adapt to various games flexibly, then the Dye Precision is a perfect choice. The feature that makes this pad stand out from other pads is its pre-shaped design.

This design helps the pillow hug your foot and stay in place until you’ve finished your experience. With this feature, you can comfortably run, jump, and do some of the crawling involved without having to worry about your skates coming off.

The next aspect of the product’s overall accuracy and finish is its breathability.

Materials used to form Dye pads are Foam, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which help you stay comfortable and relaxed in the game. Also, thanks to this feature, Dye will facilitate you to become the leader for your race.

Complementing the Dye’s finish is strong impact resistance, thanks to the unique perforated foam construction.

This product feature allows maximum protection of your sensitive knee area and provides the most memorable experience for your journey.


  • Overall complete and accurate
  • Breathable and soft
  • Preformed Design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Many sizes are available


  • High price

#3. HK Army Crash Knee Pads 

HK Army Crash Knee Pads
HK Army Crash Knee Pads

It will be great if you decide to choose HK Army for your game. This device has the best impact resistance in our collection. It is especially the case if you perform kneeling, sliding, or lying actions during a match.

This impressive feature comes from the product’s perfect cushioning system.

The HK Army owns very thick knee pads, which are twice as thick as other everyday products. No matter what problem you have, you probably won’t feel anything when wearing HK Army.

Moreover, with the correct placement of the pads, it is also an effective anti-impact solution that the pads provide.

They feature a 4-way stretch sleeve design to keep the pad snug against your foot. It helps prevent them from moving and can maximize their impact resistance. So your feet will be safe during the match.

Another impressive feature that makes the HK Army more valuable in the eyes of consumers is the ability to clean easily. Thanks to neoprene construction, these pads can be cleaned quickly. Even if you wear them through the mud, you won’t have any problems getting in the way of your endless fun.

The HK Army is also the ideal choice for aesthetic requirements. This product with personality and strong appearance will give you confidence and help attract people’s attention.

We believe HK Army will bring you more than the attraction you are imagining.


  • Perfect impact resistance
  • 4-way stretch sleeves
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable, smooth
  • Reliability


  • Weak strap

#4. BLACKHAWK Advanced Knee Pads 


To own a safe, effective knee pad, you will usually have to spend about $50 – $60. However, many people do not have enough economic potential to use such value buffers. So, what to do?

We will introduce your products with a super low budget in this very section. BLACKHAWK is our recommendation for you. For only under $50, you have the opportunity to own a pad with all the necessary features.

The first feature that BLACKHAWK gives you when participating in using it is shock resistance. The knee-mounted closed-cell foam midsole provides you with excellent shock resistance with little or no moisture retention.

Along with that is a BLACKHAWK with a flexible and unique design. This design mainly protects the knee area instead of preserving the surrounding components like traditional products.

Anti-slip features are also featured in BLACKHAWK, and you need to take care of them. The pad’s flexible, molded polyurethane cap gives you the perfect slip-resistant finish. Furthermore, the presence of a contoured inner edge effectively prevents the cushion from slipping.

Moreover, we are also quite excited about the openness in the structure of BLACKHAWK.

You will no longer have to worry that the pads will wet your knee area and cause some conditions on hot summer days. It cannot happen in BLACKHAWK. They give you coolness, comfort, and maximum protection for your knees.


  • Impressive budget
  • New and unique design
  • Anti-shock, the anti-slip feature
  • Elastic straps
  • Accurate and stable


  • Poor ventilation

#5. Paintball Equipment Combat ARC Knee Pads

Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson Combat ARC
Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson Combat ARC

The novelty of the product’s design and configuration drew our attention to the Emerson Combat ARC pad.

Its design is something very different, utterly different from traditional products. Is it a tactical knee pad? Yes, it is a product that can adapt to the combat environment and bring high protection efficiency to the user.

The first advantage of the device is its durability and toughness with its 100-coated CORDURA Structure. The non-slip rubber cover ensures these pads can stay in place throughout the game and provide you with absolute safety.

What’s more, the flexible locking mechanism makes this pad a player-friendly choice. In addition, with the soft and snug fit from this product, it also helps to give you a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

However, they are pretty thin compared to your requirements for a pad that can provide the most sense of security.

The price for you to own Emerson Combat ARC is also relatively stable. For only below $50, you have the opportunity to experience a tactical pad with a high level of professionalism.

With Emerson Combat ARC, strong impact resistance is seen as a limitation due to their relatively thin padding. However, this feature can be completely overcome by using more inner pads. It will help you stay safer on your favorite product.


  • New and unique design
  • Enduring
  • Reasonable price
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • The protection is not high

#6. Empire Paintball Knee Pad 

Empire Knee Pad
Empire Knee Pad

Using poor-quality knee pads for a long time can cause you some skin conditions. It is corroborated by several feedbacks from customers, who expressed their concerns and earnestly wanted to find better products to ensure the safety of their skin.

With Empire paintball, everything will be resolved smoothly. This pad has a unique construction and is resistant to irritation, chapping, and finishing. This feature comes from the idea of ​​​​using a rough fabric lining from the manufacturer.

In addition to this feature, Empire paintball also makes many users surprised by its impressive predefined design. Pre-curved profiles for the most comfortable and lightest action possible.

Moreover, the memory foam also feels comfortable and is sure to create a pleasant and refreshing feeling at all times for the user. New loops pads allow for a perfect hold.

Shock resistance is also evident through Empire paintball with thick, ideal padding. They will help you feel more secure for your long-term fun.


  • Resistant to skin irritation
  • Thick padding
  • Comfortable, pleasant
  • Shockproof
  • Pre-shaped designs


  • Difficulty in cleaning

#7. K-P Industries KneePro Flex III Knee Pad

K-P Industries KneePro Tactical Ultra Flex III 
K-P Industries KneePro Tactical Ultra Flex III

KP Industries KneePro is the best Airsoft pad we have come across. The product carries with it a multitude of useful features for a paintball player. The first feature we want to mention to you is the pad design.

KP Industries KneePro has a simple design with components built primarily for knee position protection. More specifically, with the presence of Foam and Plastic materials, the product becomes more valuable in users’ eyes.

This pad is derived from its material properties and allows you to fully operate in extreme weather conditions due to its excellent cold and heat resistance.

The device’s elastic strap provides you with easy operation, and you can make flexible adjustments whenever you want.

Furthermore, the KP Industries KneePro’s ability to hold its ground impressively emphasizes the non-abrasive grip band. Hinge with metal studs, so it moves like your knee and stays in place.

In addition, this pad also gives you the ability to clean easily in seconds. You just need to use a wet cloth and gently wipe them; all stains on the body of the pad will be removed quickly.

The cost for you to own a pad is also relatively light and easy to breathe. With only below $50, you can choose for yourself a product full of preeminent features and ensure your safety during the game. We think it is totally worth it and you should consider investing.


  • Best airsoft knee pads
  • Impressive design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Value of money


  • Poor durability

How To Choose The Right Paintball Knee Pads?

We believe that sticking to the features and characteristics of your device will help you choose the right pad that is best for you.

Therefore, we have researched and built up some specific evaluation criteria below. If you are wondering about your own choice, then definitely cannot ignore our following information.


Since you have to wear knee pads for the duration of your paintball game, it’s essential to prepare yourself with a place that’s comfortable enough to wear for long periods. It would help if you looked for breathable fabrics and mesh materials to allow airflow and keep your skin cool and dry.

Quick-drying fabrics are also recommended for this case, as they can ensure maximum comfort for the duration of your game.

The material’s durability is also something you need to consider to ensure that you will not encounter any problems during your play.

In addition, they should also be easy to clean and maintain so that they can best represent your experience, adding impression and value.


The overall design has a significant influence on your gameplay, and it even can upset your gameplay. With a pre-shaped design to your advantage, just put it on and get ready for your fun.

However, some people can’t make them happy when the plans themselves restrict them to the framework, and they can’t be comfortable playing.

Pads have a pre-shaped design that should be available for beginners. They are the perfect winding for their playability and style of play.

Professional players who can develop and handle their situations should choose a free and liberal style pillow model. They will be a great assistant for them during the experience.

Ability to protect

Paintball knee and elbow pads also need specific protection to provide absolute safety for players. Particularly for pillow pads, you need to choose products with effective anti-impact and anti-slip features.

With the anti-collision part, it can provide maximum support for kneeling and lying actions. Minimizing possible injuries to you and also preventing environmental factors due to extreme weather conditions can affect you.

In terms of slip resistance, we recommend using devices that can keep their position on our knees. It allows us to move freely to execute our tactics effectively. If you have not found the products with the above features, you can refer to our previous collection!


Price is a necessary prerequisite to help you make the correct choice for your needs. Knee pads include a variety of product lines from many brands with many different prices.

Therefore, setting up a price comparison table between products is a necessary thing that you should do. They can help you make the final choice at a special price and match the functions you are looking for.

Or you can also track and refer to some information from our products to more easily visualize the features and budget for each product.

Wrap Up

With the information about the best paintball knee pads, we hope to provide you with an accurate and in-depth look at the characteristics of each product.

A quality insole is when they possess their full features as well as satisfy your preferences. Try out the products in our collection, and don’t forget to leave feedback. Thank you for reading!

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