Best Paintball Jerseys In 2023: Complete Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Paintball is an exciting but also hazardous sport. Under the impact of the force of the shot, our body can be damaged if not carefully covered.

To increase the attention of everyone as well as ensure safety during the game, we should wear paintball jerseys. These shirts will help absorb sweat and provide maximum protection for substantial impacts.

There are many different jerseys on the market today, each with its characteristics and features. To easily distinguish them, you need to seriously consider aspects of their material, size, comfort, and cost.

This article will give the most detailed reviews and analysis of the best paintball jerseys. Thereby, it helps you have a deeper insight into the product’s characteristics.

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New Releases Paintball Jerseys List

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What Are Paintball Jerseys?

best paintball jerseys

Paintball jerseys are specialized products designed specifically for soccer players. It plays an essential role in protecting the player’s body while giving them certain confidence and comfort.

Compared to using conventional shirts, paintball jerseys create better play inspiration so that participants can enjoy their fun.

This shirt has unique material and size characteristics to match the nature of the game. Owning a paintball shirt is the perfect suggestion for the most authentic experience.

Why Do You Need Paintball Jerseys for Your game?

We need to equip our paintball game jerseys for several reasons:

  • Protection: Paintball shirts have a unique design to protect players, minimizing unwanted injuries.
  • Absorbs sweat: Using a jersey is the ideal solution for stopping work and making you more comfortable with your fun.
  • Comfort: The Paintball jersey is lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable for your intense matches. In addition, with some shirt brands, it is also possible to protect your skin from harmful damage from the sun.

Owning a Paintball jersey is a must for a perfect and safe game. If you still think it’s unnecessary, you will pay the price with your bodily harm. Or even it is possible to stop playing permanently because of unwanted injuries.

Best Paintball Jerseys Buying Guides

Before making the final decision on paintball shirt selection, you need to consider some of the selection criteria below. If you buy the right products that do not fit your needs, they will become worthless.

The most important thing is to be compatible with yourself to promote your strengths and master the game. Here are the features you should know:


The material is an important aspect you need to consider when choosing a gloss coat. Above all, you need materials that are friendly to your skin and your body.

The typical material used a lot in paintball jersey production is polyester; they are stretchy and breathable. If you don’t opt ​​for it, you can choose any fabric you like and feel safe with your skin.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the reinforcement pads afterward. Prioritize choosing materials with enough padding to protect your delicate skin.


Waterproof or moisture-wicking are essential features to have in every shirt you choose. This feature helps ensure the best body condition to perform your actions most comfortably.

Not only that, with the ability to waterproof, allowing you to keep your shirt longer. When clothes get dirty, you just need to wipe them without washing them gently. It contributes positively to the long-term quality of the shirt.

In contrast, with shirts that do not have this feature, they will make your body always wet or even unable to continue competing.


best paintball jerseys 1

The fit is what you want in a polished shirt. Using a sweater that is too big will make you uncomfortable and loose. Or it doesn’t even promote the inherent protection of the body.

Meanwhile, it can be challenging for you with the tight sizes compared to the body. They will minimize your actions and also bring tragic results for you.

Above all, you need to buy glossy tops that fit you. Try them out precisely before making a final decision. If you buy online, make sure the previous measurements are correct to order a matching paintball shirt.


Price is the final deciding factor for choosing a paint coat. To determine the fitting quality shirt at a reasonable price, you need to spend a lot of time searching for products at many different sales locations.

To optimize costs, you should make a value comparison table to make the most accurate and perfect judgment as soon as possible.

Top Best Paintball Jerseys Reviews

When it comes to paintball jerseys, you should invest in an awesome shirt to protect your body no matter how little or many times you play.

Take a look at the top 10 best shirt models with our specific reviews below. Indeed, you will like them right from this information.

Jellybro Men’s Basketball Paintball – Best for safety


Jellybro Men's Basketball Paintball - Best for safety

Product highlights

Protective features are always necessary for most of today’s paintball coats. Only in this way can players avoid unwanted injuries. Recommended for this feature, we recommend Jellybro Men’s Basketball Paintball.

This paintball jersey has a unique design with enhanced lining points for optimal protection for players. The product’s padding is relatively stable to withstand a particular shot force.

However, it still ensures the most flexibility and comfort for users. From there, helping you to have meaningful and flexible activities to help defeat your opponent quickly.

Besides, polyester also contributes to the comfort of the user. Typical of this material is its ability to stretch, breathe and withstand extreme weather elements. This feature enhances the practicality of each of your experiences.

A quick-drying system is also incorporated in this shirt to ensure you have plenty of fun and confidence in your talents.

The shirt comes in many different sizes, ensuring compatibility with most of today’s users. As for the price, we are satisfied with it. At its current price, we think it’s reasonable for the features it offers and more.

We are not completely satisfied with this shirt because of the incorrect installation point of the guard. Manufacturers need a more specific and complete adjustment.


  • Great protection feature
  • Various sizes
  • Good stretch
  • Fresh air
  • Comfortable, pleasant


  • The protection point is not accurate

Men’s Mountain Bike Long Sleeve Off-Road – Best for comfort

Men's Mountain Bike Long Sleeve Off-Road - Best for comfort

Product highlights

Possessing a user-friendly design since its launch, Men’s Mountain Bike Jersey has successfully attracted the attention of thousands of people. It has become the best-selling product in the market.

The paintball jersey has a professional design for playing with a paintball gun or riding a nice bike. No matter what activities you can wear, they can provide the perfect comfort.

Temporarily setting aside the advantages of design, the material will be the next item we introduce to you in this product. The top is 100% high-quality polyester, allowing for excellent softness and compatibility with all skin types. Moreover, this material is also relatively light and durable to be most comfortable for each action.

The breathable and sweat-absorbing features are also impressive highlights in this product line. They allow you to provide a certain amount of breathability and, at the same time, absorb sweat quickly, so you do not feel wet during your match.

This feature has a positive meaning for preventing body odor from affecting those around you and making you lose confidence.

Next, mention the print on the shirt. Unique shirt pattern, strong, stylish, and full of personality attracts people’s attention to you. All of them are printed with advanced Sublimation technology to ensure that the colors remain bright and accurate after washing and rinsing.


  • User-friendly design
  • High-quality material
  • Stay dry and fresh
  • Advanced printing technology
  • Various sizes


  • The seam lacks subtlety

HK Army HSTL Paintball Jersey – Best for sustainability

HK Army HSTL Paintball Jersey - Best for sustainability

Product highlights

What if you buy a less durable jersey? It will make you unsafe for your matches, and at the same time cost money to change new shirts. We recommend the HK Army HSTL Paintball Jersey product to overcome this situation. This jersey is of premium materials that provide the perfect durability boost to keep you grappling in your match.

Breathability and comfort are also highlights that you cannot ignore in this shirt. HK Army HSTL allows you to bring the most simple and most comfortable moving comfortably with a unique fabric texture. Moreover, it also helps absorb sweat well to limit causing unpleasant body odor to affect those around.

In terms of design, the HK Army HSTL has a simple appearance and has protective cushions located on the chest, shoulders, and elbows. This feature brings relative safety to your body, minimizing unwanted injuries that may occur.

Meanwhile, the pattern printed on the shirt is also a strength to help attract people’s attention. The paintball jersey has a strong personality print with many different sizes to ensure compatibility with all users.

It’s perfect, but their price makes us disappointed. The current price is too large for users to access and use.


  • Good durability
  • Breathability, sweat absorption
  • Personalized shirt pattern
  • Protection feature
  • Comfortable


  • High price

Veterans Day Custom Ice Hockey Jersey – Best for various sizes

Veterans Day Custom Ice Hockey Jersey - Best for various sizes

Product highlights

Choosing a shirt with a significant weight has never been easy. Because the number of shirts offering large sizes is scarce.

However, do not worry too much because Veterans Day Custom Ice Hockey Jersey is. This shirt is available in different sizes. They include exact dimensions for both men and women to make it easier for users to choose.

This paintball shirt model is diverse in size and constantly creates accents with customers with a harmonious blend of materials. The paintball jersey is made of polyester and mesh fabric, ensuring you stay cool and dry.

On the other hand, this material also allows you to use the washing machine and dry them at a relative intensity without worrying about affecting the quality of the product.

Going into our experiences, we were surprised at the sweat absorption ability of the shirt. The shirt can absorb sweat quickly and always keep your body as dry and comfortable as possible. This feature has significant implications for professional shooters regarding body odor restriction.

The shirt has a unique design like that of warriors in terms of textures. This trait is invisible in general, giving the user a robust and steely spirit to better master his match.

In terms of budget factors, shirts have a relatively stable price compared to the pocket of many consumers today.


  • Various sizes
  • Quality materials
  • Unique warrior motifs
  • Lasting
  • Reasonable price


  • Poor packaging

HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Jersey – Best for graphic design

HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Jersey - Best for graphic design

Product highlights

Compared to the previously introduced HK Army HSTL, HK Army HSTL Line is much more prominent in its impressive graphic design.

Instead of using monotonous motifs and colorful colors, this version has unique textures and softer, more harmonious colors. Overall, we feel the intangible values ​​the supplier wants to give to the user.

Besides, the style of the paintball shirt is also the perfect advantage you need to pay attention to. The paintball jersey has a simple design, is easy to wear, and is suitable for many users.

The collar part, instead of the classic round neck, is a novel heart neck, helping to honor the beauty of the player’s body and the style of dress in the eyes of the viewer.

In particular, the elastic sleeve facilitates your operation more quickly and efficiently. At the same time, it helps to minimize the clutter that can hinder your action sequences.

Meanwhile, made from breathable, lightweight materials, HK Army HSTL Line once again affirms its excellent value for user requirements. This material enhances breathability and sweat absorption for many practical, impressive experiences.

Overall, we are delighted with their features. Only the aspect of durability made us quite disappointed. The shirt is not for use in the washing machine or dryer because that can affect the quality and durability of the shirt.


  • Perfectly designed graphics
  • Light, breathable material
  • Good protection zone
  • Fashion style
  • It can be available for many other games


  • Do not use for washing machine or dryer

JPOJPO Men’s Cycling Jersey – Best for abrasion resistance

JPOJPO Men's Cycling Jersey - Best for abrasion resistance

Product highlights

There will be times when you have to lie down to avoid detection by the enemy with paintball games. This surface contact activity will cause your shirt to tear.

The ideal way to have comfortable and safe fun is to own a highly resistant shirt to abrasion.

And JPOJPO Men’s is our recommendation for you. This paintball jersey is made of Polyester and Spandex, allowing enhanced abrasion resistance. From there, you can crawl, lie or move on the contact surface quickly.

Overall evaluation of the product, we feel pretty interested in the shirt’s design. The classic V-neck of the shirt reveals the details of your figure and unique style. The sleeves are loose, so players can easily adjust the sleeves up and down to create the most comfortable feeling when moving.

In terms of size, the shirt includes various sizes to be flexibly compatible with each specific user. The short form is designed according to Asian standards, maybe 1-2 sizes smaller than the European standard.

Therefore, you should choose this shirt model more significant than your usual size to ensure the most comfort.

Meanwhile, we think it is perfect for the budget aspect compared to the features the product offers. However, their graphics made us uncomfortable. Their dazzling color scheme makes our vision aching.


  • Good wear resistance
  • Classic style
  • Comfortable and pleasant
  • Reasonable price
  • Lasting


  • Bad graphics

Men’s Bike Jersey Long Sleeve Cycling – Best for overall

Men's Bike Jersey Long Sleeve Cycling - Best for overall

Product highlights

Men’s Bike Jersey Long Sleeve has a much more impressive overall look than the previously introduced version. We are satisfied with their design, style, materials, and graphics.

First, in terms of design, the shirt is designed in a modern liberal style with a V-neck with alternating classic trends. The loose but loose sleeves add more value to the shirt.

Meanwhile, this shirt also offers a variety of sizes allowing users to choose the right product for them quickly. The size of the sweater is according to Asian standards.

They will be about 1-2 sizes smaller than the European form. Therefore, if you want to improve comfort, you should choose slightly larger than the usual size.

On the other hand, their material is the most exciting point. The combination of these two materials creates a pattern that is smooth and has good wear resistance. In addition, they also feature relatively impressive sweat absorption and breathability to please you.

The paintball jersey is decorated with simple motifs in terms of graphics but still exudes a certain charm for the user. However, their seams are not uniform or even chipped in many places. But, we can also fix this by ourselves or take it to a shop.


  • The most complete overall
  • High-quality material
  • Modern design
  • Impressive graphics
  • Good price


  • Uncertain seams

Men’s Mountain Bike Jersey Long Sleeve – Best for compatibility

Men's Mountain Bike Jersey Long Sleeve - Best for compatibility

Product highlights

To optimize costs, you should choose jerseys compatible with many different types of games. And Men’s Mountain Bike Jersey is a prime example. This paintball shirt can perfectly meet your needs. You want to climb mountains, play paintball; they can all complete the task well.

Having that advantage mostly comes from the high-quality materials of the product. The top is 100% high-quality polyester, which provides excellent softness to all skin types.

With this material, you won’t have to worry about sweat in your body. The sweat-wicking and breathable features of the shirt will help you solve any adverse problems and give you the most comfortable and excited state.

The graphics printed on the shirt are relatively impressive to attract people’s attention. They are printed with advanced Sublimation technology to ensure that the colors remain bright and accurate after washing and rinsing.

Or even exposure to direct sunlight can’t make the print of the shirt fade from the original.

The paintball jersey has a simple design, is easy to wear, and is easy to use in various sizes so that everyone can use it easily. For the price, it’s a great item. Austria has a moderate budget that is accessible to all consumers.


  • Compatibility with many game models
  • Sustainable materials
  • Breathability
  • Good sweat absorption
  • Reasonable price


  • Error in the back of the shirt

CAWANFLY Men’s MTB Jersey – Best for budget

CAWANFLY Men's MTB Jersey -Best for budget

Product highlights

Not everyone can own a high-quality paintball jersey. The high cost has prevented them from accessing their favorite sport. Understanding this concept, we have tried to understand how to bring you the cheapest products.

Luckily we saw the CAWANFLY Men’s MTB Jersey. This shirt model has a relatively stable cost and is affordable for most consumers today.

The price is low, but the advantages this product brings are perfect. First of all, the quality of the shirt’s material must be mentioned.

Shirt made of polyester material allows complete sweat absorption and excellent breathability. Thereby, it contributes to bringing many practical and valuable experiences for you.

Meanwhile, the design of the product is also exceptional. The shirt has a simple design and comes with a modern round neck to help honor the beauty of the user’s body. Compared with the classic V-neck, the round neck evokes players’ decency, dignity, and professionalism.

This shirt has unique graphics with a rhythmic combination of different shapes and colors in terms of pictures. The version we introduce to you is the harmony between dazzling yellow color with impressive dark pink and a little bit of dark blue personality. The overall look of the shirt exudes a strange charm and appeal.


  • Perfect budget level
  • Stable material
  • Modern styling
  • Impressive graphics
  • Attractive colors


  • Poor delivery service

WeimoMonkey Cycling Jersey – Best for stretchability

WeimoMonkey Cycling Jersey - Best for stretchability

Product highlights

The elasticity of the shirt allows it to ensure comfort and ease for players in all activities. We introduce you to Weimar Monkey Cycling Jersey as an example of this feature.

Having this feature, much of it comes from the product’s modern design and impressive materials. The shirt is 100% polyester to help provide maximum softness, smoothness, and comfort to the user.

On the other hand, it also helps to absorb sweat so that your body stays dry and away from solid body odors that can affect those around you effectively.

Not only that, but this material also contributes to improving the perfect drying time to keep the shirt smelling fresh. After washing, it only takes you a few hours to dry them without necessarily using the dryer.

What’s more, this model can also be in the perfect washing machine. However, you need to make sure the frequency and level of washing are stable and appropriate. Washing too much in the washing machine will damage your shirt quickly.

Compatibility with many different environments is also the strong point of this shirt. You can use it for many other games, including paintball, climbing or cycling.

To own the product, you do not need to spend too much. The current price of the shirt is excellent and affordable for most consumers today.


  • Good stretchability
  • Effective sweat absorption
  • Lasting
  • Suitable for many games
  • Stable price


  • Incorrect size


Our set of frequently asked questions below is a collection of many opinions from customers who have used the product. Through this, you can also search for yourself other necessary information.

How often can I wash my varnished jersey?

It all depends on how much you wear it. Your paintball jersey needs to be washed more often if you wear it more often than regular traditional shirts. However, cleaning the sweater will quickly lead to fading and damage.

On the other hand, you can still keep your shirt like new if you don’t use the washer or dryer. Washing clothes when they are soiled is the perfect solution so you can both clean and protect your shirt.

But, not all clothes can be clean easily and quickly. There are types of clothes, forcing us to intervene directly by washing them.

Opt for breathable tops with premium materials to make this move a success!

Do paintball jerseys have padding?

Painted coats come in many different lines, each characteristic and function. Most of them are equipped with cushions in places prone to injury to protect the player’s body better.

The Combat line’s lacquered jersey features reinforced elbow pads, padded shoulders, and padded chest padding. The main body of the professional jersey is of moisture-wicking materials with excellent breathable mesh panels.

What material are paintball jerseys made of?

Painted coats are usually from solid polyester, combined with other common materials. This material allows adequate ventilation and sweat absorption to have the most perfect and realistic experience.

Do pro paintball players wear chest protectors?

There needs to be padding on tops and pants, and the NXL needs to take the lead. There’s a reason the league’s paintball players want the cushions on their jerseys, the balloons.

To make matters worse, the NXL allows the use of a chest guard, which has a chest protector. You can wear a layer of padding all over your body!

Is a cheap Jersey Paintball a good start for a beginner?

When it comes to gloss coats, quality is more important than cost. Because they play an essential role in ensuring the safety of players. For starters, try to choose a quality shirt, as they will have a complete cushioning system to make sure you have a meaningful and human game.

On the contrary, your body will be with poor-quality shirts.


Through the information about best paintball jerseys above, hopefully, it will help you understand more deeply about the product’s characteristics.

And from there, there will be a choice suitable for your needs. Most importantly, when deciding, you need to carefully consider aspects of material, durability, size, graphics, or cost.

Check out this article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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