Best Paintball Hopper: Top 9 Highest-quality Paintball Loaders Reviews (Gravity-fed & Electronic)

Hoppers hold plenty of balls that drop into paintball guns before they fire a ball. The more balls in a paintball gun, the more quickly you can fire.

However, keep in mind that you cannot have the best paintball hopper if you do not get well-equipped with sufficient information.

In reality, not all paintball hoppers are the same that require you to make an investment of time and thorough evaluation to have the best option.

So, in the article, our top experts will introduce the top 9 best paintball hoppers for you. Now, let’s read on to discover!

Best Paintball Hopper: Top 9 Highest-quality Paintball Loaders Reviews

New Releases Paintball Hopper List

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What is a paintball hopper? 

Another name of paintball hoppers is loaders. They are paintball equipment that can attach to the paintball gun. This device will stock your paint before the gun loads the paint into the chamber part.

Type of Paintball hopper 

Among various types of paintball hoppers, we will go into detail with two of the most popular types. They are gravity-fed hoppers and electronic hoppers.

Gravity-fed hoppers

Gravity-fed hoppers
Gravity-fed hoppers

The gravity-fed hopper is the most basic type for anyone to use. The whole premise of gravity-fed hoppers focuses on allowing gravity to do all the tasks of loading rounds of balls into the chamber. As a result, it is not necessary to employ any other mechanical part like a motor, an agitator, etc.

Because it does not contain any moving parts, its design is very simple. The gravity hopper regularly includes just two parts. They are one blank container with one hole at the base that will connect to the feed neck.

A few hopper models are more “complex.” Yet, it just means that they contain an internal shelf or ramp. These parts will encourage balls to move around to avoid jams.  After all, the gravity hopper is simply homogenous in construction. So you cannot find any big difference in their operations.

Gravity hoppers vary in size, but they are likely to be small paintball hoppers. The most popular sizes for gravity-fed loaders usually range from 50 to 200 balls.

The biggest edge of gravity hoppers is their affordability because of their very simple design. In addition, they are likely to feature high durability owing to the basic construction. They also do not contain any electrical part or motor that can get broken down and require fixing.

The drawback of gravity hoppers is slow loading time.

Electronic Hoppers

Electronic Hoppers

As a type of high-end hopper, the electronic hopper is a winner in the field of firing rate.

There are a variety of electronic hoppers available. However, all of them carry the same basic feature: electronic hoppers generally employ a battery-powered motor. This motor will supply energy to the spinning paddle, fin, or feed tray for loading balls into the chamber of paintball guns.

The biggest benefit of the electronic hopper is high firing rates. It forces the paintball down the chamber rather than employing gravity.

Top 10 Best Paintball Hopper Reviews (Gravity-fed Vs Electronic)

After in-depth research on numerous things impacting the quality of hoppers and reviewing paintball loaders, we have collected comprehensive information to offer the best deal for you.

1. Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader
Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

We would suggest the Dye LT-R to all players who want a high-end yet the best budget paintball hopper. 

Maybe you are a beginner or professional who desires to play at high levels of competition; the Dye LT-R will meet all kinds of demands.

In spite of the high affordability, the LT-R comes equipped with all superior features on a high-end paintball hopper. They consist of easy disassembly, high rate, extended battery life, and mostly unbreakable shell.

First, all good paintball loaders should not demand tools for disassembly. The Dye LT-R  follows this rule.

To carry out maintenance or cleaning tasks, you just need to touch the tiny black tab on the rear of the hopper. Then, you can separate the two parts (the top and bottom). Then, you can do anything you want to handle the hopper.

This simple design leads to a very firm structure. Every part of the loader is well-made. Not only the structure but also the material is durable.

The coverage of the Dye LT-R is made from thick plastic. Then, no matter how many times you drop it on the ground, this loader can still stay whole.

Despite the simple construction, the Dye LT-R can still produce a high feed rate. It can carry up to 200 balls for each loader. With the help of rotor high technology, the hopper can fire more than 30 balls per second.


  • High durability
  • High affordability
  • 30+ balls per second
  • Extended battery life
  • Easy disassembly


  • Quite heavy in comparison with other top-end hoppers
  • Quite basic colors

The bottom line:

As a paintball hopper for budget-conscious consumers, the LT-R gets equipped with all outstanding features on a high-end paintball hopper: easy disassembly, high fire rate, extended battery life, and mostly unbreakable shell.

2. Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers
Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

If you want a hopper with an excellent feed rate to get faster shots, the Virtue Spire paintball hopper is for you.

The combo of IR sensors at the rear of polycarbonate allows the spire hopper to reload proactively instead of reactively like the traditional IR sensor. It will ensure a continuous stream of paintballs that will not fail on the field, even if it is rainy or sunny.

These advanced sensors will get rid of undesired pulsing. Then, they produce a less loud and more effective leader.

Not only the IR sensors but also the Spire driving system lets the hopper feed more quickly and more continuously. The hopper can even feed the lowest-quality paintball imaginable without jams.

Another feature that helps to increase the feed rate is the Spire IR’s updated opening lid. It is a fast-change lid that fits the improved Spire III in just a second.

Then, you can exchange from the opening lid to the speed feed in just a second. You can also now take off and wipe off every part very easily.

All spring fingers offer the perfect combination of feed performance, paint keeping, and sag-proof safety.


  • No pulse
  • Excellent proactive feed
  • Softer on paintball
  • Longer battery life
  • Fast-change lid & feeding speed


  • Quite hard to install on the paintball gun

The bottom line:

The Virtue Spire IR² Paintball hopper is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a perfect feed rate. Then, they can show off their abilities during paintball games.

3. Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader

Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader
Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader

Are you considering materials as the primary factor for your hopper? If so, let’s take a look at Empire Paintball Loader accompanied by a good-looking matte black finish.

The main material to build up the hopper is polycarbonate. You will have a model with both interior and exterior parts made of polycarbonate. It is the reason why the loader can endure any hard hit during any tough drive and rough slide.

The polycarbonate material makes the Empire large enough to contain 180 paintballs easily.

Also, the plastic-made coverage is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. It is able to take constant rounds of balls without triggering wear and tears.

In comparison with other materials like ceramic, aluminum, and steel, polycarbonate is the best not only for high durability but also lightweight.

Why does the weight of a paintball hopper matter? If you use a heavy loader, it will possibly restrict your movements. Then, your playing pace will slow down and negatively affect your performance.

On the other hand, the polycarbonate material will help to create the lightest hopper for you, as the Empire.

You will find it light enough to bring with you. You will not feel any additional weight during the paintball game along with your paintball gun.


  • Superior durability and lightweight
  • High feed rate
  • No jam
  • Large loading capacity


  • Quite a tricky disassembly

The bottom line:

If you are looking for a highly durable paintball hopper, you should consider the Empire Paintball Loader. This hopper can bear any hard hit and drive during the paintball game, thanks to the polycarbonate material.

4. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers
Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Virtue Spire IV Hopper is easy to maintain as the hopper has a tool-less design. Honestly, you cannot imagine any other paintball hopper that features such easy-caring as the Spire IV.

To start the caring task on the hopper, you just need to touch the black button on the rear of the loader. Next, you can separate the top and bottom parts of the hopper.

You should begin with the rear of the hopper. The front side connects two halves with a sturdy hinge.

You will become a huge lover of this model with a single hinge because this feature will make the hopper super simple to do maintenance.

This model is different from any other high-end loader when you want to wipe off or replace the battery.

Instead of taking it apart into many different parts, you just need to take the Spire IV into two parts. They are the shell and the tool-less tray.

To take off the toolless tray, you just need to move the top shell and pinch the Tray Releasing Tab together at the same time. This tab stays on the backside of the hopper. Next, you pull the tray up and put it aside from the shell.

Even every part that makes up the toolless tray is also effortless to separate and wipe off. We would like to take the magnetic-connected Spire IV Drive or the transposable Spire Drive Finger as typical examples.

The final feature that helps to maintain the Spire IV much easier is the easy-attach speed feeding system.

You only have to touch the button where the opening lid connects the hopper. Then, you take the lid off and add the speed feeding system.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple disassembly
  • Never jams
  • Large loading capacity
  • Softer on paint


  • Low-paint indicators

The bottom line:

The Virtue Spire IV Paintball Hopper is the greatest model to help you save time on maintenance with the help of easy and tool-less disassembly.

5. Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader

Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader
Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader

The Dye R2 is the best hopper for powerful system technology. It is one of the primary features for the excellence of the Dye R2 compared to any other loader.

This system technology operated in this hopper is Dynamic Force Control. It will help to eliminate the probability of excessive force which makes the paintball go through the hopper.

The working principle of Dynamic Force Control is simple. It will keep the driving spring as well as the motor from running the Rotor Carousal simultaneously.

Rather, the driving spring and the motor will work independently from each other. So, the hopper can offer a much more gentle and continuous driving force. Changing the driving spring tension is fine if you want a bit higher or lower tension.

One more profound feature of the R-2’s technology is that it gets equipped with a Reload Alert System.

This system will inform you when the gun is low on paintballs and time to load again. The Reload Alert System will give two signals when you have shot 96 balls and triple signals when you have shot 144 balls. The only problem with this system is that you need to touch the alert button after each reloading.

It is not necessary to be concerned about this system consuming too much power because the Dye R2 also contains active power conservation.

This function will automatically lower and raise the rate of energy supply. It will help you avoid the overuse of batteries. Thanks to that, you can effectively lengthen the battery life of the hopper.

Additionally, you can look at the switch at the base of the gearbox as well. It will let you switch off the light and sound of the loader. This function is necessary for paintball games at night.


  • Reloading speed of 30+ BPS
  • Reserving power
  • Alerting when it’s time to feed
  • Jam releasing trigger
  • Large opening lid


  • A little expensive

The bottom line:

The Dye Rotor R2 is the best hopper for superior system technology. You can fire paintballs with a suitable driving force but do not worry about the overuse of paintballs or power batteries.

6. Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers
Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

The Bunkerkings CTRL hopper is the best model for the design that makes it the perfect paintball equipment.

The total weight has decreased to considerably under one pound. It weighs just 14.4oz. The height, as well as the width, have decreased too.

All these features make the CTRL the most compact and lightweight paintball hopper with a capacity of 200 balls by far.

Whether you run and fire, dive, or snap shot, playing with a Bunkerkings on top of your paintball gun will make you feel amazed. It also widens your field of view with the great help of the small size.

Beyond the small and light design, the CTRL is a perfect match on all paintball guns with a nice balance, even if it is a mechanical or electronic marker.

Indeed, this small CTRL hopper gets equipped with an improved opening lid.

This lid is made of nylon and filled with glass-like the material building up the CTRL shell. Specifically, the upgraded lid is not as vulnerable to crack as the polycarbonate material.

The improved twin spring ramps also come made of nylon material for superior durability.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Nice balance on any paintball gun
  • High durability
  • No jam
  • Softer on paint


  • High price tag

The bottom line:

When you are looking for a compact and lightweight paintball hopper for easier and faster movements during a game set, the Bunkerkings CTRL Paintball Hopper will be your best deal.

7. Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Loader (With Quick Feed Combo)

Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Loader (With Quick Feed Combo)
Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Loader (With Quick Feed Combo)

The Dye R2 pursues the idea of the most highly modernized paintball hopper technology. The Dye is a rich blend of modesty with breathtaking feed rates, safety, and the industry’s early capacity flexibility.

By dint of both experienced player review and customer evaluation, the brand thoroughly redesigned and renovated this generation of the loader. It is likely to lay the groundwork for the following improvement in hopper technology.

The R2 consists of an exceptionally progressive multi-capacity technology. It is one of the custom paintball hoppers that will allow all users to select either 200 or 260 rounds in a swift manner. These actions will not require you to use any other shell, part, or tool.

The Quick Release lid is the most speedy quick-release lid structure on the block. It will allow for the simplest changes between Dye Quick Feed™ and the Common polycarbonate lid.

In addition, the big-mouth design is 15% bigger than other predecessors. It will ensure that your loading operation is fast, effective, and easy.

The Dye’s advanced printed circuit board can provide an industry’s early Reload Alert System. Thanks to that, when the hopper runs out of paintballs, the hopper will produce some signals to inform you.


  • Simple design
  • High feed rates
  • Good capacity flexibility
  • Quick loading process


  • A little expensive

The bottom line:

The Dye R2 is the most leading loader with highly advanced technology in the market. It will provide you with a fast and easy loading process.

8. Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader
Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader

In the list of the best paintball hoppers, Proto Primo is the best for gravity-fed loaders.

The biggest edge of a gravity loader is high affordability owing to the exceedingly simple design. The Proto does not contain any electrical part or any motor that can get damaged easily and then need expensive fixing.

As a result, there is no need for users to be concerned about long or short battery life. Since the Proto utilizes gravity for operation, it does not need any battery to run effortlessly.

The simple design is the main reason for the overwhelming durability of this gravity-fed Proto Primo.

It has no complicated circuit board logic, no internal batteries, and no Reload Alert System. No matter how many times you drop this hopper or you fall, this hopper can still run smoothly with a continuous vertical feed.

Indeed, the simplicity leads to an effortlessly loading process yet a speedy feed rate. The hopper also gets equipped with a big opening lid that can shoot eight paintballs per second to defeat your rivals.

All of these outstanding features combine to make one cheap paintball hopper without a high price tag.


  • High affordability
  • Simple operation and simple loading process
  • Speedy feed rates


  • A little heavy

The bottom line:

The affordable Proto Primo Paintball Hopper is the gravity-fed type that can bring about the easiest and fastest reloading process without worrying about short battery life.

9. G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader

G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader
G.I. Sportz Paintball Pulse RDR Loader

The G.I. Sportz Paintball Hopper is the greatest model for usage that can help you track everything to gain the best management.

This version of the loader gets equipped with the Pulse RDR. This system technology is shown through a clear LED display on which you can track many things. You can supervise the number of paintballs per second, the speed of a paintball, and also the whole number of paintballs that you shoot.

The LED display is bright enough for you to see in any light condition. You can even make some adjustments to match your requirements during a game.

Moreover, the G.I. Sportz features an easy-disassembled structure. It will take the least effort to help you remove the tray as well as the drive with just a touch of the button.

All of the removable tray’s parts, including the speed drive system, the battery, and the RDR unit are very easy to eject from the external shell. It would be a great help in clearing and maintaining the paintball equipment.

One more feature that will satisfy your needs in terms of simplicity and convenience is triple wireless push buttons. These pushbuttons will let all players customize the display and the setting of the motor.


  • Easy to track operation
  • Bright LED display
  • Simple to disassemble
  • Possible to customize


  • Not durable material

The bottom line:

The G.I. Sportz is going to offer great support for ease and convenience of usage. It will help you supervise everything from the number of balls per second to the setting of the motor.

How We Selected The Best Paintball Hopper?

There are a lot of different hoppers to fit the best paintball loaders. Now, your task is to choose the best paintball loader to match your paintball gun. Here is a list of considerations that you need to look at.

Top 9 Highest-quality Paintball Loaders Reviews
How We Selected The Best Paintball Hopper

Pick the paintball hopper for your level

It comes with three levels in the paintball game. Every level will require a compatible loader.


As a beginner, you do not have to make an investment in professional paintball hoppers.

Rather, pick up a loader with a lightweight design, a simple structure, and a budget-saving. As a consequence, it is best to choose a gravity-fed hopper or an electronic hopper.


These loaders are for players who have gotten all basic skills but are not professional enough. The mid-range hopper is considerably more costly than the beginner model because they get equipped with more high-end features.

The system mainly relies on sounds created after firing to shoot the paintball.

Furthermore, this kind of hopper features a sensor that figures out the movements of the paintball.


If you are a professional player, then you may prefer an advanced hopper. These loaders come equipped with large capacities and a high feeding rate compared to the basic loader.

The professional model features a nice motor that offers continuous performance and prevents jamming. Also, it often has a sensor to ensure nothing will go wrong.

Size & Capacity

You should figure out the paintball hopper with the suitable size to hold the expected number of paintballs. It is not necessary to pick the biggest paintball hopper. All you need to do is research the loader with the proper size to meet your needs.

The least number of paintballs for a hopper is 50. The more advanced unit can load up to hundreds of paintballs. Your option should primarily rely on your needs.

If you are a novice, you should pick the small-capacity loader. On the other hand, as a professional, you will prefer the paintball hopper with a size of 200 paintballs.

Large-capacity hoppers will ensure that you can continuously shoot when the opponent is loading their paintball markers.

Furthermore, it relies on the time of the paintball game. People who play for a longer time should select the high capacity.


The next consideration in your purchase is weight. The recommendation for you is a lightweight hopper. Accordingly, an up-to-date and compact hopper with the least weight is good enough.

You certainly will not want a paintball hopper that restricts your movements during the game.


It is essential to find out if your option is compatible with your paintball gun. Almost all paintball loaders fit with any paintball marker.

However, you still should comprehensively inquire whether the intended hopper will fit the gun. If not, there will be a chance that you can waste your money.


While you search for paintball hoppers, look at some models that provide a suitable rate of fire.

If you are a beginner, you may like the low rate of fire. But if you are more professional, a high rate of fire can satisfy your feelings in a paintball game.


You also need to think about durability when you want a paintball hopper. A lot of loaders are made of plastic, while there are many other materials. Then, you should find a unit that is not vulnerable to being cracked or broken.

The paintball hopper should be able to endure strong hits and tough situations.

If you are opting for one electric loader, then remember that it will depend on the proprietary system. Specifically, it will feed down paintballs into the chamber.

Furthermore, you can take an interest in gravity-fed hoppers with simple designs. Just ensure that these models feature a sturdy external part to tolerate any drop and shot.


The easiest method to make sure the sturdiness of hoppers is materials. The material will determine the ability to bear a direct impact and a heavy blow. Here is the list of some of the most popular materials:

Aluminum: It is the most lightweight material generally found anywhere. Aluminum is old but long-lasting and inexpensive. However, you will need to do more maintenance as it can easily become filthy.

Ceramic: It is as light as aluminum. Yet, they are quite vulnerable to getting broken down easily.

Steel: Steel is one of the most long-lasting materials. It experiences the least wear and tears. Steel is a durable material; still, it can weigh relatively more.

Polycarbonate Fiber: Plenty of paintball hoppers are built from this material. It is long-lasting, light, and easy to wipe off. Furthermore, it does not let any friction which helps paintballs become speedy and easy to release.


To help you get a more detailed view of paintball hoppers, we would like to offer some frequently asked questions for your questions.

1. Can you use any Hopper with a paintball gun?

Of course. Paintball hoppers are universal. Any loader will fit any paintball marker. Almost all electric hoppers would work well with all kinds of paintball guns. They can be non-electric guns or even rental guns. There is just a tiny possibility that a hopper is not compatible with your paintball marker.

2. Can you use an electric hopper on a mechanical paintball gun?

Certainly, you can. But people regularly do not do this thing. The reason is that the firing rate of a mechanical paintball gun is lower than an electric hopper.

After all, almost all electric hoppers would work well with the non-electric or rental paintball gun.

3. How many paintballs fit in a paintball hopper?

Almost all paintball hoppers can load about 200 paintballs. The least number is around 50 paintballs. The maximum is up to 280 balls.


Now, you possibly get equipped with relevant knowledge of paintball hoppers. These detailed instructions will help you narrow down the choices and decide which hopper is the most suitable for you.

When you search for the top paintball hoppers available, keep in mind to carry out comprehensive research and give the proper questions before you make your purchase.

Ensure to look at the quality and features of each model on your list. Moreover, remember to think about what level of paintball players you are. It will considerably help you pick the best paintball hopper.

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