Paintball Holders: Top 8 Best Paintball Harness & Pod Pack to Buy

Some safety gear and clothes, such as your vest or trousers, may contain storage compartments and pouches. On the other hand, the best paintball harness is a must-have item if you want to be sure you get all you need.

Today, there are various great paintball harnesses to choose from, with different companies providing distinct features and designs. As a result, you must invest in a comfortable, long-lasting harness with enough storage.

That’s why Discovery UK are here to guide you through the process easier. Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

Top 8 Best Paintball Harness Reviews

A paintball harness will get you ready for a paintball game. Also, it makes sure you have somewhere to store the additional gear and ammo during the game.

#1. Bunkerkings V5 Supreme – Best For Overall

Bunkerkings V5 Supreme paintball harness

BunkerKings is the benchmark by which all other paintball harnesses should be measured, from their security to exceedingly well-built quality. This Bunkerkings V5 Supreme is comfortable to wear and securely retains the pods without the need for bulky straps.

The zero-g configuration prevents the paintball pods from dropping out. Moreover, the back padding that meets your lower back from the inside is also really comfy.

The Bunkerkings V5 Supreme appears to contain some gel, which allows it to adapt to your body shape and remain in place. Therefore, anyone, regardless of their ability level, may pick up this paintball harness.

If you worry about the comfort, this paintball harness will satisfy you with the pharerfect fit, tight yet not too tight. When you operate with this harness, the virtue 165 elevated pods are made to fit precisely in the strap, which will not split open in the middle of a run.

Overall, the Bunkerking V5 Supreme Paintball Harnesses are fantastic. It is pretty comfy, lightweight, and stylish. However, the paintball harness is a little short, so it might not suit some bigger guys perfectly.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Without the need for bulky straps


  • Too short for bigger guys

Bottom line

The performance and quality of this pack are unsurpassed! Don’t be hesitant to get one!

#2. Valken Alpha 4 Pod – Best For Runner-Up

Valken Alpha 4 Pod pack

The second best paintball harness on our list comes from Valken, a reliable paintball manufacturer. This Valken Alpha 4 pod harness has four pod slots, which can take any regular pod type ideally.

The Valken logo is tastefully etched on the slots, making the design basis but powerful. This paintball strap consists of heavy-duty webbing flaps, according to the manufacturer.

During the match, you may easily remove and reload the pods from the slots whenever you like. Back cushioning is included in the belt to support your body and keep the pods from scraping against your flesh.

The paintball harness’s stretchy nylon construction makes it suited for practically every player. To reduce bounce, the manufacturer has paid particular attention to the waist shape.

As you jump and move around the paintball battlefield, you will not see the paintball pods bouncing after you. The belt is only two pounds in weight and can comfortably handle up to four pods. If you want to play with a lot of paintballs, this item is perfect for you.

However, remember that if this Valken paintball strap gets wet in the rain, it will not last long. Although it is designed to withstand regular use, it is better suited to games played in dry conditions.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Heavy-duty webbing flaps
  • Easy to remove and reload pods


  • Not waterproof

Bottom line

If you are searching for a best paintball harness that fits well and gives maximum comfort, go for the Valken Alpha 4 Pod.

#3. Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack – Best For Beginners

Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack

When it comes to paintball equipment, Maddog is a popular and well-recognized business, so it is no surprise that we’ve included their goods in our top selections.

The Maddog Pro Pod Pack paintball Harness is a fantastic product that has received several favorable reviews from many customers. It is suitable for players of all skill levels, from novices to pro competitors.

This strap is constructed of 600D nylon fabric with reinforced stitching, making it extremely tough and long-lasting. It is a one-size-fits-all style with an adjustable inner and outside elastic strap for a bespoke fit of 43 inches.

It has an elastic paintball pods ejection mechanism that allows for rapid reloading and is highly efficient. It works with all regular paintball pod packs and contains a lot of them (4+3), so you’ll be ready to play for the entire game.

We did not notice any downside from this product; however, it would be best to have an additional layer of gel or foam for more comfort.


  • Reliable
  • Durable 600 nylon fabric
  • One-size-fits-all style
  • Compatible with all pod types
  • Fast pods reloading


  • Lack gel and foam for additional comfort

Bottom line

This Maddog Pro harness, which is both secure and comfortable, is an excellent addition to any paintball gear since it combines convenience with high-quality functionality.

#4. Dye Paintball Jet Pack – Best For Intense Games

Dye Paintball Jet pod Pack

The Dye Store Jet Pack Harness is an excellent example of an adaptable and compact design. This paintball equipment is intended to be highly practical and appropriate for advanced paintball matches while still giving adequate storage room for your paintball pods.

It has memory rubber and elastic traction to maintain the initial shape throughout the most intensive activities and when moving across rugged terrain.

Moreover, it includes a collapsible webbing flap structure containing up to 7 pods and shrinks in size when each pod is taken, taking up only as much room as required.

If you are worried about the safety and comfort during playing, worry not; the 55 MPH-certified velcro keeps the paintball harness and pods in place while being comfy!

This paintball harness includes four-way flexible straps and is one-size-fits-all, allowing for a secure and perfect fit specific to you. It also has ejector pod loops, allowing quick and straightforward accessibility to the pods, saving time.

The Dye Paintball Jet Pack comes in perfect apart from the lack of tank pouch.


  • Memory rubber and elastic traction
  • Hold up to 7 pods
  • 55 MPH-certified velcro
  • Feature ejector pod loops for quick access


  • Lack of tank pouch

Bottom line

Any experienced paintballers should not ignore this product, which is a safeguard for intense games.

#5. HK Army HSTL Line – Best For Value

HK Army HSTL Line paintball harness

The Hk Army HSTL equipment has everything a paintballer might desire in a paintball harness. This pack type lets you carry four pods and extra three slots, which is 160-round each.

It includes a 4-way elastic eject belt design; your paintball pods will be safe within this flexible pod holder. Manufacturers employed adjustable velcro straps to prevent an unwelcome fall.

Its heavy-duty Velcro structure makes it easier to pull and hold. You will not have to think about the comfort since it is also made of nylon, lightweight, and robust.

On this HK Army harness, dual elastic waistbands are used to offer a snug fit in any body shape. This paintball harness has anti-slip back support in addition to the lumbar cushioning.

These innovative elements allow for unrestricted mobility and optimal comfort. The flexible belt incorporates a two-way tab in the heavy-duty webbing to keep it very snug around your waist.

Although this item offers more than enough for a pleasant playing experience, some users find it unsatisfactory with only one color option.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pull and hold pods
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip back support


  • One option only

Bottom line

Overall, all of the waistbands, straps, and back cushions are made of high-quality nylon. You will get what you pay for with this HK Army HSTL harness.

#6. Tippmann Sport Series 2-Pod – Best For Occasional Paintballing

Tippmann Sport Series 2 pod pack

The Tippmann Sport Harness can be the solution you have been searching for if you seek a lightweight and handy paintball harness that is excellent for occasional paintballing.

This paintball gear is made of polyurethane, which is highly robust and lightweight. This characteristic ensures maximum comfort that will last you through many rounds.

It includes an adjustable body wrapping belt that may accommodate a waist size of between 22 and 24 inches. It has a capacity of only two 140-round pods, which should be sufficient to carry you through a quick game.

Comprehensive pull tabs and an integrated pod ejection mechanism allow for speedier reloading if necessary. Besides this paintball harness’s basic yet practical design, you may choose between a standard black version and a camouflage one.

We suggest this one for occasional paintballing since it lacks the presence of a tank pouch as other versions in the same series and comes with only two slots.


  • Durable material
  • Lightweight
  • Comprehensive pull tabs
  • Two stylish options: black and camouflage


  • Lack of tank pouch

Bottom line

Overall, the small and functional design makes Tippmann Sport Series 2-pod one of the most pleasant to wear.

#7. VIRTUE Elite – Best Functional Harness

VIRTUE Elite paintball harness

This revolutionary Virtue Elite Harness might satisfy your needs if you are seeking something basic but adequate. This paintball harness can carry up to 11 regular pods thanks to its 4+7 holding capability.

This breakout variant can hold all sorts of tubes (135-165 rounds) without the addition of any other equipment. It has a Secure fit belt system for unrestricted mobility during the game.

The Stealth Ejectors reload feature will make you feel like a pro, making removing and reloading pods easier. The pod holders’ double elastic loop material lowers harness and spring bouncing.

Velcro has a 4-way locking belt due to its tremendous strength. The 4-way locking belt reduces harness bounces, allowing you to glide into the next bomb shelter easily.

It will fit precisely regardless of any waist size from 36 to 38 inches. This belt system will improve grip and comfort.

The producer employed cushioned pillow holsters in the rear to provide you with royal comfort. It boasts a low weight for simple movement, as well as an excellent pack and ergonomic design.

Apart from a little hefty price tag, the Virtue Elite is worth investing in if you want maximum comfort.


  • Durable construction
  • 11 pod slots (all size)
  • Easy to reload pods
  • Maximum comfort


  • Hefty price tag

Bottom line

This harness will assist individuals who seek a reduced weight yet a functional and practical harness.

#8. Action Village Paintball Deluxe – Best For Convenience

Action Village Paintball Deluxe Remote pod pack

The Action Village Paintball Deluxe Set is an excellent long-term alternative for obtaining three of the most crucial components of your paintball package.

The remote paintball line included in the box is compatible with all paintball weapons, including Tippmann, Spyder, BT, Valken, and so on. It is one of the most excellent remotes globally due to its durable design and quality.

All you need to equip your paintball gun is included in this package. The Warrior 4+1 Harness features a conventional 4+1 design with a tank bag in the rear center and two horizontal pod tubes on either side.

After all four pods are full, you may carry an additional 560 paintballs and the 200 rounds in your hopper. This paintball harness is compatible with all CO2 and compressed air tanks, including carbon fiber or aluminum paintball tanks.

Dye Paintball provides some of the toughest paintball pods available that can withstand a lot of pressure. Each pod holds 140 paintballs and is of excellent quality.

Although the set comes with convenience, you may go for another option if seeking better comfort.


  • Affordable price tag
  • All gears in one for convenience
  • Remote compatibles with all markers
  • Include tank pouch and paintballs
  • High-quality Dye pods


  • Not very comfortable

Bottom line

Stick with the Action Village paintball package if you want to play like the pros.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Harness?

The best paintball harness must be robust, dependable, and of top quality to support you throughout the game. It should also be appropriate for your demands and play style. There are some elements to consider when purchasing a paintball harness.

how to choose the best paintball harness


You’re already carrying a lot of weight since the pods will then be attached to the harness. If the paintball harness were too heavy, you’d suffer from backaches or a muscle strain. It would cause more problems than simply losing the game.

Therefore, always choose a lightweight model. All of the items on our list weigh less than 2 pounds. The harnesses weighing less than 1.7 pounds will be comfortable to wear for long periods throughout the game.


We’ve previously seen the many paintball harnesses on the market. The one you select should be appropriate for your game and comfy to use for long periods.

Some players prefer bigger sizes to accommodate more paintball pods, while others favor sleek and fashionable designs.

While it is tempting to get a paintball harness with more slots, keep in mind that you might not use them throughout the game. Start with the most basic and inexpensive model, especially if you are a novice.


This feature is a top priority for us. Even the most basic versions may be unpleasant if the wrong fit is chosen or the essential modifications are not made.

The strap should neither be so tight that you cannot breathe or move around nor should it be so slack that it slips down your back sometimes.

Look for versions with adjustable fittings, such as a Velcro strap, a clasp, or a loop. During the match, you can alter the fittings as well.


The comfort of the harness depends on its length. Ensure your actual size fits within the provided range if you choose the expandable and elastic models.

For instance, a paintball harness that begins at S may be somewhat larger for an XS. For persons who use XXL, the one that can expand up to XL will be comfortable.

It would be best if you also verified whether the dimensions are in centimeters or inches. Many individuals may think they are clever, yet numerous consumers have purchased the incorrect size due to a lack of attention.

Number Of Slots

The number of pods you bring to a paintball match will rely on your skill level, the type of the game, and other factors. The size of every slot is also a consideration.

We all know that not every paintball pod is the same size. Some are narrow and long, while others are short and rounded, and they come in various sizes.

Paintball pods can be available in a variety of sizes and forms. Before purchasing the harness, you must first pick your tank and pods.

Alternatively, if you’ve already bought the paintball harness, purchase pods that fit the openings. A few harnesses also include extra slots for additional attachments.


If you want your paintball harness to last, choose one designed to withstand the pods’ weight and the severe conditions that occur during the game. The materials utilized to make the harness are crucial in this regard.

Most vendors utilize heavy-duty polyester to guarantee that their products are sturdy and can withstand heavy use. You should also inspect the stitches and get those that have double stitches for further strength and dependability.

Of course, none of this will be helpful unless you properly care for and preserve the paintball harness. Read the washing directions carefully and follow them.

The paintball harness’s durability is determined by how well you maintain it on and off the battlefield.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Although this section is the final element to examine, it is crucial. Before you purchase a product, look at the reviews posted by previous customers. You are not required to read comments on sites such as Amazon.

Other websites exist where consumers discuss what they like and dislike about the paintball harness they purchased. Examine the advantages and disadvantages mentioned and compare them to your needs.

Wrap Up

We hope that finding the best paintball harness is straightforward for you. Our products are all practical and functional. However, before deciding, be sure that all of the qualities they provide are important to you.

As you see, Bunkerkings V5 Supreme is the winner of the list, thanks to its maximum comfort and versatility on the battlefield.

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