Top 6 Best Paintball Guns Under $500 Of 2023 With Buyer’s Reviews

Playing paintball is a pretty fun and addictive pastime. Moreover, you always want to upgrade everything during the game to give the best experience.

Choosing any device or game is not easy. You need to list categories such as their quality, capabilities, and prices. If the product cost is your primary concern and you are looking for the highest quality paintball guns under 500, this article is for you!

We cover the top 6 best paintball guns under $500 currently on the market. Moreover, you will also choose the right products through buying guides.

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Paintball Guns Under 500

Best Sellers for Paintball Markers

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Why Do You Need Paintball Guns Under 500 For Your Game?

Currently, there are many types of paintball guns on the market with various designs, colors, quality, and prices. Therefore, choosing a product that suits your playing style is not easy.

One of the features that make choosing a device easier is the price. It means you need a product at a reasonable price you can pay for a game, namely under $500.

However, their quality also needs to ensure stability and safety during use. Also, if a product isn’t too expensive, it will cost you less to replace, repair, and maintain than more costly models.

Paintball Guns Under 500 Dollars Buying Guides


You should choose the right bucket size for your paintball. It will help the device have higher performance and accuracy. Moreover, the barrel will produce the best long shots.

Material and durability

If you own a gun made of composite material, it will have a longer life than a product made of other materials. It means the device will be stable and less affected after a strong physical impact or drop.


When participating in a game, you always want to be flexible with the fastest time in all situations. Therefore, you need a paintball gun with a small weight to make it easy to move.

Moreover, it can also make your experience with paintball guns more enjoyable.

Warranty Policy

After purchasing and using guns, they may encounter technical or external problems that you cannot control. Therefore, you need to choose a product with a good warranty.

The manufacturer should offer a standard policy at least 90 days after purchase. Moreover, this time can be extended if you guarantee the composite body, even up to 1 year.


In addition to a battlefield-like appearance with a military design, you can opt for a lightweight paintball gun. Not only does it make it easy to use during play, but you can also store them quickly with a small space.

You can pay attention to the pistol grip and shock absorber to see if it can be collapsed, stored, and maintained easily before buying a gun.

Electricity supply

There are two primary power sources, CO2 and High-Pressure Air.

If you want to own a product that uses CO2, it will be the optimal choice for your budget. Because of that, it became popular among most paintball players.

However, this product will also have certain limitations as it often freezes in cold environments. Therefore, you will not be able to shoot when the gun is stuck due to the above reason.

High-pressure air (HPA) has features that help overcome the limitation that CO2 already has of freezing at low temperatures. It is also why HPA is more popular even though it comes later with a higher price.

In-depth Reviews Of The Best Paintball Guns Under $500

1. Planet Eclipse Etha2 Paintball MarkerBest for Performance

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker
Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker

Product’s Highlights

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is quite suitable for those who start using paintball guns for their entertainment. The device’s most significant advantage is its ease of use and maintenance, even better than many other products on the market.

The device is capable of firing 1000 rounds per preload. The intake neck, eyecup, and handle frame design in Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is nylon composite.

At the same time, the exterior is a complex composite, and the interior is aircraft aluminum. It helps the product become much stronger and more durable when subjected to many external forces.

Etha2 is more developed than Etha, and it is both reliable and sophisticated when manufacturers use more modern technical solutions for production. They equip Etha with two high-quality regulators.

Therefore, it is capable of handling high or low outlet pressure. Accordingly, performance has also been greatly improved.

In addition, the manufacturer also provides an ASA ON/OFF, so it will be easier for you to remove the air cylinder.


  • Trusted gun
  • Easy to use
  • Save the air
  • Limit noise
  • Works correctly
  • Easy to clean


  • The ability to turn on slowly

2. Empire New Limited Edition Mini GSBest for Design

Empire New Limited Edition Mini GS
Empire New Limited Edition Mini GS

Product’s Highlights

Empire New Limited Edition Mini GS Paintball has a fully covered rubber front fork for a secure grip. Moreover, it also protects the gun safe from paint.

Like most products, the Mini GS has an ASA ON/OFF feature that eliminates threading problems and makes disassembly easier.

In addition, the product can also add a Redline OLED panel, which does not require you to convert the details.

The excellent performance and strength of the product are further enhanced by the attachment of ASA and Foregrip points.

Besides, the usual features will remain the same as its previous designs, such as tubeless design, Eyes, Feedback Clamp, and Mini performance.


  • With Redline OLED panel
  • Raised handle made of rubber
  • Do not cut the ball
  • Reasonable price
  • Famous brand
  • It shoots continuously but is not blocked.


  • Restricted to people with large hands
  • Need maintenance to avoid leaking tank

3. Action Village Dangerous Power G5 Best for Power

Action Village Dangerous Power G5
Action Village Dangerous Power G5

Product’s Highlights

Dangerous Power G5 is also one of the devices for those in the field of paintball guns. At the same time, it is easy to use, clean, and maintain. In addition, the product has minimal recoil, limiting the generation of noise with a high fire rate.

The product is equipped with a 13-inch barrel to help you create reasonable distances and higher accuracy.

It is considered the Most powerful paintball gun. Therefore, the gunfire rate is tremendous, up to 20 rounds/s. The manufacturer equips it with five firing modes: semi-automatic, fully automatic, ramp, explosive, and competition mode. So you can ultimately choose the way to suit the environment and purpose.

Like other products, Action Village Dangerous Power G5 has ASA On / Off ASA, so disassembling the HPA valve becomes easier.


  • Design without faucet.
  • ASA On/Off works very well.
  • Good air efficiency.
  • Great activation.
  • There are five suitable shooting modes.


  • Have to lubricate equipment regularly.

4. Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball MarkerBest for Compactness

Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Marker
Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Marker

Product’s Highlights

Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Marker is one of the newest and best paintball guns on the market today at a reasonable price. It allows you to use many great features without upgrading.

Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Marker is with an ASA ON/OFF lever to help you ensure safety after each match, so turn it off when not in use. In addition, the product has a non-slip rubber handle that makes the grip firm and better.

The device has different firing modes suitable for various situations and circumstances. It means you will quickly switch from Semi-Auto to Ramping, Burst, or Full Auto Mode. It also has a laser cut-resistant eye, so you can use it to protect the sensor.

The manufacturer has also reduced the product’s total weight by 10% compared to before, so it is one of the lightest paintball guns on the market.

It weighs about 1.4kg. At the same time, the firing system operates at external pressure (about 175psi). That’s why you can use the thinnest or most brittle league paint treatment, and it’s straightforward.


  • Rugged, non-slip, micro-textured design
  • Unsurpassed Consistent Speed
  • High precision
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Single push-button power switch.
  • 10% lighter
  • Break-resistant laser eye


  • Leakage problems
  • ASA is not adjustable

5. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 MechanicalBest for Budget

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical 
Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical

Product’s Highlights

The manufacturer makes EMEK based on Etha 2, but EMEK is composite, so it is more affordable and suitable for many people’s budgets. It will be ideal for people on a tight budget or just starting to use the paintball gun in the game.

The quality of the EMEK is also excellent as there is a Gamma Core drive system that helps you create smooth shots. What’s more, the frame has a single-hinged trigger, so you’ll pull the catalyst for a lighter and more precise shot.

The design of the Eclipse EMEK 100 makes it suitable for many situations, the environment you play in, and for a long time with minor damage.

It will help you comfortably play with friends or relatives without having to worry about possible problems.


  • Small weight
  • Low pressure (200 PSI)
  • Do not break the ball
  • Smooth activation
  • Low recoil
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient and super accurate
  • Great for all levels, even beginners to paintball gun pro use


  • Not suitable for speedball
  • Need to upgrade crates

6. Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Best for Rugged Design

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical
Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical

Product’s Highlights

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL costs a little more than others, but it will give you a user-friendly design and excellent firepower performance. The MG100 PAL is one of Planet Eclipse’s first products to enter the Mag Fed marker.

This paintball gun has a military-grade aesthetic that impresses viewers at first sight. It is for those who love the realistic feeling at the battlefield, the military. The design is similar to the MilSim scenarios.

The MG100 makes it easy to handle alongside a sturdy composite frame. It is well suited for more demanding games. In addition, you can choose from more ranges when configuring the marker according to your wishes and needs.

Furthermore, the MG100 has good compatibility with a wide range of available components and springs. Accessory rails can also customize the paintball gun with several upgrades.


  • Military-grade aesthetics
  • Good compatibility with a variety of components
  • Suitable for demanding games
  • Long barrel
  • Good loading capacity


  • Higher price


What is the most accurate paintball gun?

On the market, many sellers advertise the most accurate paintball gun. However, different people will have different ways of evaluating products.

You can rely on a feature like a regulator or a premium barrel to give you the most objective view. The ultimate answer is that the most accurate paintball gun will depend on the feature you look for when purchasing the product.

What paintball guns do pros use?

Professionals in the sport prioritize customizing markers. It makes it easy for the player to adjust the trigger feel, accessories, and accuracy. High-quality paintball guns usually require little or no customization.

Experts choose popular paintball guns with many prices and designs, such as Empire Ax 2.0, DLX Luxe X, Planet Eclipse EMEK 100, Planet Eclipse Etha 2.

What is the best first strike paintball gun?

If you’re looking for a loaded paintball gun for First Strike Projectiles, then the Tiberius, Dye DAM, and Spyder MR might be for you.

They have a rotating barrel or a selective feed. It makes switching between FSR and conventional paintball guns easy and fast.

Can a 10-year-old have a paintball gun?

The manufacturer recommends that children between the ages of 12 and 14 start the sport of marbles. The reason is that they can understand the rules and follow the game’s laws, ensuring the best safety when participating.

If a child is about 10 years old, you can also let them play under the control of a parent or relative. It will help them not overreact in the game.

What is an excellent electronic paintball gun?

Currently, electronic paint guns are dominating the market. It is a popular product because you only need to pull the trigger for each shot.

The pneumatic device and circuit board make it easy to fire the gun in different configurations such as single-shot, multi-shot, or fully automatic.

Furthermore, the best electronic paintball guns will be the most expensive ones. You can choose from Dangerous Power G5, which has a hoseless air transfer system and multiple silent firing modes.

Final Words

The article has the best paintball guns under $500 collection that best suits your budget. Moreover, it also has good quality and is completely stable during use.

We hope you choose the best equipment and have an enjoyable paintball gun experience. Thank you for reading!


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