10+ Best Paintball Guns Under $300: Top Rated Picks & Buying Guide

Paintball is among the most enjoyable and thrilling activities you can do with your buddies, relatives, and coworkers. What we enjoy best about paintball is how realistic it seems, like you’re in the middle of an adventure battle.

As a result, you’ll need the proper paintball gun for the job. Fortunately, there is a wide range of different selections on the shelves of us.

This article provides the top rated 10 best paintball guns under 300 dollars that may work well for you, look through and pick one that is suitable for your playing style.

Best Sellers for Paintball Markers

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The Best Paintball Gun Under $300 Reviews 2023

1. Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

Valken Blackhawk - Best Overall

It is a little heavier than some of its competitors. However, if the gun’s features attract you, it is clear that you may find yourself overlooking the weight.

Your shots range of 150 feet or more, which is rather remarkable. As a result, you may find yourself invincible with some skill in the targeting sector and this instrument on hand.

You may also change the detachable 8-inch barrel port with other barrels to suit different circumstances. The polymer and aluminum components of the design are strong enough to endure impact without breaking.


  • One-year warranty
  • Above 150 ft reach
  • Changeable barrel adapter
  • High-velocity output
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Quite heavy compared to others

Bottom line

In addition, the manufacturer provides a clear indication of its velocity. It is also a better buy than other competitors because it can use two separate power sources. As a result, it’s difficult to go wrong with this model, the best paintball gun in our list.

2. Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

Azodin KP3.5 KAOS - The Runner Up

The Azodin model is another excellent option for the top pump paintball markers under $300. Its pump design, which features a simple yet quick pumping motion, is one of our favorite qualities.

With the use of the cocking rods or dual pump, it can preserve the stability of the pump. These rods also aid in providing a smooth and more secure feeling when pumping. In addition, the marker can provide a high-quality, polished performance.

The primary pump design allows it to be used for novices while providing the precision and performance that experienced pump players expect. In addition, this paintball gun under 300 dollars comes in various colors, providing you a variety of options and allowing you to select one that best suits your preferences.

This marker’s entire design incorporates excellent ergonomics, making it more pleasant to grip and carry about. Furthermore, you will be pleased by its capacity to reduce operating pressure because of its ZeRO system and acoustic bolt.


  • Promotes a quick and straightforward pumping movement
  • It has a smooth and secure feel about it
  • User-friendly without sacrificing precision and performance
  • There are numerous different hues to choose from
  • With its outstanding design and functionality, it’s a breeze to hold


  • When pumping twice before firing, it is prone to breakage or double feeding

Bottom line

Its precision and silence are reliable thanks to the low operating pressure. However, the paintball gun’s increased efficiency and precision are not as excellent as others.

3. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED - Best For Versatility

Tippmann TMC MAGFED is strongly suggested. It enables players to enjoy all aspects of the paintball game in a complete unit. Furthermore, it allows users to decorate and personalize it.

This model gives you unique alternatives for your favorite game and exemplifies the right blend of usefulness and dependability, making it an excellent choice for people looking for the best paintball marker under $300 currently commercially available.

The Tippmann TMC MAGFED’s versatility makes it a wiser choice among many types on the market. The hopper connector is also included in the box so that installation will be simple. It’s also compact, which you’ll notice the moment you take it up.


  • Versatile with either magazines or a hopper
  • Not too heavy
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Ensures a genuine AR feel and appearance


  • Not offer width sights

Bottom line

You will like using this weapon in your competitions as well, thanks to the in-line high-performing bolt mechanism.

It also prides itself on providing a realistic AR texture and color. In addition, the recharging handle that is integrated inside the device is also wholly functioning.

4. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 - Best For Budget

Put the Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun in your upcoming paintball excursions since this marker will surprise you with its dependable and outstanding performance. In addition, this semi-automatic paintball gun is relatively simple to operate.

Despite the user-friendly appearance, it performs consistently. In addition, you may be surprised by how simple updating is, showing that you may personalize the gun’s overall functionality and attractiveness.

You may also quickly access the internal structure of this product under $300 for easy installation if you want to change or update it. It’s primarily due to the split receiver architecture that was employed in its construction quality. It’s also simple to add scopes, a carry handle, and other settings.


  • Easy to use, upgrade, set up
  • Affordable price tag
  • Accuracy


  • Quite heavy

Bottom line

This Tippmann paintball gun in the $300 price range does not disappoint the customers in terms of accuracy, especially given its low price. Moreover, it’s exact, providing you a competitive advantage on the field.

5. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS - Best For Beginners

Because of its various good advantages and functions, many people consider the Empire Mini GS to be legendary in the paintball business. One of the reasons this paintball gun is so popular is that it is more accurate and has a superior design.

It has a battle-proven motor that is tiny and wrapped.  With the help of its handguards, it can shield its engine and other paintball parts. The built-in handguard is also a big plus because it boosts your strength and confidence when you’re out on the battlefield.

Another advantage when using this gun is removing its tank or hopper is simple. It functions as an electric paintball gun with a straightforward design. This marker, which is priced around $300, has a 12-barrel port.


  • Simple to use for newbies
  • More precise than the previous edition
  • A foregrip is included to protect cannon components
  • Design that is both lightweight and compact without sacrificing durability
  • Remove hopper and tank easily


  • Require battery

Bottom line

It was also among the lightest weapons in the same segment. If you are a novice, who has begun paintballing, this choice is excellent because it is simple to use.

However, some customers feel this paintball marker under 300 dollars to be too conventional and cumbersome because it still requires the usage of a battery to operate.

6. Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed - Best For Compact

Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol is also a best paintball gun under $300 that you should also try in your game. This military-style paintball gun has unique characteristics such as a low-pressure spring mechanism and a straight feed. In addition, there is an O-ring and an internal controller, just like numerous other paintballs.

It is adjustable, low maintenance, and its effectiveness isn’t influenced by humid or hot circumstances. A spool valve mechanism and a 2-7-ball True Fed magazine are integrated into this gun for reducing kick and maximizing air efficiency.

It’s simple to fill the barrel, which holds up to 14g CO2 air. Most customers noted that it comes with a maintenance pack and a luxury case for transporting the machine anywhere you want to play.

The tiny yellow button on its front is for illustration purposes only. Its low spring mechanism is ideal for players who want to test out a variety of colours without sacrificing the range of their shots.

The upgrade kit may be used in conjunction with this kit to create a powerful device that outperforms competitors. It has an ergonomically built grip, and you will be able to press its trigger for shooting about 27 shots.

Some claimed that it didn’t come with a leg holster; however, this feature is a premium package. You may witness the machine stuck when switching from security to fire mode, so grease it before you use it again. You can debug it and make temporary solutions.


  • Compact
  • Spring system with low tension
  • Spool system that may be customized
  • The grip has been ergonomically developed


  • Leg holsters are not available
  • Switching alternatives that are ineffective

Bottom line

Overall, this mag-fed paintball gun under $300 performs well and will offer a pleasant experience if you do not desire a leg holster already available in the premium one.

7. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

Tippmann Cronus - Best For Durability

The body is sturdy, and this gun is long-lasting enough that you won’t have to worry about it breaking down. Its layout has a martial feel and is incredibly cool and appealing, making it an excellent match for mil-sim sports.

The Tippmann Cronus has little recoil, allowing players to use it for extended periods without being distracted. Even better, because it is a light gun, even gamers of smaller bodies may utilize it without becoming fatigued.

The molded rubber handles on this gun just add to how pleasant and simple when taking it around. Despite its low price, it’s not a terrible marker. The Tippmann Cronus boasts a rapid rate of fire and good accuracy. It was designed to be effective in a variety of cases and game situations.

It is also quite adaptable. Players may alter the shield, barrel, sights, lights, and grip on it to better match their play style. It may even be turned into a strategic marking if needed.


  • It’s straightforward to grip and carry
  • Extremely durable
  • Shooting is exceptionally dependable and precise
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Very light
  • It has a low amount of recoil
  • Easy to use


  • It might be difficult to disassemble this marker
  • Vulnerable to CO2 leakage

Bottom line

Tippmann Cronus is an excellent choice for nearly any game. This paintball marker under $300 would be ideal for newbies who want to start into the game, as well as experts who want to play informally.

8. Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber - High End Performance

marex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Pistol is a very well-reviewed product in the $300 price range. The Umarex T4E paintball gun is another instrument that may be confused for the genuine item. It is only for those who are unfamiliar with the differences between regular and paintball weapons.

Nonetheless, it gives you considerable bragging rights at your next paintball meet-up. The gadget is one of the lighter choices on the market, likely owing to its form and size. However, it includes several necessary components.

With plenty of practice, you can rapidly aim and fire your bullets. The one at the back may be adjusted, while the one at the front is set.

This should most likely be used as a reserve to your primary paintball pistol. When the target is in front of you, shifting to this pistol can save important reload time.

However, because the magazine capacity is restricted, do not use  this as your primary device. You can only get eight shots out of it before needing to reload.

In terms of build, the device’s endurance is pretty outstanding. This is since it is made up of polymer and metal. The device’s shoots are likewise powered by CO2.

The most important aspect of owning this pistol is self-defense. It  is because you may use powder, rubber balls, or paint, and they will all be discharged at the same 355 fps speed. There are a couple of other color finishes to pick from as well.


  • Semi-automatic
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Use for self-defense with rubber balls


  • Magazine capacity is limited
  • Seems like a genuine gun without  a safety

Bottom line

To sum up, this is a compact premium paintball gun, which can be used as a self-defense weapon. However, it’s exclusively for people who don’t know the difference between conventional and paintball guns.

9. GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

GOG eNMEy - Best For Multi-Gas

This paintball gun under $300 is a.68 capacity, which is the most important consideration to make if you plan on taking it home. In addition, the light trigger should help make getting your rounds off simpler.

Multi-gas functioning is included in this item. This corresponds to the goal of projecting the balls using HPA and CO2.

Also, the maximum pressure is 155 psi, which isn’t much when compared to others. Nonetheless, most novices and even expert paintball players may find this marker enjoyable to use.


  • Operation with several gases
  • Semi-automatic
  • Lightweight
  • Durable body


  • Unreliable supplied barrel quality

Bottom line

Overall, this is a lightweight option, it is combined of polymer and metal.

10. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

Tippmann Cronus Tactical - Best For Shooting Distance

It’s evident from this paintball gun under $300 seen above that it is designed to appear like a real gun. Its design even features a fake silencer. This gives the weapon a more artistic appearance, and you’ll be happy to show it out during your next round.

This Tippmann model is a rifle, therefore it is semi-automatic. As a result, you’ll be able to fire off a large number of rounds in a short period. You can make quick work of your enemies once you get them in your sights and know the proper way to use them.

The gadget features rear sights and a fixed front when it comes to views. This enables you to aim precisely at anyone who isn’t in your team. For storage, the tool’s stock is foldable, which is a welcome feature. This allows you to fold it for easier storage and transportation.

You may also purchase extra attachments to fit on its body rather than buying a new pistol. Laser modules, reflexive sights, lights, or other items may be included.

Because there are four Picatinny mounts integrated into the design, attaching these attachments will be much easier. The item’s firing range is likewise excellent, at 150 feet.

The integrated gas line makes this possible. If you’re a novice, notice that paintballs are propelled towards your objective by air pressure.



  • Gun is a little sluggish, so it’s not perfect for speedball
  • Costly price tag compared to others.

Bottom line

Apart from shooting speedballs, this candidate from Tippmann features almost the qualities a paintballer requires.

Buying Guide for The Best Paintball Gun Under 300 dollars

which-hurts-more-airsoft-or-paintball 2

If you are a newbie, it can be challenging to figure out which marker is ideal for your requirements at first. Paintball guns come in a broad variety of designs and models, so as a novice, you have many alternatives to pick from.

So, in this shopping guide, we’ll assist you in choosing the best choice possible.


One of the essential aspects to put into account when purchasing a paintball marker is its weight. It is because  your weight has a significant impact on your combat effectiveness.

You could find it tough to maneuver about the play zone with a heavy gun. We only suggest purchasing a pistol that is lightweight if you are new to the game. It will be simpler for you to move around without becoming weary fast.

If at all feasible, use a gun that weighs no more than 3 lbs. Also, make sure that it is convenient to use.


Also, while purchasing a paintball gun, remember to personalize it at any time. This is critical since most gamers have personal options when it comes to the marker they use.

It should be highly configurable to respond to a variety of circumstances that may arise during the game. We also recommend purchasing a paintball gun with several shooting settings.

You’ll be able to conserve your paintball markers or just shoot quickly with this.


Aside from the functions and benefits, it’s also a good idea to invest in a marker with a unique look. If at all feasible, choose one with a strategic appearance and feel.

The tactical features of the gun not only give you the feeling of handling a real gun, but they also allow you to hide by camouflaging once the game begins. Your adversaries may have a difficult time locating you as a result of this.


Many gamers have various preferences based on their selections. Metal paintball guns are more robust than plastic paintball guns because they are built to endure the harshest of circumstances.

Make sure to use material that isn’t too heavy, since this might slow you down once you’re on the battlefield.

All you have to do is evaluate if the substance is vital and of good quality without raising the marker’s price, as the material’s quality has a significant impact on its pricing.


Another essential thing to consider is the precision of the weapon. The accuracy of paintball guns vary from one version to the next. The length and diameter of the barrels are the most critical factors for its accuracy.

If you want to compete in paintball, accuracy is essential since you can reach your goal in the proper regions every time you fire. That being stated, if you want to aim and fire your opponents precisely, spend in the most accurate paintball pistol available.

Easy To Maintain And Clean

You must maintain and clean your gun correctly to make it endure for many years. After every game, a thorough cleaning operation will assist in extending the weapon’s lifespan.

Paintball gun parts are easily attachable and removable, making cleaning much more accessible. As a result, you should choose a gun with a simple cleaning procedure.


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

1. Can I buy a less expensive marker if I play frequently?

While purchasing a less expensive marker may appear to be a smart option at first, notice that it also breaks down far more easily.

To stay up with the competition, cheaper markers need greater upgrades. All of this adds up to more money spent than that on a better marker.

2. If my gun breaks down, can I repair it?

Before you acquire a marker, look into some of the most frequent issues and solutions. Consider whether you have the ability to fix it yourself or there is a professional who’s always available beside you to repair.

3. What kind of paintball game?

There are many other types of paintball games (speedball, woodsball, scenario play, and so on), even the strongest player may be defeated by a ‘weaker’ player. Investigate the various types of play and select a marker which best suits your needs.


When choosing a paintball gun, consider the style you intend to play, budget, and essential qualities like weight, substance, performance, and precision, among others.

Despite the fact that there are several high-quality options available, the Valken Blackhawk looks to be the best paintball gun under $300. This is because it is jam-packed with excellent functionality, and it will last long before the components start to break down.

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