The Best Paintball Guns Under $1000: Top 8 Versions For 2023

In recent years, when it comes to entertaining games, paintball seems to have become more and more popular. Of course, a good and easy-to-use paintball gun is indispensable when it comes to this recreational sport.

If you are starting with this subject and are having trouble on a budget, but still looking for a good paintball gun with many features, this article is really for you. Right below, we will mention the best paintball guns under $1000 that are very popular with users on the market.

Best Sellers for Paintball Markers Under $1000


In-depth Reviews Of The Best Paintball Guns Under 1000 dollars

1. Empire Paintball SYX 1.5Best for Accuracy

Empire Paintball SYX 1.5 
Empire Paintball SYX 1.5

Product’s Highlight

Empire SYX 1.5 is the first gun we want to cover in this article. This best paintball markers under $1000 is built by the manufacturer mainly from the AX platform.

However, Empire Paintball has an entirely new look that offers a high-performance engine and ultimate durability in terms of design.

Empire SYX has a comfortable and soft design with a convenient rubber grip. Thanks to that, you can control all the functions of the gun more easily.

Besides, with the advanced multi-function OLED panel controller with two buttons, the process of using your weapon becomes more convenient than ever.

Not stopping there, thanks to the tool-free bolt removal with standard O-rings, the maintenance of the Empire SYX 1.5 becomes even more straightforward. As a result, you can maximize your time savings.

Not only that, but Empire SYX 1.5 is also chosen by many users because of the 2-piece aluminum barrel system with a 7.5-inch control barrel that offers absolute precision.

That’s why it’s easy to see that SYX seems to embrace both designs and integrate advanced technology so you can confidently experience entertainment time.

Finally, the aluminum micro-sharpening cartridge and two-piece barrel keep your every shot as precise as possible.


  • Compact design
  • Advanced technology for enhanced performance and durability
  • High accuracy and efficiency
  • Anti-slip rubber handle


  • Some users are not satisfied with the improvement of the product

2. Empire Ax 2.0 W/EmpireBest for Performance

Empire Ax 2.0 W/Empire
Empire Ax 2.0 W/Empire

Product’s Highlight

Continue to be a top-rated product of the Empire brand – Empire Ax 2.0, which comes with high performance and easy and fast operation.

It can be that features do not have too many noticeable differences compared to previous versions. However, it is smaller with plastic material instead of aluminum, so the weight has been reduced by about 10% compared to the last product lines.

In particular, Empire Ax 2.0 is also highly praised by experts and users for its repair and cleanliness quickly. Not only that, but Empire Ax also owns a regulator that can release pressure quite perfectly, so you can rest assured because it will not damage the O-rings.

Besides, the gun has a design of up to 4 shooting modes, so you can easily adjust it according to your needs, such as Semi, Ramp, Burst, Full Auto. It’s convenient!

Finally, thanks to the trim switch and trigger sensor, you can experience a great entertainment time.


  • High rate of fire
  • Powerful performance
  • Tool-free push-button bolt system
  • The gun is relatively quiet and easy to use
  • Suitable for all subjects


  • Some customers report that they have problems removing bolts

3. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker Dust Brown/Dust Green C4

Empire Ax 2.0 - Best for Accuracy
Empire Ax 2.0

Product’s Highlight

With a dusty brownish-green color, Empire Ax 2.0, with a unique super-improvement, allows users to shoot super-accurate and smooth.

The best feature of this best paintball gun under $1000 is that the Shockwave board offers many adjustable firing modes such as Semi, Ramp, Burst, and Full Auto.

Indeed you will have a complete shooting experience with different methods. Thanks to this variety, I noticed noticeable improvements even in my use.

Also, it would be remiss not to mention the anti-Chop eye system that combines an ASA Renting regulator with a handy On/Off lever. It makes it possible to use at low pressure while ensuring easy assembly.

Finally, one advantage that makes me very happy is that they are straightforward to maintain and clean. Thanks to that, I can comfortably use it with high and reliable performance without worrying about problems causing damage.


  • Lightweight
  • Various installation modes
  • High performance
  • Easy maintenance


  • The trigger sound is quite loud

4. Dye DSRBest for Professional Players


Product’s Highlight

If you are a professional player, the Dye DSR is the paintball gun you really want.

First of all, the ARC Bolt technology has excellent performance with quiet firing mode and does not make too much noise.

And yet, because the gun has an external operating pressure of only 115 PSI, it ensures a smoother, quieter, and more precise firing.

Besides, it must be that the UL Frame hourglass design has a precise differential structure and gives the user a feeling of extreme comfort and convenience.

The gun supports OLED and MOS operating systems providing the best intuitive interface and using time unlimited access for precise adjustments. Notably, this gun is a logical and responsive programming system with long battery life.

In addition, the Dye DSR has 5-way joystick support with micro-USB operation, making software updates faster and easier. Thanks to that, your gun can ensure the highest performance.

Finally, the brand new Hyper 6 regulator will support you with super-efficient air passage and the latest and most reliable regulator. This feature will ensure that there is no air in the degassing process.


  • Long battery life
  • Precise adjustment
  • Fast response time
  • Suitable for professional users


  • Not suitable for beginners

5. Planet Eclipse Etha2 PALBest for Versatility

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL
Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL

Product’s Highlight

Planet Eclipse is probably one of the brands that receive the most satisfaction from users because of its diverse and preeminent features. Of course, this brand’s Etha2 PAL paint gun is no exception.

Featured with army green color, Etha brings modernity and uniqueness. Compared to its predecessors, it spent time building in the harshest environments. Thanks to its solid and dense composite material, it can withstand extreme heat from frozen solid waste. So you can rest assured and use it in any environment and temperature conditions.

Next is the large-sized butt that makes it easy to hold and convenient during use. Sure, no matter how big or small your hand is, you can rest assured to have your hand firmly around the plunger without worrying about it slipping or getting uncomfortable.

In addition, thanks to the very sturdy frame of the Etha2, you can rest assured without having to worry about the gun breaking or encountering any obstacles when using it. In addition, a plus point that many users love about

Etha 2 is the ability to reduce the amount of air transmitted in and out to minimize unnecessary leakage.


  • Easy to use
  • Support for OLED lights
  • Unique, modern design
  • The stock of the gun is quite large


  • The gun makes quite a loud noise

6. SP Shocker Amp Paintball MarkerBest for Design

SP Shocker Amp Marker
SP Shocker Amp Marker

Product’s Highlight

The SP Shocker is one of the most dynamic shooting guns with an extraordinarily sleek and luxurious design.

The featured highlights are a two-piece board design and simple configuration that transition from fast electronic operation to a high-end mechanical process like never before.

Especially since the gun’s electronics are maintenance-free, it’s also a plus that you can remove the frame faster at any time. Not only that, but SP AMP also upgraded valves and bolts to about 20%, making them more flexible during use.

Next, it would be remiss not to mention the ability to relieve pressure in just one touch via the Twist-Lock Bolt. Thanks to Twist-Lock, you can easily unlock bolts and fire chambers while ensuring quick and convenient maintenance.

In addition, the gun also has improved efficiency in pressure, reducing 160psi to 110 psi, so each time the latch is closed more gently, whether operating in automatic mode or anti-tightening mode. That’s why SP always ensures accurate shooting and hits the target.

Finally, completely different from a few previous products, the SP Shocker AMP has perfect water and moisture resistance thanks to the paint that surrounds the gun body and electronic board. So, you do not have to worry about weather problems but can enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.


  • Faster frame removal time
  • Perfectly upgraded valves and bolts
  • Extremely light latch
  • Moisture resistance


  • Suitable for professionals

7. Planet Eclipse GTek 170RBest for Easy Setup

Planet Eclipse GTek 170R 
Planet Eclipse GTek 170R

Product’s Highlight

Planet Eclipse GTek 170r features navy blue with a relatively slim and minimalist design that is equally unique.

Some users often wonder about the durability of this best paintball gun under $1000 because of its somewhat fragile appearance. However, With the solid aluminum design, you can rest assured to use it all year long without worrying about damage.

Not stopping there, the gun has an additional eye shield so you can ensure your play is always safe without worrying about paint splashing in your eyes.

Because the material is 100% aluminum, the gun is not too heavy but very convenient for you to carry and move anywhere.

More specifically, one of the plus points of the Gtek 170R is its ability to be disassembled thanks to the improved front cover design compared to products of the same brand.

Because the gun has a Gamma Core drive system with an air control function, it is the optimal solution to prevent gas from escaping.

Not only that, thanks to the 3-stage bolt acceleration support, it will be easier for you to control the gun better, especially for beginners.

Finally, the Planet Eclipse GTek 170R offers users a high degree of self-adjustment with just a screw operation. Besides, the gun accessories are also very flexible, convenient, and worth the experience.


  • Gamma Core drivetrain
  • Quick-release bolt mechanism
  • Slim and light design
  • Easy to carry


  • The color is not varied

8. MacDev 2012 Drone DXBest for Fire Rate

MacDev 2012 Drone DX 
MacDev 2012 Drone DX

Product’s Highlight

The MacDev Drone DX is the last paintball gun we recommend for markers under $1,000. Featuring high-quality aluminum and lightweight, MacDev offers premium features at an incredibly affordable price point for a wide range of users. Once owned, MacDev Drone DX will genuinely take your game to the next level with a unique experience.

Notably, MacDev is also very popular with users because of its fast fire rate, about 30bp/s. In addition, because the material is aluminum, the aluminum frame and body are also excellent for durable and long-term use.

Finally, the inline regulator has a fully functional ASA ventilation system and accessories. Indeed, you will have super wonderful and complete leisure time.


  • Speedy rate of fire
  • Durable aluminum material
  • Long use time
  • Fully functional ventilation system


  • The color is quite outstanding

Paintball Guns Under $1000 Buying Guides

To make it easier for you to choose the right paintball gun, here are the essentials and features that you need to look for best paintball gun under $1000. Continue reading and find out now:


First, the material of the paint gun is the factor you need to pay attention to ensure your gun is durable and can be available for a long time. Usually, paintball guns will be aluminum, plastic, or even a combination of both.

It is easy to see that the gun material of plastic or aluminum is relatively light, but plastic is easier to break on impact. Therefore, give preference to guns with aluminum construction because they are durable and easy to transport.

Firing rate

Right after that, the next factor you need to consider when choosing a paintball gun is the rate of fire. The rate of fire depends mainly on the number of bullets or the number of times the trigger is within 1 second.

If you can pull the trigger 10 times a second, this rate of fire is said to be high. Yet, if it’s under 10 pellets/s, it’s probably going to be slow, and we’re not too happy with that. Some paintball guns can fire up to 20 rounds/s. Incredible!


Weight is also a feature you need to consider when choosing a paintball gun.

Even seasoned or beginner paintball enthusiasts prefer a lightweight paintball gun. Easy to see, heavy paintball guns will be difficult for you to carry and move. In addition, it makes handling some operations more complicated.

Final Words

Finally, we hope that our reviews of the best paintball guns under $1000 will help you. In addition, we also mention the essential factors when buying a paintball gun. We hope you will soon choose for yourself a good paintball gun.

Thank you for reading!