Paintball Hand Protection: Top 6 The Best Paintball Gloves [Tested By Pro-Gamers]

Paintballs, whether speed bullets or wooden bullets are potentially dangerous. Maybe the above dangers are not too serious, but undeniably the damage caused by paintballs is not very pleasant.

Especially when the wound is in your hand, making it impossible for you to continue to pull the trigger or perform all operations quickly and accurately.

Popular, but it doesn’t mean you can easily pick out the best paintball gloves. Basically, a good paintball glove needs not to hinder your performance with the gun and provide comprehensive hand protection.

New Releases Paintball Gloves List

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Top 6 Best Paintball Gloves In 2023 You Can Buy On Amazon

Gloves for use when playing paintball require many different specifications and features. Light, breathable, and good protection are the three most important characteristics.

Here is a list of the best paintball gloves that not only have all three of the above characteristics but also include improvements that are worth considering.

#1. HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro GlovesBest for Overall

HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves
HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves

What do you expect from a good pair of gloves? Maybe right now, you are thinking about some criteria such as reasonable price, easy to put on, comfortable fit, and then doubt yourself whether there is a product that meets all these requirements well.

The answer is yes. One of those perfect products is HK Army 2014 Pro Gloves.

First, this glove model impresses with its beautiful design. From the color scheme, the cut lines to the decorative details on the gloves are bold aesthetics.

However, the design of the product is not merely for aesthetic purposes. The product has two open index and middle fingers to help you perform operations most flexibly. If used in combination with the best paintball barrel length, HK Army gloves will undoubtedly see your fire rate change markedly.

Focusing on improving the speed of operation, providing a flexible experience, but the manufacturer still does not forget to devote a lot of effort to improving the hand protection of the product.

The neoprene cushion, combined with the fully customizable silicone grip, creates a well-fitted HK Army 2014 Pro that can protect hands from bumps while playing paintball.

HK Army will not let you down, no matter what factors you consider when choosing gloves: exterior design, protection, or flexibility when performing operations.


  • Open middle and index finger design for better grip.
  • Fit many hand shapes.
  • Eye-catching colors.
  • Include ventilation grilles.
  • Adjustable silicone handle.


  • The mesh is quite easy to tear.

#2. Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove Best for Design

Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove
Exalt Death Grip Paintball Glove

Maybe the color of the HK Army is not suitable for participating in tactical games that need to be hidden. Instead, you can choose Exalt Death Grip – a paintball glove with an impressive design but not much affect your hiding strategy.

The impressive design of Exalt Death is not in vibrant colors but expressed through the personality images.

You have three color schemes to choose from, all three of which are neutral colors but all do a great job of bringing out the unique skeleton motif that showcases the personality you’ve always been looking for.

In addition to possessing a unique design, the Exalt Death Grip also features excellent protection.

Exalt has equipped this glove model with a thick rubber padding on the back, which helps protect hands from the significant impact of direct hits.

Besides, with the structure that simulates the hand bone’s shape and high-quality rubber material, the gloves will always bring you absolute comfort.

Not only stopping there, but you will also quickly notice more flexibility when performing operations when wearing gloves. Because with the constant improvement of the brand, the gloves can flex according to the hand movement and at the same time can absorb the impact force quite well.


  • Personality design.
  • 3D contours absorb impact.
  • Protection for both index and middle fingers.
  • Soft synthetic leather.
  • Thick rubber padding avoids strong impact force.


  • Ventilation is not good.

#3. Bunkekings Supreme Finger Multi-Sport Best for Comfort

Bunkekings Supreme Finger Multi-Sport 
Bunkekings Supreme Finger Multi-Sport

Gloves are not mandatory when playing paintball, but they are quite helpful in many cases. Unfortunately, not many people have a pleasant experience when using it. Understanding this, Bunkekings researched, developed, and distributed the Supreme Full Finger Multi-Sport gloves.

To describe the experience of using Bunkekings, many people have used the analogy of the product like a second skin. The above comment is more than enough to prove the surprising comfort of the product.

In addition to being soft, Bunkekings gloves give you enough space to protect your hands. The unique stitching has turned Bunkekings into custom paintball gloves worth experiencing. You can choose to wear gloves like the traditional style or expose a few fingers for easy manipulation.

Military-grade fabric is also one of the highlights of the product. With this material, you have a glove with good protection and durability that promises to be excellent.

Last but not least, Bunkekings gloves can connect well to bright touch screens. There’s certainly nothing more comfortable than being able to control your phone or touchscreen without having to remove your gloves.


  • Used on touch screens.
  • Combined stitching makes it easy to go from half-toe to full coverage and vice versa.
  • Flexibility with every movement of your hand.
  • Breathable Hi-flow mesh.
  • Military-grade fabric.


  • The new BK Crown Pull Tab is required to be easily removable.

#4. Planet Eclipse Full Finger GlovesBest for Breathability

Planet Eclipse Full Finger Gloves 
Planet Eclipse Full Finger Gloves

Wet hands are not an individual problem. This problem is also one of the reasons why many people refuse to wear gloves or even do not want to participate in paintball.

Don’t let the lack of breathability cause sweat and humidity to stop you from playing your favorite game. There are always products born to solve your problems, and Planet Eclipse Full Finger Gloves are one of them.

It seems that Eclipse has brought together all the solutions that enhance the brand’s breathability into this glove.

The first is the vented mesh at the fingers that play a role in improving air circulation. Next is neoprene material with small air vents.

Finally, many built-in features will enhance grip, such as the palm rest with a resin upper or the Kevlar impact zone with protective padding.

In addition to being breathable, Planet Eclipse Full Finger is a product that should be present in any repair toolbox because of its maximum protection.

The manufacturer offers only full-finger gloves, providing maximum support and protection for players in many situations.


  • Velcro for wrist support.
  • Lightweight neoprene increased airflow.
  • The Kevlar impact zone has a soft cushion.
  • Multiple ventilation grilles.
  • Easy to hold even in wet conditions.


  • Not suitable for large hand sizes.

#5. WTACTFUL Touch Screen MilitaryBest for Professional Players

WTACTFUL Touch Screen Military 
WTACTFUL Touch Screen Military

With this glove model, WTACTFUL has made a series of changes and upgrades.

Specifically, instead of using ordinary nylon as the primary material, the manufacturer switched to using composite foam nylon combined with heat-treated rubber.

WTACTFUL has also adjusted the glove sizes and improved sewing techniques to provide a more premium experience and better serve professional players.

In paintball, the more professional players improve to meet new opponents, the more they need to pay attention to the problem of choosing protective gear. Because of collisions, problems can occur when a professional match takes a considerable distance from the damage received in regular games.

Therefore, one of the most significant changes to the WTACTFUL Military Tactical Gloves is its excellent protection. Specifically, because it is made of rubber, WTACTFUL has practical impact resistance thanks to its high elasticity.

In addition, the manufacturer has been very meticulous in the design of the wrist so that you can adjust the product so that it hugs and supports your hand effectively.


  • The sewing technique of the wrist is manual.
  • The rubber material is impact-resistant.
  • The touch screen can be adjusted manually.
  • Palm reinforcement.
  • Suitable for many outdoor sports activities.


  • The finger end design is a bit rough.

#6. Maddog Tactical Paintball Airsoft Best for Budget

Maddog Tactical Paintball Airsoft
Maddog Tactical Paintball Airsoft

You do not need to spend a large amount of money to have comprehensive hand protection. All you need to do is choose a budget-friendly product like the Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves and then be satisfied with a host of valuable features.

One of the notable features of this low-cost product is the high-quality mesh fabric that offers high comfort and breathability.

The fit is also one of Maddog’s surprising advantages. The product’s elastic strap will undoubtedly do an excellent job of fixing the glove while creating a comfortable, snug fit commonly found in products with higher prices.

Talking about paintball gloves, it is impossible not to consider the protection of the product. And Maddog, with its very affordable price tag, won’t let you down.

With a design that covers half of the finger, Maddog can protect the hand from paintballs and not limit the flexibility of the fingers.

Besides, the back of the hand of the product has a relatively thick protective layer, so any impact of paintballs will not affect your experience.


  • Cheap.
  • Breathable mesh fabric.
  • The elastic strap is solid and secure.
  • Half-finger gloves.
  • The padding is quite thick in the palm.


  • Large size, not suitable for small hands.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Gloves? 

Paintball gloves have very different requirements than conventional protective gloves. The unique needs for durability and breathability make the selection much more difficult than you ever imagined.

Do not worry; this article gives you suggestions and gives you valuable instructions so that you can choose your gloves.


Material plays a vital role in the protection of the product. Therefore, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material to make the right choice. Here are a few popular options to consider:

  • Kevlar: This material is often associated with the image of bulletproof vests because this synthetic fiber can stop and slow down the speed of bullets. Therefore, there is no reason why this material cannot handle paintballs – which are small with a much weaker impact than bullets.
  • Silicone: You will often see Silicone appear on the palm part of the glove with the main task of improving the grip feeling.
  • Neoprene: Unlike silicon, neoprene often appears on the back of the hand as a thick layer of padding that protects the writing all over.

Glove style

Paintball gloves come in more than one style. You have more than one option, but you also need to consider more issues such as the advantages, disadvantages, and main effects of each type of product.

Before diving deeper into the three main glove styles, you can check out this detailed comparison of the product styles:

Full finger gloves

Gloves that cover all five fingers are the most classic model. The all-inclusive design above clearly shows the advantage of fully protecting the hand from most unexpected blows.

However, this type of gloves also reveals some disadvantages. The lack of flexibility when performing shooting operations, adjusting the paint gun is one of them.

Two-finger gloves

Two-finger gloves, as the name suggests, have an open design for the index and middle fingers.

It is no coincidence that designers choose to leave the top two fingers open. The index and middle fingers are two flexible fingers responsible for triggering and pulling the trigger.

Therefore, allowing your fingers to move freely has many benefits that you might not expect. You can better exploit the versatility and speed of your best paintball gun of all time.

Along with the above remarkable advantage is an inevitable disadvantage: your index and middle fingers face the risk of injury by paintballs because they are not within the protective range of the gloves.

Fingerless paintball gloves

This type of glove is an upgrade to the two-fingered glove. Now not only stop at two index and middle fingers, but the other three fingers also have an open design.

Fingerless gloves have many advantages, such as good breathability and more flexible fingers. Besides, the design in the style of an amputee is also bold fashion.

However, it is undeniable that leaving all five fingers open makes the glove’s hand protection feature less valuable.


If you don’t have too much experience choosing paintball accessories to play game, indeed, the instructions above are not enough to answer all your questions.

With this in mind, the frequently asked questions section is here to answer some of your concerns about paintball gloves.

Are gloves really necessary when playing paintball?

You are not required to wear gloves when playing paintball.

However, you should have this protective tool. You certainly don’t want to experience accidental paintball damage and don’t want to lose the ability to hold a gun. And gloves are a small but effective tool to save you from all of these horrifying experiences.

Are two-finger gloves or full gloves better?

There is no exact answer to this problem because each type of glove has its own advantages and disadvantages. And to determine which model is better than the other, you need to consider it based on your personal goals.

For example, if you want total hand protection, full-finger gloves are, of course, the best choice. Meanwhile, if you value the flexibility when using the gun, you will be more satisfied with the two-fingered glove.

Is glove padding important?

The buffer layer certainly plays a significant role because cushions play a major role in protecting hands from any injury. However, the thicker the padding, the more limited the flexibility when using gloves.

The answer to the importance of padding depends on what you prioritize above all: flexibility or safety.

What is the average usage time of gloves?

On average, the life of a paintball glove will last a year.

However, the above figures are for reference only. The product’s life also depends on the material, the design, the frequency of use, and how you take care of the product.

Wrap Up

The best paintball gloves in the list above demonstrate the power of gloves. Not only can they protect the user’s hands from injury, but they can also significantly improve performance.

However, you should remember, you can only achieve such fantastic results if you know what you want; there are requirements that the glove manufacturer needs to meet. As mentioned before, there is no best option, only the option that best suits your use.

Finally, don’t forget to share this article with your friends or loved ones who might need to buy a similar quality version.

Each share is the motivation for us to create the next quality content.

Thank you for reading!

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