Paintball Backpack: Top 6 Best Paintball Gear Bag Reviews

As a player, you probably already know the importance of a paintball backpack. That bag will help you store many essential items for entertainment and competition, such as paintball guns, paintball cans, masks, or other items.

However, if you are a newbie to this game, you may have trouble choosing the right bag. Don’t worry; this article will cover the top 6 best paintball gear bags.

The Best Paintball Gear Bag Reviews Of 2023

#1. Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Bag

Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic gear bag
Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic gear bag

Product’s highlights

First, Eclipse GX2 is one of those bags with a classic style and receives a lot of love from users. A unique feature of this paintball bag is that it has extra compartments to conveniently store different tools such as play clothes, paintball guns, and more.

Most notable about this bag lies in the linings in the baffles that help prevent dents. What’s more, these pads are moisture-proof and waterproof, so you can use them for a long time and are durable. It is also straightforward to clean if you accidentally dirty it.

Next, one of the advantages of this bag is the side pockets that allow you to store water bottles or shoes, or a few other necessary accessories.

Not only that, but Eclipse GX2 is also convenient thanks to the addition of pull handles as well as wheels to make it easy for you to move.

This paintball backpack also has extremely sturdy and flexible wheels, which is exceptionally convenient if you need to take it from the airport to your home or hotel.

In addition, the bag also has an extra convenient handle so you can carry it at any time. Besides, the manufacturer also meticulously cared for the bag to every small detail, such as the color and zipper. If the bag is a bit dark to avoid stains, the zipper is lighter, so you can easily use it in low light.

In short, GX2 is a planet eclipse gear bag with a classic style with extremely diverse features and is especially suitable for professional players.


  • Durable, long time use
  • Many compartments so it is very suitable for storing things
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Pay attention to every detail of the bag


  • The price is relatively high

#2. Mercury Tactical Military Gear Bag

Mercury Tactical Gear Bag 
Mercury Tactical Gear Bag


Product’s Highlight

The next bag is one of the best-selling military bags right now. The great point about Mercury lay in the design of ball-bearing roller wheels and reinforced handles. Code Alpha Tactical Gear puts a big twist on convenience with this bag.

Besides, the bag manufacturer has made the bag with nylon and polyester material to protect the foam mattress. Besides, the bag has a mesh zipper inside and a module to control the wheels, which is highly convenient.

In addition, unlike the previously mentioned bag, Mercury has a design of two compartments, a large compartment and a small compartment.

And yet, the bag is equipped with a side zip accessory pocket so you can fit a hat or even a pair of shoes. Not only that, but the size of the paintball bag is also very suitable if you need to check it in on a plane. In addition, the bag can be completely folded and placed under the bed if you are not using it.

Not only that, the bag’s packing compartment has a big size of up to 111L with a soft and convenient padded compartment to adjust when it is necessary to store or arrange equipment. Surely you will have a perfect game without worrying about carrying a lot of items in your hand.

Overall, Mercury is one of the best paintball gear bags you are looking for


  • The size of the bag is suitable for traveling by plane
  • The bag is spacious and convenient for many things
  • Guaranteed quality
  • It has a convenient divider


  • The wheel cover is relatively thin

#3. HK Army Expand Gear Bag

HK Army Expand Gear Bag
HK Army Expand Gear Bag

A tool bag that many players have chosen and appreciated is the HK brand bag. What’s more, HK Army Expand is one of the HK army paintball rolling gear bags.

With microfiber linen and partitions, HK is one of the safe bags for your items. And yet, this bag also has a lower compartment design that can be expanded and increase the storage volume.

Besides, you may have thought that this bag is only used to play ball games. However, it is even more helpful because you can use it when traveling because of its modern and luxurious design.

You could, of course, use a few smaller bags, but HK is an excellent option to save you the hassle.

Not only that but this bag is also equipped with two convenient backpack shoulder straps and a soft and smooth pad for your shoulders.

Moreover, the paintball bag has a zipper that is waterproof to use in rainy or sunny weather without worrying about moisture or rust.

Not only that, but the zipper is also quite large, so you can open and close it often without worrying about damage.

This HK army gear bag also adds pockets on extremely convenient sides to help you add space for accompanying accessories. Besides, the inner bag lining is also very spacious and sturdy, perfect for you to use for all your purposes.


  • Flexible, easy to use
  • Good water absorption
  • Modern design, luxury
  • Durable


  • Having some problems with the bag lock

#4. Virtue High Roller V4 Extra Bag

Virtue V4 Extra gear bag
Virtue V4 Extra


Virtue is one of the popular paintball bag brands on the market today. With four launches, this brand has attracted a large number of users. However, the Virtue V4 version seems to be the most popular among users.

Not only is it distinguished by its new design and improved utility, but it is also very flexible when professional paintball players practice and move.

In addition, the bag has strong durability thanks to multi-terrain nylon wheels combined with a sturdy nylon-coated handle.

This coating also has outstanding waterproofing ability and can face various weather, especially on days with high humidity. It also has a feature that most users love, which is a Tarp-lined protective goggles case combined with a soft foam grip.

Virtue V4 has a highly convenient accessory bag and is highly waterproof. The main bag box also has good water absorption thanks to the canvas lining with a spacious size of up to 7000 CU. The bottom lining is a breathable zipper pocket and a convenient vinyl zipper pocket.

High Roller V4 is the perfect choice for any professional athlete. However, it seems to be dedicated to extreme action sports like Motocross, Snowboarding, and especially Paintball.

It can undoubtedly overcome the rigors of athletes’ training. Not only that, the backpack straps with Hideaway air mesh padding are suitable for long-distance travel or muddy, rainy days.

Overall, these paintball backpacks are the perfect choice for you.

#5. CafeRace Orange Large 35-inch Bag

CafeRace Orange Large 35-inch Bag
CafeRace Orange Large 35-inch Bag


If you are a person who likes the different and unique, CafeRace is one of the top choices for you. Moreover, this bag is also very suitable for beginners because it is not too expensive and gives you an excellent experience.

The highlight that makes this bag unique is the distinctive orange color.

In addition to the main compartment for tools, the paintball gear bag has two additional side pockets to help you store shoes or water bottles and has two small pockets for personal items.

Those four other bags impress users thanks to the variety and good packaging. It fits most of what you need to be able to carry whatever is essential.

Race Cafe is a construction product suitable for athletes who often play heavy sports, requiring you to work hard, such as football, varnish, or motocross. It is a perfect choice because the price is quite reasonable.

Also, because the price is relatively low and is considered by many as a beginner’s version of the experience, there are a few minus points that you may not be satisfied with.

If previous products, most of which are water-resistant, moisture-resistant, and soft and comfortable ergonomic cushions, CafeRace probably won’t satisfy you with these advantages. This paintball backpack is suitable for those on a budget but also offers good storage space.


  • Unique color, modern design
  • Large storage space
  • The price is suitable for those on a low budget
  • Convenient additional small compartments


  • Not waterproof

#6. Expand Backpack Gear Bag

Expand Backpack Gear Bag - Best for Safety
Expand Paintball Gear Bag


Finally, one of the most anticipated bags from the HK brand is the Expand Tropical Skull. The most notable feature of this bag is the bag’s reinforced structure and highly flexible ability.

You probably wonder, “why is this bag called “Expand”? The answer is this bag can enlarge up to 30% thanks to a zip pocket located at the base.

Also, thanks to this feature, the bag provides ample space for you to fit a large rifle without slots, a few accessories, paintball markers, and even an extra duffel bag.

Expand has an additional multi-function wheel, so it is a perfect choice for you to experience memorable travel without worrying about entanglement.

Sometimes the bag seems to be larger than the needs of some customers. However, do not worry too much; there is a solution for you to tighten it so that it best fits your needs.

This paintball bag also comes with highly optimal features at a not-so-high price. The next feature to mention is the water resistance of the zipper and shoulder strap, so you don’t have to worry on humid days. Besides, the bag shoulder strap contains a soft cushion and is ideally positioned by the manufacturer.

Expand also has additional side pockets to store essential items. More specifically, the bag has a microfiber padded compartment design for excellent protection and waterproofing purposes.

Overall with a unique and attractive design, the Expand HK is the safest and most durable option if you are looking for a paintball gun sleeve.


  • Flexible, easy to use
  • Large storage space
  • Perfect waterproof ability
  • Convenient additional pockets


  • Its size may be not suitable

Why Do You Need A Paintball Gear Bag?

A polished tool bag is an essential accessory, especially for professional players. Indeed, you have asked many times why a paintball gear bag is so necessary.

Of course, it has many reasons and explanations, but a few of the reasons mentioned just below are probably the most common.


The first reason is convenience. If you have ever had to carry many bags in your hand and find it frustrating, this bag will be an effective solution for you.

There are a few features in this bag that you may not know are a replacement for a travel bag, thanks to a design that fits all airline luggage.

If you often travel or want to play paintball on your vacation, you will not have to worry about organizing your things because you can ultimately use this bag to store many things necessary for yourself.

The bags are also designed to enhance outdoor use, so it is a plus point when mobile. The bag’s convenience is also thanks to the soft cushions on the bag straps that help reduce weight and relieve shoulder pain.

Most bags have additional side pockets to help you store other items such as shoes or water bottles. It helps make a valuable and convenient plus for the bag.


Also, another reason when it comes to this paintball gear bag is durability. Make sure your paintball gun, paintball can, and accessories will ensure more durability when inside this bag.

If you are a professional player, you must have experienced snowy, rainy, and even muddy days. A good and flexible bag for outdoor use will be an effective solution for protecting your belongings from damage.

A small suggestion for you when choosing a bag is that you need to pay attention to the stitched mattress lines to ensure the most secure for your tools. to decide for yourself the best paintball backpack, continue reading and find out in the article.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Gear Bag?

This question will often arise when you start learning about this type of sport. If you still haven’t found a satisfactory answer, don’t worry; we will give you a few small tips so that you can choose the most suitable and acceptable bag:

Bag size

The first and most important thing when choosing a paintball bag is the size. You need to know what you are using this bag for and for how long.

If you regularly play paintball, a medium or even large-sized bag will be perfect as you will be adding more paintball accessories for entertainment and competition.

Before you start diving deeper, you can take a look at what to include in a gear bag to know exactly the right size.

Besides, it would help if you also considered how long you would use the bag. Sometimes, you will only use it on the weekend or even when traveling. The perfect choice for those who use it not too often is a small or medium backpack.

In addition, you should also consider how much you need to put in the paintball bag to choose the most suitable package for you.

Overall, a medium-sized bag is always the perfect choice to ensure you won’t have to go through the trouble of choosing another one in the future.


Next, one of the most important considerations when choosing a bag is flexibility and convenience to use. It can be that some of the features that will affect mobility are the bag with wheels as well as the shoulder pad.

Some of the paintball gear bags on the market have rolling wheels to reduce the burden during your movement. Besides, some bags also have padding at the straps to help you avoid the pain of carrying too much weight.

Waterproof ability

Next, you also need to pay attention to water resistance when choosing your bag. Usually, paintball players will be pretty active and in harsh environments, sometimes playing in rainy or wet weather.

So, a waterproof paintball bag will be the perfect choice for you. However, this feature is not entirely required if you rarely use the bag or use the bag for travel purposes.

Skill Level

Finally, you need to know what level of play you are at. Professional players always choose an expensive and serrated bag to ensure they can hold as many items and additional items as possible. Also, they participate in many tournaments, so they also need to find a bag with more durability.

It doesn’t mean we recommend that newcomers choose a cheap bag that has fewer features, though. Yet, if you are starting to learn, a medium-sized and usable suitcase is a wiser choice because you will not use it continuously.

Moreover, it also helps you save more budget. In the end, it’s still down to your decision and funding.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, via this article, you can choose a satisfactory bag in the best paintball gear bags mentioned just above. These bags are the top choices that experts and users prefer to use.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments below. Besides, you can also share this useful information with family and friends.

Thank you for reading!