Top 5 Best Mechanical Paintball Guns: Affordable, Lightweight & Durable

You will need to possess a lot of different elements to survive in a paintball shooting range. In a place where everyone is trying to catch up, having a good mindset and mastery of movement are indispensable.

However, our preparation does not stop at tactical issues but also needs to meet equipment needs. paintball guns are the items that you should pay attention to because they can help you eliminate your opponent from stepping up to the top.

Among modern paintball guns, the mechanical paintball gun is the name that receives much attention, especially the 5 best mechanical paintball guns below.

Best Mechanical Paintball Guns

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Are Mechanical Paintball Guns Good?

The outstanding features of the mechanical paintball gun models lie in their incredible durability, stable performance, simple construction, and price.

Compared to other paintball guns, mechanical guns are more durable than that, so you can confidently use the firearm in many different harsh conditions without worrying about losing stability.

Besides, this type of paintball gun also has a simple structure and operation, thereby allowing users to repair if something goes wrong quickly. Despite possessing many impressive functions like these products, they are relatively cheap.

Difference Mechanical Vs Electronic Paintball Marker

Best Mechanical Paintball Guns 1

To determine the difference between mechanical and electronic paintball markers, we will have to evaluate all aspects comprehensively.

With the exterior design of the stun gun, it has a compact size and is much lighter in weight than a mechanical gun. So holding and manipulating the stun gun is also simpler.

Yet, mechanical paintball products have the advantage of durability and repairability due to their simple design and not having too many parts. The upgradeability of the mechanical gun is also more prominent than the electric gun.

Shooting in the stun gun has a low recoil along with a lighter and shorter trigger feeling. While a mechanical gun has high recoil, you will have to get used to it first. In addition, the electronic weapon will need to use a battery to operate while the mechanical one will not.

How Fast Can You Shoot A Mechanical Paintball Gun?

Usually, gun models will shoot paintballs with the highest speed reaching 90 m/s, equivalent to 300 ft/s.

Yet, you can hardly use the gun at such a high speed. Because at this speed, the bullets fired have pretty great damage and are enough to cause serious injuries.

That’s why many shooting ranges only allow guns with a speed limit of 280 feet per second (FPS) or 200 miles per hour (MPH). Even indoor shooting ranges limit the highest speed to about 250 FPS only.

Top 5 Best Mechanical Paintball Guns Review In 2023

The top 5 versions are mechanical paintball guns that you can trust in each of your fights. Let’s find out the pros and cons of each through the in-depth review below.

1. Planet EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet EMEK 100

The first impression that we can feel when using EMEK 100 is that it is incredibly lightweight. With a weight of only about 1.87 pounds, you will easily carry and use the product without too much difficulty.

Not only that, the design of the gun is quite neat, which makes it suitable for combat in tight environments and requires high mobility.

The working mechanism of this best mechanical paintball marker is much simpler than other similar products.

Instead of manipulating dozens of different buttons or levers, you just need to push the lever to operate the device gently. Therefore, it is a suitable gun model for those who are new to paintball.

Another feature of this product from the Planet Eclipse brand is its impressive durability. Using two materials with different properties, nylon, and aluminum, the manufacturer has created a flexible and robust structure.

Thereby it increases the resistance to damage from impact and improves the stability of the components when operating.

In addition, you do not need to maintain the EMEK 100 too often, but the product still works stably. So even if you only use the gun occasionally, you can rest assured that the device’s performance is always at its best.

Thanks to the available Gamma Core technology, the feeling of holding and pulling the trigger will become softer and more sensitive.

Not only that, but the handle of the product also has a suitable shape and an additional layer of rubber to increase comfort.

However, EMEK 100 still suffers from some disadvantages, such as the pistol head making it difficult to aim and shoot and the low rate of fire. Most of these minus points will be evident if the user has long experience.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Enduring
  • High stability
  • Comfortable use


  • Shotgun head
  • Low rate of fire

Bottom Line

Planet EMEK 100 is the most suitable choice if you are just starting in paintball.

2. Planet Eclipse MG100 Mechanical Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse MG100

Planet Eclipse MG100 has a barrel length of up to 14.5 inches to help the bullet travel longer, optimizing the firing force.

Besides, the longer barrel also means that the user will have a more standard line of sight. Because of that, the accuracy of each bullet will become much higher than many other gun models.

Accessories such as scopes or extended guns will help us increase the stability and accuracy of the weapon. Therefore, the need to equip additional extensions is essential to optimize the power of the weapon.

Understanding the user’s desire, the designers have added accessory rails to the MG100 PAL to disassemble accessories to our liking easily.

It would be a significant omission if not to mention the quality ammunition system on the product. Although the magazine supplied by the manufacturer is limited to about 10 rounds, the retainer mechanism allows the gun to use a variety of magazines sold separately.

This mechanical paintball gun can hold up to 20 to 30 rounds when using alternative devices. And so we won’t have to worry about running out of ammo anymore.

Being able to shoot bullets comfortably with a large magazine is the dream of many users, but this also means that the bullet jam rate will be higher.

Fortunately, this gun has unique mechanisms in place to prevent this unpleasant situation. It’s incredible how the manufacturer can reduce it to almost zero with the phenomenon of paintball breaking midway or not loading the magazine.

This mechanical paintball gun model remains one of the most miniature noisy devices among the countless products of the same type appearing on the market. Thanks to this impressive ability, revealing your location when using a gun will no longer be a constant fear.

Although the Eclipse MG100 possesses many different advantages, you will have to pay a relatively high cost to own this mechanical paintball gun model.


  • Long barrel
  • Quality reloading system
  • Fewer jams
  • Not make too much noise


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL is the best choice for the best high end paintball gun position due to its exceptional accuracy and huge ammo capacity.

3. GOG New eNMEy Mechanical Paintball Gun


With the GOG New eNMEy, you get a mechanical paintball gun whose exterior is flexible and durable.

Thanks to using nylon material combined with solid armor, the whole gun body can withstand significant impacts from external forces. Not only that, but environmental factors also cannot cause too much influence on the product.

More specifically, this quality construction also allows users to distance the maintenance time. Instead of having to regularly clean, now we need to occasionally clean and oil it.

Unlike similar products, GOG New GEN2 has a unique connection design that helps the gun’s parts become a unified block, bringing comfort to the user every time he needs to manipulate or turn.

Besides, in each part of the handle, there are recesses to fit the hand. More extraordinary, combined with the excellent anti-recoil ability of the gun, will create a device where you can pull the trigger continuously without causing pain to your hand.

Thanks to the unique accessory support system, the device allows us to customize and upgrade the available functions easily.

You can freely add anything from a flashlight to a viewfinder or any other favorite accessory with flexible disassembly.

Moreover, the manipulation with the gun is straightforward and does not require too many complicated stages.

The minus point of this mechanical paintball gun is that the air tank takes a lot of work to deflate and remove. If you are not familiar, you may encounter some difficulties.


  • Enduring
  • No need to clean too much
  • Comfortable use
  • Less jerks
  • Easy to upgrade


  • Difficult to change gas tank

Bottom Line

GEN2 eNMEy refers to one of the best and most durable paintball gun models available today.

4. Planet Eclipse M170R Mechanical Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse M170R

The combined system, including the POPS ASA cluster, helps to bring air to the regulator and the quality Gamma Core transmission system. The product allows us to make the best use of the compressed air’s ability to create powerful shots.

Despite having such a closed operation cycle, we can still clean and maintain this mechanical paintball gun model straightforwardly.

All thanks to the system of locking pins arranged all over the device to make it easier to affect the internal components. It is also because of this mechanism that repairing the damage will no longer be a big problem.

Not only possessing strong power, but this gun model also gives us comfort every time we use it, even for a long time. Because the designers have improved the entire body with innovative lines that are both soft and unique, it helps to increase stability and maximize the feeling of grip.

However, if you are a person with a large hand, perhaps the gun’s handle will be a bit difficult to hold.


  • Great power
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple repair
  • Comfortable use


  • Not suitable for people with large hands

Bottom Line

Inheriting the unique advantages of many previous versions combined with impressive innovations, Eclipse M170R offers users a shooting experience suitable for mechanical paintball tournaments.

5. SP Shocker CVO Mechanical Paintball Marker

SP Shocker CVO

With the characteristics of a mechanical paintball gun model and improvements from the design team, the Shocker CVO has a reasonably neat size and impressive weight. So we will be comfortable using this device for many different types of purposes depending on our needs.

Yet, the most significant advantage of this gun model is not in the design but in the trigger. It can be that even modern electronic paintball guns are difficult to compare with Shocker CVO in terms of authenticity and comfort in each shot.

It’s all thanks to unique internal mechanisms that provide more precise feedback, reducing recoil and allowing you to feel each shot more clearly. We also cannot ignore the sophistication in the structure of the trigger part.

In addition, this gun model also possesses some other outstanding advantages, such as high stability even though the power of each bullet fired from the product is very large or has low recoil for easier control.

However, the above highlights come with complicated mechanisms and require users to have prior experience.


  • Compact
  • Lightly
  • Quality trigger
  • Stability
  • Low recoil


  • Need the experience to use

Bottom Line

Those who have been involved in paintball shooting for a long time always appreciate the outstanding factors in terms of performance and shooting feeling that Shocker CVO brings.


At the end of today’s article, we hope to apply the collected knowledge to understand the mechanical paintball gun models better. Importantly, you will find out which is the best mechanical paintball gun. Then, you can get the right equipment to join the brutal battlefields. Thank you for reading!

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