Best Long-Range Paintball Gun: Top 10 Longest Range Paintball Markers

It’s usually a good idea to spend on a long-range paintball rifle since you’ll have a higher chance of striking your opponents at a particular range. In addition, it might be aggravating to miss your targets every time you shoot because your bullets are being wasted.

Fortunately, we have stocked a wide range of high-quality paintball guns and everything to support your game.

Furthermore, we have compiled a list of the best long range paintball guns on the market right now in this article.

Milsim, bolt action, and semi-auto firearms are among the styles available.

Best Sellers for Paintball Markers

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Top 10 Longest Range Paintball Guns Reviews

1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Maker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED - Best Overall

Many people consider the Tippmann TMC MAGFED as the best long range gun available on the market. This long-range paintball gun is built with high-quality components and has a robust design to withstand harsh circumstances and hard usage.

You can roll down, fall, or even crawl with this gun without destroying it or interfering with its function in any manner. It also boasts a solid and pleasant grip that keeps the rifle in your hands during furious fights.

We were under the impression that the magfed is on the heavier side, but that is not the case; in fact, you will be amazed at how lightweight this pistol is, compared to other candidates.

The Tippmann TMC long range paintball gun has a four-sided Picatinny rail network with many modification options and an agile, integrated bolt system. As a result, if you’d like a powerful rifle in the future, you may spend more money.

If you have ever used a Tippmann before, you may understand a pretty decent notion of their excellent performance. The TMC has a blowback-type bolt that operates at tank capacity, which implies the TMC is running at around 750 PSI.

This long range paintball gun is pretty noisy and has a slight kick since it works at high pressure. The main disadvantage of this marker comes from the CO2 tank, which is prone to becoming leaking and loose. Nobody wants this to happen in the middle of a conflict.

You should be able to handle it like an expert after some practice. Its magazine has a capacity of 19 balls. It means you can last longer on the field. The dual feed is another feature that sets this gun apart from the competition.

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  • Option for dual feed
  • Easy customization.
  • The rear and front sights are adjustable
  • Straightforward to pull a trigger


  • Pretty noisy because it works in high pressure

Bottom line

Without a doubt, Tippmann TMC MAGFED is one of the best paintball guns, which is straightforward to operate, set up, and suitable for all levels of skill.

2. US Army Alpha Elite Maker

US Army Alpha Elite - Best Runner-Up

This long range paintball marker is in a league since it is the preferred choice for beginners and expert players. It is also ideal for all sorts of paintball games, including woodsball and recreational paintball.

A detachable front sight with a Picatinny rail, a changeable carry handle, built-in tool storage is all included with this pistol.

With a few attachments like an electronic trigger, you can quickly transform this gun into a monster on the battlefield. This gun’s dependability and performance are unmatched, yet it is among the most inexpensive firearms on the market.

This long range paintball gun even comes with a 12-inch long barrel. For toughness, this pistol can withstand the most brutal battles and yet come out unscathed. Even though the hopper sits atop the rifle, this well-constructed model does not obstruct the sight.

The US Army can fire up to 150 feet, which is remarkable even if it isn’t as fast as other long-range paintball guns on the list.

Although the speed can hit 325 feet per second, it is not allowed at most paintball grounds. However, you can change the pistol barrel to offer you an excellent view to obtaining better shots.


  • Picatinny rails
  • High velocity
  • Long barrel


  • Get heavier when fully customizing

Bottom line

This model will offer you a military tactical sense, and it will not let you down. This long range paintball marker has a hopper, which allows you to employ different firing modes, including semi-auto, three-round burst, and tap fire.

3. Tippmann Cronus Maker

Tippmann Cronus - Best For Lightweight

Another high-quality long-range paintball gun on our list is Tippmann Cronus, popular in the paintball world and regarded as one of Tippmann’s best-selling models.

Tippmann’s in-line bolt system is included with the Cronus, as well as an inner gas line. As a result, users may anticipate a significantly better grasp and pleasant experience within the gun than outside, especially if they play for hours. It also has a fast firing rate and doesn’t slice up balls.

This long-gange paintball marker is also a little heavier than other high-end weapons, but it’s pretty robust, so it is hard to break on the field. The Cronus has a typical firing speed between 290 and 310 feet per second.

To achieve the firepower you’ve always desired, you can utilize CO2 and HPA. A replica silencer with the front sight, folding stock, and six-position collapsible, vertical grips, and a carrying handle are included with the weapon.

This long range paintball gun is straightforward to maintain; remember to grease it before each battle regularly. This gun has a maximum range of 150 feet, shorter than that of others but still adequate.


  • Lightweight
  • An excellent option for novice and professionals
  • Simple to use
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Picatinny rail for attaching accessories


  • The stock barrel has a limited range
  • Quite heavy

Bottom line

You will find that this long-range paintball gun is an improvement of the Tippmann 98 if you look closely, and it’s ideal for both advanced players and beginners. It’s dependable and straightforward to use while also being highly accurate.

4. First Strike FS T15 Maker

First Strike FS T15 - Best For Robust

The First Strike FS T15 Maker resembles a real AR-15 weapon in appearance. The long-range paintball gun is the same weight as its AR-15 counterpart. So when playing with T15, you’ll feel that you’re using a real firearm with live bullets.

It is also configurable, which is a beautiful feature. To make it as applicable as feasible, you may add solid steel or airsoft pieces.

The magazine can store 19 bullets, plenty for a long range paintball gun. In addition, there is a hopper provided that allows you to switch if you want to modify your gaming approach.

The employment of a dual-feed mechanism distinguishes this paintball pistol. It implies that you have the option of choosing between a magazine and a hopper.

The gun’s distance is up to 360 fps without changing or adjusting the marker. However, to speed down, you’ll need to try the weapon numerous times.


  • Functional charging handle
  • More streamlined appearance
  • The body is made of aluminum and is both robust and light
  • Mag-fed and hopper-fed
  • Compatible
  • A one-to-one AR rifle is being developed


  • Quite expensive

Bottom line

The First Strike T15 is a high-quality long range paintball gun with an outstanding accuracy that fires first-strike bullets.

5. Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Maker

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 - Best For Compact

Its compactness will immediately amaze you. It is a little long-range paintball marker that’s convenient to take with you on the go. In addition, its slight weight prevents hand fatigue, allowing you to play longer without becoming exhausted.

This paintball pistol is one of the lightest, at only 1.87 pounds. The exterior shell is constructed of glass-reinforced nylon. Planet has made the gun’s bottom section of high aluminum. So, despite its small weight, it can resist whatever you throw at it.

It is a user-friendly gun in terms of ergonomics. Even for the first time holding one, it feels comfortable on hand as if you have been handling paintball guns before.

It does not seem cumbersome and can be moved quickly between a tiny and a medium-sized long range paintball marker. The rubber handles are an excellent feature that prevents you from dropping them.

The Gamma Core motor makes it such a good bargain. It provides dependable and smooth performance. In addition, this type of powertrain is straightforward to keep up with. No matter your skill, the versatility it provides makes it an excellent pick.

You may use this model whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran. A 12-inch barrel is preferable since it will assist you in attaining better accuracy. It would also make a more authentic sound. It shoots quickly and without glitches.

A safety indication is located on both sides, making it ideal for both right and left-handed users. In addition, this long range paintball gun will make things easier if your trigger is on or off.


  • Suitable for all skill levels, from newbies to experts.
  • Cleaning is a straightforward
  • Tank-like construction
  • It doesn’t shatter balls


  • Unsatisfied stock barrel

Bottom line

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is a stunning piece of equipment. Its matte black finish is as tough as they come. If you want a pistol with a more utilitarian appearance, this long-range paintball marker model is a good option. In addition, it offers a realistic feel, giving you a more realistic combat experience.

6. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Maker

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum - Best For Budget

Include the Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun on your next paintball adventure since this marker will wow you with its dependability and performance. In addition, this semi-automatic paintball pistol is simple to operate.

Despite its user-friendly appearance, it consistently delivers. Furthermore, it will surprise you by how simple upgrading is, proving that the gun’s exclusive use and attractiveness can be customized.

You may access the internal structure for simple installation if you want to change or upgrade this paintball pistol. Its build quality is mainly due to the split receiver design employed.

Installing scopes, a carry handle, and other accessories is a breeze. This low-cost long range paintball gun gives you a lot for your money, and it’s still playable regularly.

If you want to use the identical pistol in a speedball tournament, all you have to do is swap out the barrel with one that is closer to the original Tippmann 98’s performance.

Unfortunately, the front handle prevents installing a bipod, limiting your rifle’s complete customization and specialization potential.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Setup and operation are simple
  • High accuracy


  • Quite heavy
  • Limited front grip

Bottom line

This low-cost paintball pistol, which offers a lot for a low price and can still be used regularly, does not let customers down in terms of accuracy, especially given its low price. It’s also accurate, giving you a leg up on the competition on the field.

7. Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 Maker

Tippmann Stormer Tactical .68 - Best For Internal Gas

high-impact composite marker will endure a long time. The Tippmann Stormer Elite is the finest long range paintball since it is suitable for players of all skill levels.

Tippmann’s high-performance bolt in-line system is included for enhanced shot uniformity and dependability. This long range paintball model has a single push-button safety trigger. Vertical hand grips, Picatinny rails, and a rubber grip are all removable.

Tippmann Stormer Elite is a semi-automatic sniper paintball gun. It is the best sniper paintball pistol available, and it’s appropriate for players of all skill levels.

The army’s design includes six settings, a folding stock, and a smart front shroud.


  • Internal gas supply
  • Adaptable to a wide range of abilities
  • Rails for Picatinny rifles
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Quite heavy

Bottom line

It’ll work on any level with a complicated layout. This model looks to be in excellent shape, despite its considerable weight.

8. Black Ops Sniper Rifle S Maker

Black Ops Sniper Rifle S - Best Bang For The Buck

The Rifle S is a mighty long-range gun with a performance as stunning as its appearance, thanks to its all-new inbuilt suppressor, which reduces firing noise. In addition, it’s made with Black Ops’ Power Piston Technology, which allows it to shoot with remarkable precision and consistency.

A top-mounted 6-inch Picatinny rail is available in this set, ready for your optics. This long-range paintball gun with a break barrel has a smooth triggering pull, which reduces recoil.  It’s well-made and comes with a one-year guarantee.


  • High accuracy
  • Stunning appearance
  • Reduce shooting noise
  • One-year warranty


  • Costly price tag

Bottom line

This model is among the most costly automatic rifles on the market, but its build productivity and efficiency ensure that you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. In addition, its jam-packed abilities that will suit even the most dedicated shooter.

9. Wrek Paintball Cronus Tactical Maker

Wrek Paintball Cronus Tactical  - Best For Durability

This highest quality long range paitball marker is not only inexpensive, but it is also a popular pick available. This heavy-duty gun is made to be used frequently. The high-impact body is very durable in terms of ordinary wear and tear.

It is also one of the reasons why the Cronus becomes a popular option. Thanks to a vertical rip, this product is also straightforward to handle, allowing great degrees of control while aligning rounds and firing.

Those searching for military characteristics in MilSim situations may like the Cronus’.68 caliber. The amount of detail on this paintball pistol is fantastic for such a low-cost weapon, and the green-black color scheme provides it an advantage in camouflage.

This semi-automatic gun has a fire rate ranging between 270 and 330 FPS, and the in-line bolt mechanism guarantees that it is highly dependable.


  • Durable in terms of wear and tear
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Comfortable hand grip


  • Quite heavy

Bottom line

You are looking for a paintball gun that you can personalize? The manufacturer accomplishes it through the use of several accessory rails.

10. Maddog Tippmann Stormer Maker

Maddog Tippmann Stormer - Best For Versatility

This Maddog Tippman model is a fantastic deal. It is another excellent value package that comes with everything you need to succeed at paintball. The Tippmann Stormer marker is the package’s main selling feature.

This paintball pistol has a proven bolt mechanism that offers constant firepower and a composite frame that is intended to withstand repeated usage. In addition, this high-quality gun comes with a variety of tactical attachments already installed.

The gun is also highly adaptable, enabling you to convert between standard MAGFED and hopper-fed systems easily. This set comes with fewer accessories than other kits. The supplied extras, on the other hand, are of good quality.

A CO2 tank, as well as a hopper loader, are provided. A stealth paintball mask with anti-fog lenses is also included, ensuring that you get the best performance possible.

Unfortunately, a pod harness is missing. However, these are pretty affordable and easy to come by for close to nothing.


  • Reasonable price tag
  • Convert between standard MAGFED and hopper-fed systems easily


  • It comes with fewer accessories than other kits

Bottom line

To sum up, if you desire an excellent long range paintball gun, which features all functions needed and is robust, this model is a must-have item. In addition, the Maddog Tippmann Stomer with its accessories is the necessary combo for you to win the game.

How to Choose The Best Long Range Paintball Gun

best sniper paintball gun

Unless you are not a serious paintball player, you should spend on a long range paintball marker since other models will waste your bullets, especially a beginner. Then, look through our buying advice to select the gun that best meets your demands. There are numerous aspects to consider:

Shooting Range

The shooting range is usually a big factor. With that stated, a paintball gun shooting range is affected by a number of elements, including firing speed, barrel size, and weather conditions.

The firing distance is determined by three factors: safe range, absolute and effective range.

Effective Range

The travel distance of the ball after being released is not the effective range; instead, the effective content is the distance it can travel while still breaking against its targets.

Based on the route between you and your enemy, a paintball may not break on your enemy due to a lack of power, resulting in a miss. The average range of effectiveness ranges between 80 and 100 feet.

Safe Range

The safe range is another point of concern. Aside from having enough strength to hit your goal, you should set the marker to ensure that it is still safe.

When paintballs are shot at a rapid rate, they have the potential to harm someone. The typical cap velocity is around 280 feet per second, with an effective height of about 100 yards.

Absolute Range

People should consider the whole range because players cannot tell if they are firing too quickly or too slow. This factor is determined by the velocity and durability of the paintball. With these parameters, the maximum capacity is 150 yards.


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field.

1. What If My Long Range Paintball Gun Clogs During The Match?

It’s important to remember that when participating in combat, your paintball gun may jam or acquire any problem, and there is no time to stop or fix it, particularly during an intense fight.

That’s why having a minor side gun is necessary for combat fights while you try to mend your primary weapon is a good idea.

2. Are Paintball Guns Dangerous?

Many individuals are curious as to whether or not a paintball gun can kill. However, paintballs are not hefty enough to inflict significant bodily harm. Furthermore, the weapons do not fire quickly enough to produce life-threatening damage.

There have been no incidents of paintball injuring anyone so far. However, a sting may be what you feel when the ball hits you in sensitive areas.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Long Range Paintball Gun?

Choosing the ideal paintball gun for your requirements is entirely a matter of personal opinion and taste. In addition, many paintball markers are to shoot at vast distances. So it all boils down to how much money you’re willing to put into getting the most significant long-range identification.

We have compiled a list of the best long range paintball guns available. For deciding which one is ideal for you, there are many variables to consider.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED overshadows its counterparts since it has a lot of useful features and will last a long time before the components start to break. Besides, it is user-friendly and is suitable for a wide range of paintball players.

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