Top 9 Best Electronic Paintball Guns – For Newbie & Pro [Expert’s Choice]

Along with the popularity of paintball was the development of the manufacturing industry, producing equipment for serving paintball guns, specifically electronic paintball guns.

The development in production seems to make it easier for people in need to access the indispensable tools of the game. However, the truth is that the vast market will make it challenging to choose the best electronic paintball guns.

Whether you are someone who already owns a full arsenal of game weapons or is looking for your first product, you should not miss the detailed reviews of the highest-quality electronic paintball guns below.

Best Sellers for Paintball Markers

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Highest Rated 9 Best Electronic Paintball Guns Review

Not all electronic paintball guns for sale can make you satisfied. There are products specifically for beginners, and there are also products that are pretty complicated for you to use.

If you still haven’t found your paintball gun, check out some of the suggestions:

1. Dye DSR Paintball Marker

Dye DSR Paintball

Product’s highlights

The Dye DSR Paintball Marker features an advanced CPU and Dye’s Method Operating System. Besides, this electronic paintball gun’s Edge1 Roller Bearing Trigger feature will quickly adjust the speed, reaction time, and control ability.

Combined with the five-way joystick, you’ve indeed never used a product as highly customizable as the DSR.

Besides, Dye has provided micro-USB to ensure this electronic paintball gun’s performance, which acts as a software update.

As far as performance is concerned, the high-contrast OLED display makes your user experience more intuitive and convenient. Not only that, but OLED screens also play an essential role in improving performance.

Not only does it have fantastic performance, but the ARC is also incredibly smooth and quiet. Because this electronic paintball marker uses air springs combined with the feature to help reduce impact. Thereby It keeps the operating pressure at the lowest, most modest level without losing accuracy.

Comfort is also an advantage worth considering for the Dye brand gun. You’ll get a UL Frame hourglass design and differential textured wrap for a secure and comfortable grip.


  • High-efficiency engine.
  • High-resolution OLED screen.
  • 5-way joystick.
  • Easy battery replacement.
  • UL Frame hourglass design holds firmly.


  • High price.

Bottom line

Maybe Dye DSR is not the best choice for beginners. However, if you are familiar with the sport of shooting and want to upgrade your skills, the DSR is a suitable choice because of its high performance and certainty, and comfort.

2. Action Village Empire Paintball Gun

Action Village Empire Electronic Paintball Gun

Product’s highlights

If you are looking for a small and light device that still allows you to shoot faster in the field, the Empire Mini will surely satisfy you.

Firstly, this electronic paintball gun is light in weight, straightforward to carry, and also very user-friendly.

Secondly, this electronic paintball marker can switch between a variety of modes: from crusher firing to semi-automatic and PSP modes. You can shoot up to 23 balls/second with Empire GS TP.

Thirdly, this product also has a 12-inch two-piece barrel.

To put it simply, this equipment of Action Village will help this electronic paintball gun increase its accuracy. The weapon can fire at 275 fps on the first shot and 293 fps on subsequent attempts.


  • 12-inch barrel.
  • Rate of fire: 23 balls/second when in automatic mode.
  • Can switch to many different methods.
  • Super absorbent material leaves no paint.
  • The life of the compressed air tank is up to 15 years.


  • Quite challenging to lubricate and clean.

Bottom line

The Empire Mini GS is an upgraded product from previous famous gun models. Lighter, more precise, and more durable are the outstanding advantages of this innovation. If you’ve used the legendary brand’s guns before, you’ll want to invest in an upgraded design that’s both new and traditional, the Mini GS.

3. Action Village Power G5 Paintball Gun

Action Village Power G5 Electronic Paintball Gun

Product’s highlights

G5 Spec-R Core is one of the battery powered paintball guns perfect for beginners because of their reasonable price, ease of use, and basic features, but enough to meet the needs of players.

One of the essential features that can satisfy the needs of beginners is a quite good performance. You can load more than 20 balls per second with an efficient drive system.

Besides, the integration of the anti-jamming feature also helps beginners reduce the difficulty of manipulating the paintball gun.

The product is also maximum safe for those who do not delve into the safety rules when participating in the game.

Because this electronic paintball gun’s regulator has an aluminum cap to ensure safety, the weapon’s stable speed and good accuracy are also a guarantee for safety and the performance that the product brings.


  • Delivering the same high performance as high-end guns but at half the cost.
  • The regulator has a sturdy metal bonnet.
  • Anti-jam system.
  • Quiet belt drive system.


  • Not include battery.

Bottom line

If you are an entry-level player, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a gun with a high price tag. So, choose cheap electronic paintball guns. Half the price, but providing what you need is an intelligent choice. And the G5 Spec-R Core is a reasonable choice you definitely cannot ignore.

4. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Electronic Paintball Gun

Product’s highlights

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 has some changes compared to its predecessors. The most noticeable difference is the distinct aesthetic appearance. This electronic paintball gun has a solid structure with high finishing.

However, the product of Planet Eclipse is more than just a beautiful paintball gun. This upgrade inherits the advantages of its predecessor and integrates many new technologies to increase performance and accuracy.

One of those new technologies is Gamma Core. With the Gamma Core, you have a gun with a built-in spool valve drive system that’s stable, always full of energy.

In addition, this electronic paintball marker also has an improved locking system that makes it easy to change batteries. With Etha 2, you will no longer have to spend too much time solving battery-related problems like with previous guns.


  • Spacious grip.
  • The spring system works well.
  • Adjustable PCB.
  • Reduced recoil when firing automatically.
  • Durable composite and nylon material.


  • Noise.

Bottom line

Etha 2 not only inherits the strengths of the previous models but also adds many great features. However, the product weighs only 4.9 Pounds – still relatively light to be able to carry to any terrain. If you are a lover and often participate in situations that require speed, Etha 2, the best speedball paintball guns, will surely make you fall in love from the first use.

5. Valken M17 Electronic Paintball Marker

Valken M17 Electronic Paintball Marker

Product’s highlights

If you often have trouble maintaining, cleaning, repairing paintball guns, you can put an end to those days with the Valken M17.

The product has a design quite similar to the Russian AK107.

Through the above comparison, you must have imagined the certainty and science in the product’s design. Along with that, you can certainly quickly repair and disassemble the M17 with simple operations.

Not only is it easy to repair and disassemble, but you can also comfortably upgrade the M17 because the product has a built-in accessory rail. You can use this rail to install lights, lasers, and front lights to upgrade your weapons.

In addition, the M17 is also a good electric paintball gun that uses an automatic mag-fed loading system. You can quickly switch the product to various modes: safe, semi-automatic, automatic. You can also change the mag-fed marker to a funnel feed if you’re having trouble using it.


  • Compatible with both FSR and 68 Cal Paintball
  • Mechanical conduction reduces the pressure on battery charging.
  • Automatic mag-fed feeding system.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Sure, durable.


  • The range may not be great.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a product with an impressive design like a real military gun, or you need a product that can be easily maintained and replaced, don’t forget to think of the M17 Magfed. Besides, the M17 Mag Fed with mechanical conductivity is also one of the safe electric trigger paintball guns worth considering.

6. Maddog HK Army Titanium Paintball Gun

Maddog HK Army Titanium Electronic Paintball Gun

Product’s highlights

With the HK Army Package, you have everything you need for a Paintball session.

Firstly, you own a paintball gun among the best HK ARMY – SABR. Indeed the product will bring you fast, accurate shots.

In addition, SABR is compatible with many types of compressed air. Therefore, you can use this device anywhere without worrying about the gas source.

SABR is also an easy to maintain and clean product. All you need to do is touch the safety switch and adjust the Safety Clamp.

Along with this electronic paintball gun are a lot of valuable accessories. A 48ci/3000psi canister of compressed air, a paintball mask with an adjustable head strap, and a large capacity electronic paintball hopper.

With SABR, you have all the necessary tools to join the game.


  • A 12′ single-piece barrel increases accuracy.
  • Easy adjustment.
  • Accessories complete.
  • Solid aluminum material.
  • Streamlined markers.


  • Quite heavy.

Bottom line

With Maddog HK, you own a solid electronic paintball gun with high accuracy and a lot of valuable accessories. More importantly, the price to own all these products is very affordable. If you want accessories with a high degree of uniformity at a price that is not too high, HK ARMY SABR is the right choice.

7. Tippmann Stryker XR1 Paintball Marker

Tippmann Stryker XR1 Electronic Paintball Marker

Product’s highlights

If you need a heavy-duty, high-octane marking device, the Tippmann Stryker XR1 is the best choice.

This product features a low-pressure spool valve section and four customizable firing modes. No matter what kind of paintball fight you’re into, the XR1 can do the job well.

Another reason this electronic paintball marker is suitable for high-octane matches is the anti-fracture beam system. Combined with a meticulous, solid design, the product is a military-grade durable paintball gun that you should consider.

In addition, if you are a fan of upgrading your devices, XR1 Paintball Marker will surely make you happy because of its ease of adjustment.

You can install hundreds of accessories such as lasers, flashlights to increase professionalism when participating in the game.


  • Easy to adjust.
  • Meticulously designed, sure.
  • There are four firing modes.
  • Low-pressure valve.
  • Anti-fracture eye system.


  • Weigh 5.95 pounds.

Bottom line

The XR1 spyder electric paintball gun, with its ease of adjustment, durability, and upgradeability, is a worthwhile product. In addition, if you want to perform well in high-octane matches with XE1, you can’t fail.

8. Action Azodin KAOS 3 Paintball Gun

Action Azodin KAOS 3 Electronic Paintball Gun

Product’s highlights

Azodin KAOS 3 Paintball Gun is the modern version of the Azodin Kaos Series. If you love the convenience of its predecessors but aren’t too happy with the design, the Kaos 3’s style and performance are sure to appeal to you.

The modern design of Kaos 3 is in the receiver located in a more suitable position. This arrangement not only reduces weight but can also improve product responsiveness.

Not only a fantastic electric paintball product for modern style lovers, but the Kaos 3 is also an excellent close-range paintball.

Kaos has only one firing mode, which is semi-automatic. If you know how to take advantage of this shooting mode, you will undoubtedly be very successful when encountering opponents at close range.


  • Light and durable.
  • Solid high-grade aluminum.
  • Ability to activate quickly.
  • Very good for short-range use.
  • Airliner to limit leaks.


  • Noise.

Bottom line

Kaos 3 may not be a perfect product. But in general, the changes of the product are also quite positive and commendable compared to the predecessor models. If you love modern design, all-in-one convenience, and close-range value shooting, the third upgrade to the Azodin KAOS series is for you.

9. HK Army Semi Auto Paintball Marker

HK Army Semi Auto Electronic Paintball Marker

Product’s highlights

Another name from the HK Army brand, the product, like the tradition, still possesses high-quality, solid aluminum. Another feature is the famous Delrin latch design with fast response speed which simplifies maintenance.

SABR Semi-Auto also has many other advantages for the HK Army. However, in this version, SABR still has a difference: semi-automatic mode.

The SABR electronic paintball gun can repeat the action automatically, loading the next round into the chamber, preparing for the next shot. However, the above process only starts with the condition that you have to act on the product physically.

The design of the HK Army brand product is a combination of an automatic method that sometimes does not guarantee accuracy and a manual process that takes a long time. Therefore, SABR has two types: high accuracy and speed.


  • Good trigger and barrel system.
  • Come with many accessories.
  • High precision.
  • Compatible with CO2 and many other compressed gases.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a Delrin latch.


  • Quite heavy.

Bottom line

From precision to exterior design, from serviceability to compatibility, the SABR presents itself as an electronic paintball guns under $200 with quality far beyond its price range. You can refer to the video below for an objective assessment of HK Army SABR.

What Is An Electronic Paintball Gun? 

The electronic paintball gun is a type of paintball gun that works on the same basic principle: using compressed air to propel projectiles away. Like conventional paint guns, the product has a gun’s structure, including essential components such as barrel, trigger system, air tank cum stock, etc.

The difference of the gun, as the name suggests, lies in the use of an electric coil to fire. Typically, the paintball’s power source is a 9-volt battery. You will have a small switch to activate the power.

Compared to mechanical paintball guns, electric marker are much more compact. Besides, the firing speed of the electric powered paintball gun is also significantly faster.

How To Choose The Best Electronic Paintball Gun? 

How To Choose The Best Electronic Paintball Gun? 

Everyone has a different definition of the best electronic paintball guns.

Someone who is interested in gun design should follow a 1:1 simulation ratio like a real gun to create excitement when playing. Others are looking for a product that can be easily disassembled and maintained.

Whatever your definition of the perfect product, you can refer to the following helpful information to help you make an easy decision.

Type of paintball gun

There are 3 main types of electronic paintball guns. Because each style has its advantages and disadvantages, you need to consider before choosing to buy:

  • Marker pipe valves Paintball gun

The advantage of this paintball gun is the low recoil. Besides, you can also easily find and buy this type of product than other types of firearms.

But you need to consider the fuel of this product: gas. If you don’t have a problem with carrying extra gas or don’t need stealth when playing paintball, the downside is not too much of a concern.

  • Electric Cutter

A paintball gun is an electric cutter that uses an electric coil, which increases the rate of fire. Besides, this paintball gun also has a variety of shooting modes.

  • Pneumatic poppet valve marker

The most significant advantage of these electronic paintball guns is that they have an impressive and very consistent rate of fire and are quite gas-efficient.


A lightweight, easy-to-grip, and sturdy piece of equipment is a wise choice for winning paintball.

Besides, you should also consider the perfection of the product. Quality materials such as a polymer shell, high-grade steel will ensure you can use the paintball gun for many years to come. However, it means you will have to pay a more significant amount.

If you love and regularly participate in the game, it is an excellent long-term investment.

On the contrary, if you are just a newbie with a bit of interest in paintball, you need to consider carefully before deciding to bring back a electronic paintball product in the high-end segment.


Do you want to upgrade your gun?

Perhaps when choosing to buy, you have never thought of this job. However, you will most likely want more paintball accessories later to enhance your experience.

Therefore, from the outset, you should prioritize products with lots of customization options and good upgradeability.

Electrionic paintball guns with limited customization can be more affordable. But in terms of long-term benefits, the ability to customize is still something you should consider when choosing to buy a paintball gun.

Your expertise

Paintball players fall into three primary levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert.

If you’re a beginner who just treats games as casual entertainment, there’s a wide range of products to suit you, from all segments.

If you have reached the intermediate level and want to compete in each game, you definitely cannot help but upgrade your weapons. The pneumatic stun gun is one of the weapons that you should invest in.


Do you have questions about the criteria to choose the list of top 9 best electronic paintball guns above?

In fact, there is no set system of specific rules. Some products have fundamental features. Some other products have a lot of accessories included. Depending on your capabilities and needs, you will find the best paintball gun for you.

We hope you find the perfect product soon and have a great time with paintball with the tips and suggestions above.

Thank you for reading!

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