In a paintball game, you will try to shoot your opponent with a paintball gun. When you trigger this gun, the paintball seems to travel with a bullet speed.

Have you ever wondered how fast paintball guns can shoot? How does it hurt if you get hit by a paintball? Paintball Advisors will help you answer these questions.

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How Fast Do Paintball Guns Shoot?

A paintball gun can attain a muzzle velocity of approximately 300 ft/s (90 m/s). But in the paintball fields, the maximum allowed speed is 280 fps or 250 fps for players’ safety.

The high speed of a paintball shoot is due to the power of the compressed gas. Most paintball guns come with an air tank containing high-pressure compressed CO2 gas.

When you trigger the gun, a paintball will move from the hopper to the gun’s barrel. Simultaneously, the air tank releases an amount of gas into the barrel. Thus, the gas will meet the paintball in the barrel. Under high pressure, the gas will push the paintball out of the barrel at a high velocity.

How Does It Hurt If You Get Hit By A Paintball?

The impact of a paintball hit depends on the distance between you and the shooter. In a short distance, the impact of the hit is greater than in a long distance.

If the paintball travels a long distance, the impact is mostly dispersed. Then the ball will break at the moment it hits you. In this case, you will feel a slight hurt, like a rubber band snaps you.

However, if the paintball rebounds after it hits your body, you will get the full impact. At that time, the paintball hit will hurt you more, as it punches you hard.

In most cases, the pain will quickly blur and doesn’t cause any serious consequence. But sometimes, a hit by a paintball gun can leave you a bruise or welt.

Especially, if you get shot on the bare skin, it will be extremely painful. In some cases, getting hit on the bare skin in a short distance will cause serious injuries.

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How To Reduce The Impact Of A Paintball Hit?

Paintball hits are painful all the time, and they even cause serious wounds. Thus, you need to know some methods to reduce their impact.

1. Get the proper protective gear

Protective gear will shield your body and soften the paintball hit. Below is the necessary protective gear when you are on the paintball field.

Paintball mask

A good paintball mask covering your head and eyes will prevent these vulnerable parts from getting injuries. Don’t take off your mask at any time when you are on the field.

Protective vests

Wearing protective vests can reduce hurt by paintball hits significantly. So, it’s better to put this gear on than participating in the battle with your T-shirt and jeans.

Protective gloves

While other body parts have fat to reduce the paintball impact, hands and fingers are mainly bones. Thus, you will feel much more pain if you get hit in these parts. The most effective solution for this problem is wearing protective gloves.

Cover all the bare skin

As we mentioned above, you may get serious injuries if getting hit on the bare skin. So, don’t expose any skin when you are playing paintball. Remember to cover your neck area. Many people usually forget to protect this area.

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2. Don’t stay in the field when you get hit

In the field, you will get eliminated when someone shoots you and the paintball breaks on you. If you get hit, let others know by shouting “I’m hit” or “I’m out”. In this way, other players won’t shoot you anymore. Then, you can leave the field safely.

3. Follow the surrender rule

Getting hit in a short distance is very painful and may leave grave wounds. So, if any opponent shouts at you “Surrender!” or “Freeze!”, you should follow the surrender rule. You need to raise your hands and leave the field as you are out.

At that moment the opponent has been very close to you. So, don’t try to run or shoot them back, because it’s dangerous for both of you.

4. Stay in a strategic position and enhance teamwork

Paintball is a team sport, so you should coordinate well with your allies in the field. Good communication with your team will help you avoid blockade or ambush.

If you intend to move to the middle of the field, you must have a safe plan beforehand. You and your teammates should go slowly together for better observation and easier handling with enemies.

If you spot any enemy, announce your allies to find a good firing position to attack. Don’t try to strike alone because that makes you a target for enemies. Having support from your team can help you avoid more hits.

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Besides, it’s important to find and stay in a strategic position during a paintball game. A good position will help you stay longer in the game and eliminate more opponents.

Moreover, remember to watch carefully your surroundings so that you won’t trip or slip. Also, it’s better to move on your feet than crawling on the ground.

5. Choose high-quality paintballs

Poor-quality paintballs will be harder to break on hitting and cause more pain. So, you should negotiate with other participants to use high-quality paintballs in the game.

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Hopefully, the article has provided you with useful information about paintball shoot speed. This high speed is the cause of pain when you get a paintball hit. You can follow our instructions above to reduce the hurt and ensure your safety.

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