Currently, paintball is probably not strange to many people. Beautiful and quality paintball guns are almost every paint gunner’s dream.

One of them, we can’t help but mention the Empire Axe Pro paintball gun, a top paint gun on the market. To learn more about empire ax pro, we invite you to read our comprehensive review below.

In addition to providing general information, Paintballadvisors also offer you the best reference products on the market. Not only that, but the article also contains answers to the most frequently asked questions in this field.

Empire Axe Pro Review

empire axe pro review

This section will cover you with general information about Ax pro that you may not know. Accordingly, you will better understand this type of paint gun before deciding to own it.


empire axe pro review

In general, Empire Axe Pro is famous for its attractive and eye-catching design. In addition, the appearance of this paint gun is very compact and sharp.

Empire Ax Pro is impressed by its perfect curve instead of a sharp angle design like other brands.

As a result, Ax is easier to manipulate because of its large space and avoids slipping out of reach.

Besides, the diverse design of colors such as black, blue, red, silver also helps you have more special options for yourself.

Those who love beauty certainly cannot ignore the Empire.


One reason many people appreciate the Empire’s weight is the very lightweight nature of the gun.

Since then, users feel more comfortable holding this item, even holding it for a long time.


In terms of quality, Empire Ax confidently leads in paint guns at the same price.

Not only that, the lifespan of Ax is quite long and does not incur additional repair costs.

If you want persistence, the Empire will not let you down.


In addition to the above outstanding features, Empire Ax pro also has an impressive shooting performance in paintball products.

Accordingly, the accuracy is almost absolute and extremely smooth. Moreover, the speed of the bullet is quite fast without causing danger due to the very low operating pressure of the gun.

In general, Ax pro is the best choice for entertaining games.


For most paintball players, taking care of the sound is pretty much paramount. Because the sound is too loud, the enemy will detect your location.

The manufacturer of Ax understood that and released this gun. The sound of Ax is very small and can be silent.

Thanks to that, Ax pro will give you a great advantage on the battlefield.


Because Empire has a different design, the disassembly problem is also quite easy to do.

You will get a small tool kit that includes all the tools to help with the installation process when you purchase this product.

We can make sure the installation is not difficult, even if you are a newbie.


Another plus for Empire is the manufacturer’s warranty.

As we mentioned, Empire offers a full 30-day warranty on all of its products. Accordingly, you can return it if you have any quality problems.

Likes & Dislikes About Empire Axe Pro

Here, we will mention some advantages and disadvantages according to users’ opinions for your reference before deciding to buy this product.

What I Like About It

The first is the advantage of the Empire. In general, this paint gun stands out with many awesome things as follows:

  • Beautiful, high aesthetic
  • Quality
  • No noise
  • Safe
  • Light
  • Fast firing speed
  • With warranty

What I Did Not Like

Besides the advantages, Empire also has a few cons that you need to note are:

  • The price is a bit high for some versions
  • There are not too many different versions


If you want to equip yourself with a good paint gun in both quality and appearance, you should not skip this part.

Here are some solutions to help the cake choose their favorite paint gun:

1. Empire Ax Pro Paintball Orange

Empire Ax Pro 2.0 is a product that has improved quite a lot. Therefore, it is not surprising that this product has many outstanding advantages.

Typically, the design is smooth and lightweight due to the aluminum material. In addition, the color coordination of the parts is quite eye-catching.

In general, this product has similar characteristics to the advantages that we mentioned above.

2. Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Gun

Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Gun

Empire Ax 2.0 Paintball Gun is one of the paint guns that you should add to your collection.

In terms of features, advantages, and disadvantages, Paintball is similar to Empire products. Since we have mentioned it before, we will not repeat it here.

However, the color and design seem to be cooler than the paint guns on this list. This gun includes two versions:

  • Black version with white texture: quite impressive and mysterious
  • Black version combined with light pink: helps you express dynamism and highlights.

3. Empire Ax Pro Dust Tan

Empire Ax Pro Dust Tan

Finally, a product not to be missed on this list is the Empire Ax Pro 2.0 Marker, which includes two versions, dust tan, and dust olive.

Besides, the harmoniously combined colors help bring beauty to the gun. These colors also show the danger of a sniper.

Although most of the design and features are not much different from the other paintball models, the Marker has dominated the market with its beauty.


In addition to the above information, we will answer people’s questions about ax pro through the section below.

Can I use ax pro?

Because Ax has a fairly simple design, it is easy to use. From there, any adult can use Ax pro. For children, use must be under adult supervision. It is best not to use a paint gun for children.

Is Ax pro dangerous for users?

Almost all paintball guns are safe for everyone. The firing force of the gun is not nearly as strong to endanger the user. However, you need to wear protective gear to avoid splashing into your eyes and hurting your body.

How to choose an ax pro when you have no experience?

To choose your favorite gun model, you need to define your needs and desires. After that, you can go to the store to ask a consultant.

Or you can go to the e-commerce site to see if the product information suits your needs. Alternatively, you can ask experienced people for advice.


We hope you have more information about the Empire Axe Pro review. Besides, you can also choose for yourself the most suitable paint gun.

Do not forget to share the article with your friends if you find the information we provide usefully. Thanks for reading!

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