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What are The Similarities & Differences Between Splatball vs Paintball?

splatball vs paintball

Paintball is already too familiar to young people. Have you ever heard of splatball? Is there anything in common between splatball vs. paintball? What is the difference between them? Paintball Advisors will give you basic knowledge about these two exciting games in this article. Let’s explore together! What is Paintball? Paintball is an extreme sport…

Paintball CO2 vs. Compressed Air – What Is Difference?

paintball co2 vs compressed air 1

When playing with a paintball gun, people often pay a lot of attention to the pressure. So. which is better of paintball CO2 vs. compressed air? A tank usually contains CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen gas. Among them, CO2 and compressed air are the most popular. Paintball CO2 and compressed air both create pressure to…

DIY PVC Paintball Marker – How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand?

How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand 4

Many people would choose to buy ready-made stands at dedicated pro-shops, whereas others prefer to DIY and personalize their own gun stands. Despite a wide range of dimension options and additional features, the products available from retailers are prohibitively pricey. In fact, building this supportive component is quite straightforward. With some basic materials, you can…

How Do Airsoft Grenades Work? Everything You Should Know About Airsoft Grenades

how do airsoft grenades work 5

Airsoft is an exciting competitive sport because of its diversified gameplays. In this game, besides airsoft guns, airsoft grenades are also useful items. But to use this tool effectively, you need to know it well. How do airsoft grenades work? Most airsoft grenades contain an amount of gas or explosive locked inside by a pin….

Dye I4 Vs Dye I5 Comparison: What Is The Best Choice?

dye i4 vs i5 1

You’ve undoubtedly researched a Dye product if you’re searching for a good paintball mask that provides dependable field protection. This top brand is a typical pick for paintballers who would like their safety equipment to go the additional mile. The Dye i4 vs i5 are two of the most popular models from the company. By…

How Do Airsoft Guns Work? Beginner Guide To Electric, Gas, And Spring Airsoft Guns

how do airsoft guns work 4

Airsoft is a sport designed for recreational functions. One of the most necessary equipment of the sport is airsoft guns. Here, Paintball Advisors will help you to have a good knowledge of various types of airsoft guns, and the way of working in order to make good use of your purchase. Let’s refer to all…

The Age Requirement Of Paintball: How Old Do You Have To Be To Go Paintballing?

paintball age requirement 1

Are you looking for something fun today? You’ve come to the right place. Organizing a paintball gun battle may be the thing you are looking for. But before joining, we need to explore paintball age requirement. Paintball Advisors will answer all of your questions via this article. Let’s explore together! Paintball Age Requirements Paintball age…

How To Clean Paintball Mask? A Clean Lens For The Best Performance and Safety

how to clean paintball mask 3

A paintball mask is the most critical component among protective gear for this game. Despite the fun, paintball can be a dangerous sport without appropriate face and head protection. Because you’re going to wear this item on your face the entire game, you’d like to clean it regularly. No one wants goggles with a lot…

How To Use A Paintball Gun? Are You Ready To Fire The Paint

how to use a paintball gun 6

Pro paintball players have to show off outstanding tactical skills, quick reflexion, and, most importantly, precise shooting. If you can’t hit your opponents accurately, your team is the one to get paintballs! Using a paintball gun is not overly complicated but not so easy that you can just grab any gun and shoot. Today, we’ll…

What To Wear To Paintball? Discover 3+ Dressing Tips For Paintball Players

what to wear to paintball 1

When playing extreme sports, the quality of your garments and protective gear is critical to your success. The right clothing not only boosts your confidence but also gives you the ease of movement and high safety. When it comes to dressing for paintball, you can look for high-quality protective equipment at Paintball Advisors. Comfortable yet…