Top 10 Pro Paintball Players In The History – All That You Need To Know

If you are a paintball fan, you may have heard of some top paintball players in paintball history. They are all professional players who have dominated the sport and earned numerous titles in their careers.

Learning about their characteristics, lifestyle, and success can be a true inspiration for you to progress in the game. You will have more determination to practice and lead the team to victories.

This post compiles the top ten best pro players the sport ever witnessed. Continue reading, and I will show you.

How Do I Rank The Paintball Players?

The players in this list are ranked based on:

  • The time their professional careers last (playing in the top leagues of the sport).
  • The number of titles, trophies, and wins overall, including the World Championship, is the highest priority.
  • The way their knowledge, tactics, and skills impact the matches.
  • Their contributions to the team they played for.
  • Their contributions to the overall paintball field.
  • How they continued to leave an impact on the sport after retiring.

How The Players Performed In The Match Is Critical

The Top 12 Pro Paintball Players In The Game’s History

It doesn’t take the trophies and wins solely to make a great paintball player.

Although these are the most important factors, we must also consider their impact and contributions to the overall sport.

In addition, the players’ ethics, lifestyle, and attitude also play a critical role in determining their ranks. If a player earns the respect of everyone, including the opponents, he deserves to appear on this list.

1. Ryan Greenspan

Ryan Greenspan is undoubtedly the best paintball player in the history of this sport. His professional career lasted more than 20 years. Ryan was always the key player of the teams he played for.

He is a master of tactics who can play at various positions and leave an impact on all facets of the game. Outside the field, Ryan is also a reputable ambassador of the sport with noticeable work and contributions.

Ryan accumulated more than 50 titles and trophies with significant contributions to the San Diego Dynasty team during their successful era. His success made him the motivation of some top pro players nowadays.

If you want to know about how Ryan played, consider watching the video below.

2. Oliver Lang

When people think of the most successful individual player in the history of paintball, the name Oliver Lang comes to mind. With his incredible talents and leadership, Oliver Lang is a true inspiration for his teammates.

He possesses excellent tactical knowledge and skills. Oliver had dominated the paintball league for more than ten years before retiring.

3. Chris Latoya

As one of the most ruling players in paintball history, Chris Lasoya is a world-famous figure with his professional attitude and enormous vigor on the field. His pure love for this shooting sport is what drives him to success.

How he dominates the competitive paintball early game and his ability to lead teams to glory is fascinating. Many future superstars like Ollie Lang and Jon Richardson considered him their ultimate inspiration.

4. Konstantin Fedorov

The Russian paintball player has dominated the US and European professional leagues for over 20 years. He moved to US professional leagues from a Russian team with a strong desire to dominate the sport.

Konstantin is able to figure out the opponents’ weaknesses and develop the proper counter-strategies to exploit them. With a unique battling style and a relentless thirst for victories, he had reaped numerous titles in his career.

5. Alex Goldman

Ranked fifth is Alex Goldman, a very talented and successful paintball player.

The regular players can barely match up with his extraordinary physical ability. It is very hard to slow Alex down in the game due to his great speed and stamina.

He possesses a mental sharpness that drives him to do his best in every game.

That’s why Alex earned the respect of so many players, including his opponents. He had won countless professional competitions throughout his career.

6. Todd Adamson

As a support player, Todd Adamson has demonstrated the importance of this role in the game. With Todd as a critical player in its lineup, the Aftershock team had dominated all opponents in the league.

Like a chess player, he can sketch out a plan elaborately to read the enemy’s position and defeat them. For his outstanding contributions and performance, Todd was recognized as the best support player.

After retiring, Todd went on to leave his mark in the field by launching the Extreme Rage, which provides high-end paintball gear.

7. Mishka Kniazev

If you love paintball, you may have heard of Mishka Kniazev, another non-US pro player. He is the most excellent record holder of this sport with 7 total World Cups. Mishka’s title collection is a dream of any single paintball player.

He was the nightmare of any team with an elite ability to play and lead the teams to the final and win the league. His mental sharpness and unmatched leading skills had made Russian one of the most dominant regions today in paintball, along with his teammate Konstantin Federov.

8. Angel Zaragoza

Victory is so much easier to achieve if you have Angel Zaragoza on the team.

He is in charge of a snake player. He shows everyone how effective, aggressive and methodical he can truly be in the early years.

During his prime, Angel was determined to face some of the most skillful players in the game. He defeats the opponents with his speed and stamina without hesitation and gets countless titles.

9. Marty Bush

With high precision, Marty Bush was appreciated by numerous tacticians.

He is a master of tactics with the ability to consider any terrain and point out every strength and weakness.

Marty possesses an excellent strategy thinking that assists in regulating the players and teams in the best position.

He can take advantage of opponents’ weaknesses and turn the whole game over.

10. Archie Montemayor

Archie Montemayor is perhaps one of the complete paintball players you have ever seen. He has every skill a pro player desires in a paintball game: the ability to read the match, speed, marker skill, and flexibility.

He was always a crucial part of any lineup he played for in the tournament since the mid-2000s. Archie is a versatile player with the ability to play every single spot on the field with excellent performance.

Top 10 Paintball Players In The History


How Much Do Professional Paintballers Make? 

The salaries of professional paintballers vary vastly based on the regions they played in and their performance in the game. The average annual income of one paintballer in California is $65,000, while the figure is $46,000 in New York.

If you are the top player, though, you surely earn much more than these figures.

What is the biggest paintball tournament?

The most significant paintball tournament at the moment is Oklahoma D-Day.

The event was initiated in 1997 in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, and has been held every June of the year, with the participation of 137 players.

Does Oliver Lang Still Slay Paintball?

Oliver Lang possesses the most wins in the game’s history. He is surely one of the greatest paintball players of all time. Unfortunately, you can no longer watch him play as Oliver has retired.

Which Is The Most Successful Paintball Team In The World?

It is the San Diego Dynasty. The team has finished first in 60 major professional competitions and leagues with reputable players, such as Oliver Gang and Ryan Greenspan, in the lineup.

Final Thoughts

Did you find your favorite player on this list? Who do you love most? Does their success motivate you to work harder and become better at the game?

If you find the information in this post helpful, don’t hesitate to share it.

Thank you for reading!

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