Paintball Vs Airsoft: Which Is The Best Choice?

When it comes to fun war games, there may be two game titles crossing your mind at the same time: paintball vs. airsoft.

The most significant difference is that airsoft is a battle simulation in which you use guns that look like real firearms. On the other hand, Paintball uses a special paintball gun to shoot paintballs.

Discovery UK will discuss some features that set each game apart from the other. Let’s check and determine which one is better!

What Is Paintball? 

Paintball is a fun and enjoyable warfare game where players will try to combat their opponents.

The gun, which looks less like a real one, will shoot capsules composed of water-soluble paste with a gelatin casing.

What Is Airsoft?

You will enjoy a more dramatic combat experience with the airsoft. The weapons look like genuine firearms, and you’ll be firing non-metallic, round pellets that also mimic real bullets.

This game doesn’t have any standards to follow. Hence, every site will provide you with a different concept to play it.

Differences Between Paintball Vs Airsoft 

You will shoot something at your enemies in both warfare games to defeat them. This rule is the only characteristic that they share in common.

You may easily notice the difference between these games. Let’s have a look at the following factors before choosing which to play.

Equipment used

Paintballs necessitate the use of more equipment, such as a mask, tank, hopper, and paintball marker.

In airsoft, you’ll need a good gun and BBs that are suitable for your particular gun type.

You’ll also need protective eyewear, and some sites may ask you to wear a face mask. Everything else for pleasure or protection is entirely up to you.


Guns in airsofts resemble the real ones
Guns in airsofts resemble the real ones

The gun in paintballs has two components: the hopper and the tank. They work with HPA (High-pressure air), but some models use CO2.

When playing airsoft, you use a full-fledged firearm (of course, it’s fake). For beginners, though, there are two-toned guns instead. These guns are rechargeable with spring, CO2, or batteries.


The sites will regulate the maximum velocity. Once you walk into the field, you have to follow the rule.

Most sides will likely limit paintball firearms to less than 300 fps (feet per second).

On the other hand, Airsoft grounds are a little more forgiving, allowing for speeds of roughly 300 to 500 fps.


BB bullets and magazines are the two most common airsoft accessories. Those included in paintball, on the other hand, are more complicated.

The gun used in paintballs has hoppers and paintballs. The hopper is where you can see the paintballs before firing them.

There are several different speeds for shooting balls from a hopper into a gun. Hence, determining which one is best for your skill is critical.

You may also get hoppers that store more balls than others, allowing you to bring your game to the next level.

Paintball is more enjoyable for many people since it is fun, colorful, and entertaining. However, the guns in this game are much heavier and more difficult to reload.

You can quickly load the magazines and draw out the gun when you go for the other option. It’s small and lightweight. You won’t need many accessories to get out on the ground.

Guns in paintballs are heavier 
Guns in paintballs are heavier

Contact with other players 

In paintballs, players will nearly always be able to make physical contact. You can use either a barrel or a toy blade to attack your opponents.

Different airsoft sites apply different rules. However, most allow you to yell “bang” rather than shoot your opponents when they are near to you.

Some establishments also allow you to bring a plastic or foam toy knife to aid in eliminating opponents.

Paintballs have a standardized set of rules
Paintballs have a standardized set of rules


A decent gun used for paintballs often costs more than $100. The balls come in packs or cases containing roughly 2,000 balls. The pack may easily cost $30 or more, depending on your chosen balls.

Meanwhile, you can buy airsoft for $100. In some cases, it may cost less than $50. For a box of 5,000 BB bullets, pellets can cost from $10 to $20.

Comparison table 

Criteria Paintball Airsoft
Equipment used Gun, paintballs, mask, tank, hopper, and paintball maker Gun, BBs, eyewear, and facemask
Guns Having two components; charged by HPA or CO2 Real-gun look, charged by spring, CO2, or batteries
Range Less than 300 fps 300 to 500 fps
Accessories Hoppers and paintballs BB bullets and magazines
Contact Physical contact Say “bang” to eliminate the opponents
Cost Gun: more than $100

Balls: $30 for 2,000 balls

Gun: less than $100

Bullets: $20 for 5,000 bullets

Pros And Cons Of Paintball And Airsoft 

Paintball is a faster-paced battle, but people play it mainly for fun. Its weapons are less realistic than those used in the other game.

On the other hand, airsoft is a more realistic simulation of military engagement, particularly in tournaments.

The games bring you different experience 
The games bring you different experience

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both games. They will assist you in determining which one you would prefer.



  • More popular
  • Standardized rules
  • More fun
  • Clear hit markers


  • Quite messy



  • Cheaper
  • Realistic combat experience
  • Longer range
  • Less messy


  • Accuracy is difficult.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better? 

If you’re searching for a serious game with real firearms and ammo, airsoft should be your way to go. Meanwhile, paintball is a fun way to add color and thrill to your day.

It all comes to your personal preference to determine the real winner. You can try both of them and then name the better one based on your experience.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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