Paintball Tank Refill: How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor?

Imagine that you are ready to attack the field with a paintball gun on hand, but it runs out during the battle. You will need to replenish it to rejoin the game. So, do you know the step-by-step method to fill paintball tank with air compressor?

Filling a paintball tank that does not take too much time is not the same as putting air into a tire. All you have to do is look through our instructions before getting into it. If you need any paintball equipment, we will help you figure out the ideal one.

How To Fill (CO2/HPA) Paintball Tank With an Air Compressor?

We are sure that you have heard of Paintball guns or Paintball Markers. This paintball marker fires gelatin capsules, commonly known as paintball, that are filled with paint and used to mark your enemy. 

The best paintball gun will be responsible for the most precise capsule shooting. You can rely on the instructions in the video below to better know.

How To Fill a Paintball Tank With an Air Compressor?
Filling PaintBall Tank With Air Compressor

Step 1: Determining The PSI Of Your Tank

An air tank includes a gauge which will show the ideal PSI quantity. The highest pressure ranges between 4500 and 4700 PSI, and yours will never be more than that.

Step 2: Attaching To The Filling Nipple

Test the attachment which is attached to your tank carefully. After you connect it to the air tank, there must be a small O-ring to keep air not to escape. You will refill the air tank since air can escape through that surface where the O-ring is missing.

Unless the O-ring is missing, just back the attachment’s collar until you have already exposed the center needle. Via a nipple, connect this needle to the air tank.

You can ensure that it is secure by jiggling that hose slightly. The connection will be secure.

Step 3: Filling Your Tank Slowly

Once you witness that the attachment is secure, carefully let the air flow out the tank. Accomplishing this by pressing down the compressor’s lever is possible. There are buttons on some compressors, so notice you pay carefully.

In either situation, do not press the button for long. Rather than filling quickly, fill it slowly. The gauge pointer must be upward when the filling takes place.

The PSI level of a CO2 paintball tank ranges between 3000 to 4500, you have to know which segment your tank is in.

Step 4: Monitoring Both Gauges

Two gauges attached to the paintball tank: the first for your pistol and the second for compressed air. It is a great way to watch both whilst filling up the air tank to check the gauges’ functionality carefully. Both these gauges should usually remain constant, showing that they are in good functioning order.

Watch Two Gauges Of The Air Compressor
Watch Two Gauges Of The Air Compressor

Step 5: Filling It Slowly

When filling or refilling a tank, the common error is filling it too rapidly. It will occur when pressing the button or lever too long.

The air merely shoots out of its compressor into the tank, raising the gauge. Do not want to occur since it will break the air tank and lead you to misjudge the tank’s contents.

And if you are not using this tank, it may heat the air and the gauges will fall soon after separation. To prevent this, fill the tank slowly. Let the tank run dry for 10-15 minutes when you have filled it up.

Step 6: Releasing The Compressor’s Pressure

Air Compressor
Air Compressor

Many newcomers may overlook this crucial stage. When you’re finished with the refill air process, the compressor may still keep a small air quantity inside it.

The release valve of the compressor is to let the air out. By pushing this valve,  all the remaining air will escape. Do not worry if you hear a “whoosh” sound.

Failure to discharge the pressure might cause trouble because it implies that air still flows via the hose after you have released the pressure. This can harm the tank, mainly the nipple.

Step 7: Removing Hoses

You may now disconnect the hose after releasing the pressure from the attachment. You should do everything else, starting from the collar. Remove the hose by pulling it down. Return the hose to its original position mostly on the table, and you are ready.

Precautions When Filling A Paintball Tank

Filling paintball tanks is a simple yet careful procedure. We believe you now understand how to fill them using air compressors. However, there are several precautions you should take to ensure your safety.

All paintball tanks have a PSI gauge that shows you how much air they can hold. Don’t overfill the container beyond the capacity specified. Also, take your time when opening the release valve.

Precautions When Filling A Paintball Tank

If opening it too quickly, the air within your tank will grow heated and finally waste. This task isn’t as difficult as it appears if following the directions properly. However, it is also necessary to adhere to safety precautions.

If you make the move without taking precautions, you could wind yourself leaking air. Remember to not proceed with the transmission if you find any leaking. It may be dangerous. Have a good day playing paintball.

Final Thoughts

Replenishing your paintball pistol’s air tank is as easy as placing the correct pieces together. Notice that this procedure on filling a CO2/HPA paintball tank with air compressor will be more automatic once you get used to it.

Remember that playing regularly means frequent replenishing. Unless you can not pay for it, spending the budget on your air compressor may save you an enormous amount of money in small costs.

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