How To Fill A Co2 Paintball Tank?

Many of us have certainly experienced the excitement of participating in an air gun battle. However, to prepare your airgun in the best condition for the full fun, you must know how to fill a co2 paintball tank.

Don’t worry, Discovery UK will tell you how to do that. Our article below will provide you with useful content.

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How To Fill A Co2 Paintball Tank?

To be able to do it on our own, what we need to do includes the following steps.

  • Step 1: Prepare special tools and cool a co2 paintball tank
  • Step 2: Attach the station to the paintball tank
  • Step 3: Proceed to connect the paintball tank to the co2 station
  • Step 4: Fixed by closing and adjusting the valve

Step-by-step Instructions To Fill A Co2 Paintball Tank

In this section, we will show you in detail what we need to do to make sure the steps are carried out successfully.

Step 1: Prepare Special Tools And Cool A Co2 Paintball Tank

You can buy these specialized tools on reputable websites on amazon or you can ask for help from friends.

  • CO2 tank
  • Filling station with dual valve
  • Standard wrench

After preparing the tools, you will proceed to cool your CO2 tank before refilling a co2 paintball tank

Even a co2 paintball tank needs to be refrigerated. We can cool by soaking them in ice water or using a cooling system. The reason is that when you cool the tank, the CO2 in the tank will be compressed and condensed so that you can continuously charge.

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Step 2: Attach The Station To The Paintball Tank

After your CO2 tank cools down, place it on a flat surface like your desk. You will then use a wrench to tighten the suction nozzle (the tube between the CO2 tank and a co2 paintball tank).

This step is called fastening the station so that the air after being charged will not escape.

Step 3: Proceed To Connect The Paintball Tank To The Co2 Station

Now you can proceed to open the valve to let CO2 from the CO2 tank into the co2 paintball tank. During this process, you can use a scale to measure whether the amount of air charged to your co2 paintball tank is appropriate or not.

Surely, you need to pay attention to open the valve slowly to avoid the massive amount of CO2 gas moving, leading to an accident.

Step 4: Fixed By Closing And Adjusting The Valve

After a CO2 paintball tank is full, you just need to close the drain valve from the CO2 tank. Note that you must close the exhaust valve from the CO2 tank before you close the valve at the co2 paintball tank. Closing like this will remind you of the CO2 supply from the large tank and ensure safety during the charging process.

Be careful not to fill your A to the max. Instead, you should leave a certain amount of space. The reason for this is that a co2 paintball tank will be heavy and very prone to problems when falling to the floor.

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How To Make The Best Use Of Co2 Paintball Tanks

Of course, to be able to use your paintball continuously and for a long time, you must know how to properly protect your paintball gun toy.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Check the tank’s condition continuously to know the current status of your paintball guns
  • When an abnormality is detected, it must be handled quickly: either replace it with a new one or refill it immediately
  • Maintain paintball tanks and co2 tanks properly, avoid places with lots of light or moisture.
  • Know how to properly refill co2 and paintball tanks to avoid problems later on.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Co2 Paintball Tank

Of course, a co2 paintball tank also has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them to see how they are!


There are two types of CO2 tanks that we can use for our co2 paintball tank: disposable and refillable. That’s why most players like CO2 refills, they are cheap, but players can also control when and how much CO2 to best suit their air gun.

Besides, almost everywhere sells CO2 which is very compact and convenient.


However, using CO2 also has certain disadvantages.

One of them is CO2 that will cool your gun during combat. The reason is that when the liquid CO2 expands to release the ball from the gun, the CO2 will immediately cool down. The more bullets fired, the more CO2 will cool and eventually create an uncomfortably cool for the gun and the wielder.

There are even a few tiny snow-like drops on the gun that are liquid nitrogen gas that has been produced in the process of CO2 cooling.

Besides, if the outside temperature changes, the co2 will change the pressure inside the paintball tank. At that time, the paintball when fired will be able to be directed or not compressed enough to reach the target.

Also, with multiple paintballs you fire at the same time, there is a chance that co2 doesn’t have enough time to prepare to expand. And so, if the next paintball wants to shoot, he has to wait a little longer.

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Knowing how to fill a co2 paintball tank will help you solve many questions. Above all, when you can do it yourself, you will be more confident and comfortable with your favorite air gun sport.

Do not hesitate any longer, recharge yourself and challenge yourself and your friends to another battle. Wish you success from the first time.

Thank you for your interest in the article.

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