How To Clean Paintball Mask? A Clean Lens For The Best Performance and Safety

A paintball mask is the most critical component among protective gear for this game. Despite the fun, paintball can be a dangerous sport without appropriate face and head protection.

Because you’re going to wear this item on your face the entire game, you’d like to clean it regularly. No one wants goggles with a lot of sweat and grime to touch their skin. Plus, a clean mask keeps you safe yet ensures an all-around vision.

And we believe our useful guide on how to clean paintball mask will help your equipment can be used for a long time

Now, let’s dive into it!

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Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Paintball Mask?

Cleaning your paintball mask is not just about making it look new and shiny. On the other hand, clean goggles come with plenty of tangible benefits.

Enhance Your Performance

A good vision contributes greatly to your accuracy and quickness on the field.

If your lens is full of paint, you won’t be able to detect the opponents sneaking up and waiting to fire at you. Plus, the grime will be an annoying distraction that deters you from focusing on your target.

Having a wide-angle vision does enhance your in-game performance. After all, you only do best when you can see what’s happening around you.

Improve Safety

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A clean paintball mask protects your head and face not only from paintballs but also from the hidden cracks. If your lens is damaged or deformed, you can easily find out because the mask is crystal clear.

On the other hand, a dirty mask with debris and broken paint would prevent you from identifying the cracks. A decent impact may break the lens, leading to grievous injuries.

Clean masks last longer

Thorough clean-up and maintenance can do wonders for your paintball mask’s durability.

As dry paint sits on your lens for a long time, it can damage the material. Straps, padding, vents, and other parts will also be easier to break.

If you clean and maintain your goggles properly, they’ll go with you for years to come. Who wants to buy a paintball mask just to see it wear out fast?

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How To Clean Paintball Mask?

The good news is that cleaning a paintball mask is not complicated. Our detailed guidelines include four easy steps:

  • Inspect the lens
  • Get rid of excessive splattered paint
  • Clean the inside of the mask
  • Re-check the lens

Inspect The Lens

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The very first step before you clean your mask is to give the lens a careful yet gentle inspection.

The lens is the most fragile part of the mask, and it directly protects your eyes – a very sensitive area. Therefore, it’s pretty crucial to make sure your lens functions properly.

This inspection should focus on identifying dirty areas and, most importantly, defections, like cracks, faults, or loose corners.

We suggest placing the lens against the light to find out deformities more easily. Plus, cracks are usually around the edges, so you should pay attention to all these spots on your mask.

In case you detect a fracture, we advise you to discard and replace the lens right away, no matter how small or negligible it is.

A lens should last around one year if you treat it carefully and it doesn’t suffer any scratch or defection.

Get Rid Of The Splattered Paint

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Once you are done inspecting the lens and ensuring there is no more imperfection, the next step is to get rid of excessive splattered paint and debris on the outside.

You can simply wash off the paint, mud, or dirt using water in your kitchen sink. One thing to note is that a high-pressure stream of water may damage the lens. Thus, it’s better to use water that has low pressure.

Besides, you need to place the mask perpendicular to the water stream. Because spraying at extreme angles may cause the water to leak in between the dual panes of the thermal lens, resulting in poor visibility

Made of water-soluble materials, paintballs are super easy to clean. It should take you just some minutes to rinse off all the splatters and dirt.

Another tip is to rinse the paintball goggles with hot water. A high temperature will help much in knocking off the paint splatters, leaving your mask roughly clean.

After rinsing, you need to put it in a well-ventilated place and allow it to air dry for several hours. Once the goggles are dry, it’s time to get rid of the remaining headstrong splatter residue.

You use a microfiber cloth with some lens cleaner to wipe down the mask. This step should remove any remaining paint.

Clean the Mask Interior

The intense game makes you sweat a lot. Thus, the outer aside, you have to clean the interior surface as well. Please note, the inside of your thermal lens is very delicate, so you’d better avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Running water is a fine solution if the inside doesn’t get too wet. We can’t spray the water down as we do with the exterior since there isn’t much paint in the mask interior.

The best solution is a combination of a microfiber cloth and a dab of lens cleaner.

Re-check the lens

The final step may seem to be a redundancy, but it’s always advisable to inspect the lens again. There’s a possibility that you missed some tiny scratches or cracks the first time. When it comes to safety and personal protection, you’d better be a little overly careful.

For now, your goggles are completely clean and safe. You’re ready for the next adventure!

Final Thoughts

Again, a clean lens is an indispensible presence for a good paintball game. Only when you get great visibility can you show off an outstanding performance.

In such a fast game, safety should always be the top priority. Taking care of the paintball goggles regularly would be a big part of your personal protection.

Hopefully, our step-by-step guide on how to clean paintball mask can help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Thank you for reading!

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