Paintball Marker Cleaning: How To Clean A Paintball Gun?

After paintball games, you need to thoroughly clean the paintball gun. In this way, your paintball gun will have good performance and last longer.

If you leave it uncleaned for a long time, the residue will build up and clog the gun. Then, you may need to invest in a new paintball gun. So, to save your budget, let’s learn to clean your paintball gun.

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How To Clean A Paintball Gun?

The proper cleaning process for your paintball gun includes the following steps.

  • Take out the gun’s air tank
  • Disassemble the paintball gun
  • Scrub the barrel
  • Clean the gun’s body
  • Wipe down the bolt and hammer
  • Get the grip frame cleaned
  • Check the gun’s batteries
  • Inspect the entire gun for damages
  • Maintain the gun with oil and lubricant

Reassemble your paintball gun

Now let’s check out the details of each step.

1. Take out the gun’s air tank

Before you do any cleaning, you need to remove the gun’s air tank. This step is to avoid any accidental fire and keep yourself and the people around safe.

The air tank contains CO2 gas to power the paintball gun. So if you don’t take it out, it may misfire and cause injuries or damages. Most paintball guns come with a degas function, so you can check and degas your gun.

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2. Disassemble the paintball gun

The next step is to take the gun to pieces. It’s necessary to refer to the gun’s schematics to disassemble it correctly.

If you don’t have the schematic on hand, you can search for it on the manufacturer’s website. There are also many videos guiding paintball gun disassembly on Youtube that you can consult.

You will have to remove the barrel, bolt, hammer, grip frame, and hopper. It’s better to arrange these pieces in the correct order and close to each other. In this way, you can later reassemble your gun more easily.

3. Scrub the barrel

The cleaning process will start with the barrel. First, you should wash the outside of the barrel to get rid of any debris. For cleaning tiny dust, you can use a barrel swab.

Next, you need to use a squeegee to clean the barrel’s interior. Pull the squeegee through the barrel to remove any residue inside. Then, wipe it again with hot water and paper, and let it dry.

4. Clean the gun’s body

You can use a wet cloth and wipe off the dirt on the gun’s body. To clean the hard-reach areas, cotton buds or small brushes will be helpful.

If there are any stubborn stains and paint, you can scrub it with a soft toothbrush. You should carefully clean the entire gun’s body to avoid any jamming.

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5. Wipe down the bolt and hammer

The paintball’s bolt and hammer need to be free of dirt to attain their best performance. You should use a damp cloth to wipe down these pieces. Then, wipe them to dry with paper towels.

Besides, you need to check the O-rings to see if they are in good condition or not. If they get heavy damage, you will have to replace them with new ones.

6. Get the grip frame cleaned

To remove any dried paint or debris on the grip frame, you can use a wet cotton bud. Make sure that you don’t take the trigger apart because it’s hard to reassemble. To handle the stuck-on dirt, you can rub the grip frame with a brush.

7. Check the gun’s batteries

To ensure the operation of your paintball gun during your game, its batteries must be full. Thus, you need to check the batteries and replace them if necessary.

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8. Inspect the entire gun for damages

After each game, it’s necessary to inspect your paintball gun thoroughly. This step is to check if any part of the gun needs repair or change.

First, you should take a look at the O-rings covering the gun’s air tank. You need to change these O-rings if they are dry or have cracks. Good O-rings will help you perform well on the field.

After that, move on to the inner parts and check all the strings and screws. If any of them get damaged, you should substitute them with new ones. In this way, you can keep your gun from breaking down during your game.

9. Maintain the gun with oil and lubricant

By this step, your paintball gun has been completely clean. It’s time to maintain the gun with oil and lubricant so that it can operate smoothly.

You should read the instruction manual to know which oil and lubricant you can use. Besides, all the parts of the gun must be completely dry before you apply any oil.

Also, don’t use too much oil. Excessive oil will drip from your gun and affect your performance. Remember to fully lubricate the O-rings.

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10. Reassemble your paintball gun

After cleaning and maintaining your paintball gun, you will put all the pieces back together. You need to be very careful at this step to reassemble the gun correctly.

You should check again the schematic and assemble the pieces one by one. Don’t rush at this step because the wrong assembly can damage your gun.

Final Words

A clean gun is important for a perfect paintball game. Moreover, by cleaning and maintaining your paintball gun properly, you can lengthen its lifespan.

You can follow the steps above to have your paintball gun thoroughly cleaned. Remember to check the instruction manual in advance to ensure the right cleanup. Also, visit our website every day to update more news about paintball guns.

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