Dye I4 Vs Dye I5 Comparison: What Is The Best Choice?

You’ve undoubtedly researched a Dye product if you’re searching for a good paintball mask that provides dependable field protection. This top brand is a typical pick for paintballers who would like their safety equipment to go the additional mile.

The Dye i4 vs i5 are two of the most popular models from the company. By the way, these models are in stock of Discovery UK, in which you can get the best paintball mask or any gear equipment.

We’ve outlined the significant distinctions between Dye i4 vs i5 to assist you in selecting the best mask for your requirements.

What Are Dye I4 And Dye I5 Paintball Mask? 

While these masks appear similar at first sight, several vital distinctions enable each to be more suitable for specific needs.

Dye I4 Paintball Mask

dye i4 vs i5 4

Would you mind focusing on the primary spec of each mask before breaking down the significant distinctions between them? Despite being less expensive, the Dye i4 has impressive specifications, such as a thermal anti-fog two-pane lens.

It is classified as ultra-light, making it a light selection. Because of a  290-degree angle of view, the Dye i4 also provides a strong field of view. It also performs exceptionally well regarding peripheral vision.

If you want to change the foam padding in the mask, the i4 may leave you dissatisfied. However, this Dye model provides excellent UV protection, enabling you to play paintball in the brightest circumstances. This mask also offers adequate ear protection.

The mask comes with flexible and soft earpieces, providing complete ear protection, substantially lowering the risk of harm if a paintball shot lands too near the eardrum.

However, for chin protection, the Dye i4 falls short. This mask provides a minimal level of chin coverage compared to the dye i5 and others.

The Dye i4 provides outstanding quality sound. You may anticipate crystal-clear vision both outside and inside the helmet. This mask will ensure that you are always attentive to your surroundings.

Their helmet’s high sound quality makes it a viable mask option for those seeking to include voice communication during their game. Besides, you can change between several lens pieces quickly with this mask.

You should be able to swap lenses in less than 10 seconds because most users may find this amply designed mask comfortable. However, those with more enormous skulls should avoid it. Once correctly fitted, there is enough space inside the cover to be worn pleasantly over sunglasses.

Dye I5 Paintball Mask

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The Dye i5 is worth considering for those with a more significant budget. In comparison to the primary i4, this premium mask model provides some important advantages.

The i5 features a double thermal pane lens, just like the prior model. However, with anti-fogging solid characteristics, it is also good at preventing condensation. The mask comes in several color choices as well.

There are above twenty distinct colorways to select from in all. The Dye i5  is also one of the lightest on the market. Just like the i4, it comes under the ultra-light segment. Lenses may be changed in a matter of seconds, with the majority of replacements requiring less than 10 seconds.

However, the Dye i4 has the same field of view. This mask has a 290-degree line of vision, making it a good choice for those who want excellent peripheral vision. For UV protection, the i5 also performs admirably. It also provides good hearing protection.

Dye i5 comes with flexible and smooth earpieces that provide thorough buffering over incoming paintball bullets. In addition, compared to its counterpart, this mask type offers additional chin protection.

Those searching for more sophisticated chin protection for competitive situations should check into something more extensive. There are some noticeable differences between the i5 and the i4.

The ability to adjust foam cushions is the primary advantage of Dye i5. Thanks to a push-button system that allows you to change outdated foam inserts, changes are straightforward and quick. The rotary dial strap adjustability is another user-friendly quality.

Dye I4 Vs Dye I5 Paintball Mask Comparison

Dye i5 and i4 are both excellent masks. They are so wonderful that purchasers are frequently perplexed as to which one should purchase. If you seek these products or anything similar online, you see the same problem.

dye i4 vs i5 1

Replaceable Foam

The i5 includes a foam cushion that can be changed and removed with ease. There are also lots of foam kits available for this model. It only takes a few seconds to switch out and you’re ready to go.

We believe that replaceable foam is critical since it would be a pity to discard a perfect mask merely since this foam has worn out.

However, the i4 lacks replacement foam. You can remove the previous foam and change it with an i5 foam component using a DIY project that requires adhesive, essential equipment, and time, but it does not come with changeable foam.

Dial Adjustable Dial Strap

The i5 sports a fantastic dial rotary strap, which you can adjust in any direction. This remarkable feature allows you to remove the mask to get some fresh air and then put it back on in just seconds. It is the i4’s standard loop thing, which you control with your fingers.

Chin Protection

The i5 has a bigger screen than its counterpart. As a result, the chin has received most of the additional surface area. While, i5 does not wholly conceal your chin, leaving your chin exposing, especially ideal for your pronounced jawline.

Other Specific Differences

dye i4 vs i5

There are numerous more distinctions than the ones mentioned above. The i5 makes it easier to communicate than the i4. The sounds on i5 have improved as well.

Also compatible is the wireless eVOKE gadget. In addition, the i5 includes a built-in attachment for attaching compact or travel cameras.

There is roughly a $60 price difference between these masks. The i4 is exceptionally appealing if the pricing is proper for you since it is nearly identical to the i5 but for the more extensive cover and changeable foam function.

Therefore, deciding between Dye i4 and i5 is solely based on the kind of qualities you desire from yours. If you have a greater budget, consider purchasing the Dye i5.


Despite the Dye i5’s superiority over its counterpart, both of them are classic designs. Although average comfort is comparable, the i5 provides more robust chin security and more pleasant harness modifications. For eyesight, lens innovation is also well matched.

However, throughout the detailed comparison of Dye i4 vs i5 above, it is clear that the i5 outperforms the i4 in several respects.

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