Does Paintball Stain Clothes? 3 Useful Tips For Cleaning The Stains

Paintball is a fun and risk-free sport. Even so, you should dress appropriately as you can be get shot by the guns. So, does paintball stain clothes?

This game may leave stains on your garment. However, they are washable. Depending on the substances, some paint may be harder to clean.

Today, Discovery UK will discuss these paint stains in detail. You can also learn how to handle them effectively. Let’s follow our post!

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What Are Paintballs Made Of? 

The primary substance of paintball is gelatin, a pharmaceutical food coloring. It, in fact, comes with two hard gelatin shells (typically starch) soldered together and loaded with food coloring.

Polyethylene glycol, glycerin, sorbitol, and water are the most common ingredients in interior composition.

The balls are also non-toxic and recyclable. They can be in any hue and are usually vivid to make it easier to find the contact imprint. There are even some that are sparkly.

Some people like to use red. However, this color is not advisable, and several paintball sites even ban it since it’s hard to distinguish from blood.

The impact force varies greatly depending on the manufacturers and bullet ranges. Most of the balls you’ll see on the battlefield during your game will have a low to modest marking power.

On the other hand, balls in tournaments will be considerably more fluid and have a stronger hitting force.

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Does Paintball Stain Clothes? 

Paintballs do not stain your clothes forever since they are biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble compounds instead of actual paint.

If you rinse the paint-stained clothes right after using a pretreatment cleanser, the colored marks will peel off easily.

However, even if you wash your clothes carefully after the game, some paintballs may damage the cloth more than others. Three factors that affect the ability of the paint’s discoloration are:


Paintballs dyed in pink and red are more damaging. The culinary coloring in the paint solution is to blame for this.

Because red is a more intense color, it can seep into your clothing easier, particularly if you are wearing light or white colors. Hence, wear dark-colored clothes to prevent this problem from happening.

does paintball stain clothes


You can define the ball quality in three terms:

  • The durability of the shell
  • Its resistance (which keeps it from shattering in the launcher)
  • Its fragility (which promotes fracture on impact)

Because the solution is less water-soluble, low-quality balls may stain clothing more.

Please remember that some paintball stores sell low-quality equipment. As a result, it’s critical to guarantee the paintballs’ condition while selecting the right site to play.

Items of poor condition affect your experience in the game. Moreover, they are not safe enough to use. You will find the cheap paintballs hard, and they pinch your skin much more.

Manufacturing date

This factor is closely related to the equipment’s quality. It would be best to use the gear right after their manufacturing date. Once they are dry, they will stain your garments more.

It’s better to go to popular paintball establishments where players come regularly. They have to buy more balls to adapt to the high demand. Hence, their balls are always new.

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How To Remove Paintball Stains? 

Do not wait a few days to wash your clothes as you would with food. The longer you leave, the longer the paint soaks into the fibers.

Follow these steps to wash your clothes thoroughly:

Step 1: Wash your clothes

When you arrive home from the battlefield, you need to immediately throw all the outfits in the washing machine.

If the clothing is too dirty, put it under the running water first. This treatment will help reduce the task for your washing machine.

Then, pour detergent and set the usual cycle like you often wash your clothes.

Once the cycle is over, visually check all items to ensure that you have removed all stains. Then, transfer them to the dryer.

Generally, no stains will linger if you clean the clothing immediately after your game. If you still notice some residue, move to the next step.

Step 2: Apply stain remover

Follow the manufacturer’s directions in this step. Brush lightly to assist in stain removal.

When you’ve finished scrubbing it, put it in the washer and run another washing process.

Step 3: Dry your clothes

You can put your garments in the dryer or let them air dry. They should have the same look as they did before they started playing your game.

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Extra Tips For Removing Paintball Stains 

Aside from the complete instructions we have shared, you can also try these tips to minimize your problems after the game.

Wear dark clothes

Dark-colored clothing is simpler to wash than lighter-colored ones. Furthermore, stains on light-colored garments look ugly since dark shades may easily hide the dyed marks.

Designate garments for the game day

In the long term, frequent paintballing will cause discoloration on the cloth. Setting aside specific clothing just for the game can help you avoid damaging your favorite items.

You should also keep in mind that other variables might cause fabric deterioration in addition to the paint.

Game activities such as spying through shrubs and along different terrains, hopping, and diving can ruin the fabrics.

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Separate dirty clothing from others

Put the paintball apparel away from other clothes, especially white and delicate fabrics. Try to wash them separately to avoid annoying other clean stuff.


Paintballs do not discolor your garments if they are of decent quality. Problems can arise when the material is not good enough.

However, if you leave your clothing in a corner when you return from your game, the late laundry may annoy you.

Hopefully, we have satisfactorily answered your question. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!


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