Does Paintball Hurt With Armor? Expert’s Guides

Paintball is a type of sport that offers many exciting things to learn, such as teamwork, concentration, and carefulness.

But there is still the fear of the above happening. Many people share a fear of pain when participating in this subject. So, does paintball hurt with armor?

The article will give you the complete answer to the above problem.

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Does Paintball Hurt With Armor?

Does Paintball Hurt With Armor? Expert's Guides 1
Does it hurt you

The answer is Yes. The telltale sign when a paintball hits you is pain and stinging. Many people describe it as a regular snap or touch, and it is up to each individual to consider this mild or painful.

Each shot can cause mild bruising. Of course, players can also easily recognize it, but this is not so serious that you have to be hospitalized for treatment.

If you wear protective gear when playing, it can more or less reduce the potential for paintball to crash. Besides, they avoid injuring the exposed skin.

Thick clothing or hats are items players should consider. According to research, the state of the ball touching the skin and then breaking will be less damaging than the phenomenon of bouncing when it is continued.

Of course, both cause significant impacts, but we mean the degree of harm between the two cases together.

In some playgrounds, wearing protective gear and masks is required as standard. These are important vulnerable positions, so they must be carefully protected.

How Much Is It Hurt?

Does Paintball Hurt With Armor? Expert's Guides 2

The main factors determine your pain level:

  • Quality of paintball
  • Shot distance
  • Number of hits
  • Contact position.

We cannot give you an exact pain threshold. Each person has a different tolerance. For example, one person may patiently wait for the doctor to stitch the wound without injecting an anesthetic, but another will burst into tears when the new needle is into the skin.

Similarly, determining the pain when touching the skin is impossible. As we said above, the player’s perception factor depends on the quality of the paintball.

Usually, inexpensive balls are hard shells that are hard to break on impact. The degree of injury at the skin contact areas is also higher if compared with high-end balls.

Next is the distance. A requirement to master the game rules is to be at least 10 feet away from the opponent.

The greater the distance, the weaker the impact force. A marble shot from 200 feet gives you a minor sensation than close opponents.

Not only that, the hitting position is still in the exciting section. To take a specific example, in intimate areas like the back, there are few muscle groups and fat. When a bullet hits you, it feels more painful because it can be in direct contact with the bone.

Although the objective of the sniper game is to avoid the barrel of bullets, it is worth mentioning that you cannot be sure of perfection in this hunt. We still recommend players wear protective gear and incredibly thick clothing.

It can reduce the pressure transfer load before the paintball touches the skin. Wearing a hat on your head, gloves on your hands, socks on your feet, and glasses is the safest method.

As a result, several rules have also appeared in the player rules:

  • Do not shoot at close range
  • Firing-rate limit
  • Players have the right to raise their hand to exit the game if it feels dangerous

Paintball Or Airsoft, Which One Hurts More?

Does Paintball Hurt With Armor? Expert's Guides 3

Airsoft is a game similar to paintball. It focused on development in Japan in the ’80s.

Both are team games, but when it comes to the pain of being hit, we recommend paintball as an answer.

Why? The bullet rate of both ranges from 300-400 frames per second. But the difference here is the opposite bullet weight and airsoft.

Airsoft has an average mass of 20 grams, and the firing rate also reaches 0.84 Joules of energy.

Meanwhile, paintball has only 3 grams but emits 12.5 Joules of power. All show a marked difference in kinetic energy and confirm our answer given.

Undeniably water gun is an entertaining sport for all ages. Under the supervision, accompanied by safety measures, this is a helpful playground for children to adults.

Suppose you want to find a sport that is not dangerous or painful; the laser shooting game is not a wrong choice. The gameplay is similar to paintball, but there is no bullet line, helping to ensure perfect safety.

Read details here: Airsoft Vs Paintball Pain – What Hurts More Paintball Or Airsoft?


1. What should I wear to paintball to not get hurt?

We will divide it into parts to answer this issue more closely:

  • Lower half

Paintball is a sport that requires agility, items such as shoes that create comfort when moving are always a top priority.

The rule of effective pain relief in the game is not to expose the body. Therefore, do not hesitate to equip more wherever you can cover-up.

  • The upper half of the body

The solution in the paintball is quite itchy and stinging. Pay attention to items with long, thick sleeves for the upper body. It reduces the pain on impact significantly. You can also combine it with a hoodie if you want to stand out.

  • Head and hands

The two most vulnerable parts of the body. For protection purposes, you should wear gloves that are not too large.

Browse through golf gloves, gym gloves, or gardening gloves. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. The organization centers also include ready-made services.

2. How long will 100 paintballs last?

Less than an hour, I think. Of course, this is only an approximate number of individuals participating in the game.

Depending on the sniper’s mood and playing style, the number of paintballs is 100, 200, 300, or even 400 paintballs in an hour are all possible.

3. Can you play paintball without armor?

The answer is yes, and inherently the above article is the answer for readers about tips when playing paintball. The ideal attire when participating is closed, long-sleeved clothes.

This may interfere with some participants’ mobility. In some instances, wearing protective gear will help you block attacks from your opponent and limit the feeling of pain to continue fighting.

4. Are jeans or sweats better for paintball?

Of course, based on the seasonal weather, the participants’ training equipment is also different.

For example, you should prefer long-sleeved shirt forms such as a hoodie, woolen coat, or warm shirt in the fall and winter. You will feel useful if you play in this weather. It both warms the body and increases the resistance.

However, T-shirts or equipment will be appropriate options in the summer.

Everything will depend on your budget. Jeans will cost significantly more than sweaters. Therefore, consider carefully before making a choice.


So, does paintball hurt with armor? Pain will rarely appear, especially in cases where you have fully equipped the necessary protective equipment.

In addition to the satisfaction of fun, here you learn a lot from the experience of working with teammates to self-defense or concentration.

As an experienced player, I find the safety of this game to be relatively high.

Hopefully, through this article from us, you have a comprehensive view of the problem that needs to be answered. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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