Do Paintball CO2 Tanks Expire?

If you are learning about paintball games, you certainly cannot ignore the parts that make up this device, including the CO2 paintball tank. It is the ideal material that is highly compatible with various environmental conditions.

So, do paintball CO2 tanks expire? The full answer will be in the section below. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

Paintball CO2 Tanks Overview

Paintball CO2 bottles are bottles made of metal, and their insides contain compressed carbon dioxide gas.

This substance can be in liquid form in low-temp conditions, while it will be mainly gas at an average temperature.

The paintball bottle will work to release this gas with the task of pushing the paintball out. At the same time, you can find two types of jars, mainly refillable for repeated use and disposable type.

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About the tank

When considering the vessels’ materials, they are also into 3 types (aluminum, steel, and fiber). Steel is the strongest but can be corroded in the environment.

The advantage of aluminum is that it can be a lot, but the paintball tank is difficult to keep its original shape. The weight of the jar made from yarn is relatively tiny, but the production cost is high, so the price is high.

Do Paintball CO2 Tanks Expire?

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Do they expire

CO2 paintball tanks will all expire after about 15 years, sometimes 5 years after you did your last hydraulic test. Now, this number may vary depending on several other characteristics.

Before assessing whether the cylinders have expired, you need to check them with a hydro test every few years and the retest time indicated on the label.

This test evaluates the structural integrity and bearing capacity when the interior contains gas. At the same time, it also helps to check the paintball tank while holding or releasing gas into the environment.

When you do not perform the test on time, your product has expired by default and cannot be used. The 15-year figure is the general lifespan limit of most types.

Besides, several factors can change this time, such as capacity or size, type of container, and valve orifice/opening.

For example, those less than 2 inches in diameter and length do not need to be hydro-tested every five years.

You can even find some products that can last more than 15 years if you meet the hydro test requirements well.

How Long Do CO2 Paintball Tanks Last?

Do Paintball CO2 Tanks Expire

Most cylinders should last for 15 years. In particular, the US Department of Transportation has introduced a policy of certifying these products every five years when they pass the hydraulic test.

The test will do the following:

  • First, experts will do a visual inspection to find problems with the shell, such as cracks or breakage.
  • They then add water to increase the pressure to check for leaks and pressure drops in the tank.
  • If the tank is in good working order, the experts will label the test date and certify it as satisfactory for use and the hydraulic test the next time.

According to the regulations, what is not qualified will be in the collection.

What Factors Affect How Long A CO2 Tank Lasts? 

Several factors affect the lifespan of your CO2 container. Let’s consider:

Tank sizes/types

Steel tanks are the strongest but are susceptible to corrosion. The aluminum tank allows you to fill up the air, but it is challenging to keep the original shape.

The vase is made from light fiber, but the cost to manufacture is higher.

Valve Orifice/ Opening

The valve or open-source will have to do with the internal structure of the product and the amount of gas it can contain.

How Can You Tell If The CO2 Paintball Tank Was Expired? 

The simplest way to know when your cylinder has expired is to read the information on your cap. The manufacturer usually prints the manufacturer’s date in mm/yy with it.

You can completely calculate the hydraulic test time plus 5 years after the date of manufacture and continue for later times.

Besides, on this label is also printed the following number showing the total value of liquid capacity of the bottle.

What Should You Do If You Have An Expired CO2 Paintball Tank? 

There are two types of bottles on the market, refillable and disposable.

If you have a refillable type, you need to take it to sporting goods, paintball stores, or a store that sells solder, solder, or fire extinguishers.

Some people even use home oxygen tanks to add CO2. If your product is a disposable flask, it cannot be refilled or reused, so it should be at a hazardous waste facility.


1. How long are aluminum CO2 tanks suitable for?

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Aluminum tanks

Like cylinders made of steel or fiber, aluminum tanks also need a hydraulic test every five years. Then, a sticker with information about the test time will be near the mouth of the jar. Take note and do a follow-up check-in 5 years.

In fact, its durability can last much longer than average, but the safety will not be absolute. Therefore, do not disregard regular check-ups.

2. How do you fill up a CO2 tank?

You need to find an expert or experienced person to fill the tank. Therefore, sporting goods stores will be the best choice because they often do this job. They will make sure not to cause a safe disk explosion.

Don’t try to do it yourself if you are inexperienced or a professional. It can cause some unnecessary accidents.

3. How long does a paintball air tank last?

Not just CO2 tanks, all types of gas cylinders have an average useful life of 15 years. At the same time, they also need to perform a hydraulic test every five years to ensure the safety of users.

4. Can you use compressed air in a paintball gun?

The answer is yes. You can use compressed air with a paintball gun. Typically, the pressures range from 3000 psi to 5000 psi.

At the same time, this system will be with a regulator connected to the pipeline to help the device achieve the desired capacity.

5. How many bubbles a second?

When the gas tank does the CO2 release, you need to turn the needle valve about half a turn and notice some air bubbles through the counter.

They will usually appear 1-2 bubbles per second, and this number will increase as your tank gets bigger.

6. How much does it cost to refill a paintball air tank?

If you do refills at stores, some will be free for you. Besides, some stores will charge you one to three dollars per 1,000 psi.

7. Is compressed air or CO2 better for paintball?

CO2 is ideal for paintball. While compressed air has better consistency and pressure resistance, it is perfect when used in low temperature and electron gun conditions. Also, some paintball fields will ask you to pay when you fill up with compressed air all day.


Most CO2 paintball tanks have a maximum shelf life of 15 years, and a hydraulic test should be available for five years.

However, the life of compressed air tanks can vary depending on the type of cylinder and their construction.

Besides, the gas refill requires people with knowledge and experience to do it at a cost that will help minimize possible risks.

You need to leave them at a hazardous waste facility for disposable bottles. We hope the above information is helpful to you in your work.

Thank you for reading!

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