DIY PVC Paintball Marker – How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand?

Many people would choose to buy ready-made stands at dedicated pro-shops, whereas others prefer to DIY and personalize their own gun stands. Despite a wide range of dimension options and additional features, the products available from retailers are prohibitively pricey.

In fact, building this supportive component is quite straightforward. With some basic materials, you can follow our guidance on how to make a paintball gun stand to proceed with the task.

In this article, we will find anything you need at a reasonable price level. So now, let’s get started!

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Why Is A Paintball Gun Stand Necessary?

The primary purpose of a gun stand is to protect your investment. This gadget is like a display case holder for your pricey paintball marker, saving it from damages when stored away.

A solid stand allows easy access to your gun whenever you need to disassemble, clean, maintain, and conduct essential upgrades to ensure a workable companion. It’s just like an ‘added hand’ holding the gun for you to do the job.

Besides, a paintball gun stand keeps your marker in tip-top shape so that you can load it hands-free in between games. This way, you and other players nearby will be safe from unexpected discharge accidents as you have to set the gun down.

What To Consider When Making A Paintball Gun Stand?

Before getting into steps, you need to consider some factors and determine what you’re going to do to ensure a complete gun stand.

Material And Durability

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You should choose materials that are durable, tough, and last you for a long time. Most stand makers use high-density, polyethylene, or plastic composite materials to build good-quality stands. Not only are they lightweight, but also extremely indestructible.

Plus, these materials won’t scratch your gun’s coat, hence saving your investment and giving it a nice look even when in display or storage.


An easy-to-setup gun stand helps you display the marker at the paintball fields, on benches, or in your home storage. Whether you’re making an in-home storage tool or a display solution one for the field, your gun should provide an easy setup with minimal tools.

Particularly, your display stand needs to be completely collapsible and fit nicely into your paintball tool bag.


The overall design is the most important factor to weigh up before making a paintball marker stand. Depending on your personal requirements, you may differentiate your stand’s size, design, and other features from other common models available on the market.

First, you can start by determining how many guns you need to store, based on whether you have one marker or more. Second, you also think about the stand’s size. Of course, the size of the gun stand for your child will be smaller than yours, and so on.

Moreover, should your marker come with a lot of added accessories, you might need a stand with a larger dimension.

How To Make A Paintball Gun Stand?

After drawing up a clear plan for your stand-making process keeping all the noteworthy factors in mind, you can approach this project through these steps:

  • Prepare PVC materials, a saw, and PVC glue
  • Design your marker stand
  • Assembly the stand

What You Will Need

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Good tool preparation will save you a lot of time. There are some basic tools and materials that you need to put together a complete paintball gun stand.

For your DIY stand’s main body, you can use cheap PVC pipes, which you can find easily in any home improvement store. Plus, the material list also includes PVC corners, or PVC 90’s and PVC tees.

Besides, a sharp saw is necessary for cutting through PVC piping without any damage. The best recommendation is to grab a modest hacksaw. Finally, you’ll need a strong glue that makes PVC pipes adhere tightly to each other. Hardware stores sell every kind of PVC glue if you need it.

Designing The Gun Stand

Designing involves making sure of the right size of the stand so that you can place the marker on properly. If your gun comes with some accessories, you have to expand the stand’s dimensions to ensure adequate support.

So it’s important to measure your marker and plan out the stand design accordingly. We suggest measuring twice to get it right and avoid annoyances of storage space lack.

When designing the gun stand, you need to count the number of joints and bends it has. This counting determines how many PVC tees and corners you need for the assembling.

Basically, you have to incorporate two identical PVC piping framework layers into your marker stand and connect them vertically using some shorter PVC pipes.

Assembling the Stand

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  • The first step is to connect two PVC tees through a PVC pipe using PVC pipe glue.
  • Add shorter PVC piping cuts in the PVC tees’ remaining openings.
  • Cap the smaller sections with PVC corners. Then, add longer PVC piping cuts to connect all the corners.

Once you finish this step, the PVC frame should shape a rectangle or square with a length of pipe intersecting the framework down the middle.

  • Make two similar frames and attach small PVC pipes to the remaining openings of the PVC corners to finish the project.
  • Apply glue to the joints if you want to add some individual pieces.

Now, your stand should be ready to hold your paintball gun firmly.


A homemade paintball marker stand is a good idea to store your gun safe when you’re not using it. Also, building your own stuff can be so much fun if you know the right methods.

If you prefer a more affordable option and enjoy the plan-to-assembly process, a DIY stand is right for you. We hope our easy guide on how to make a paintball gun stand can help you last your marker for years.

Thank you for reading!

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