Can Paintballs Freeze? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Frozen Paintballs

If you’ve ever thought about freezing your paintballs and applying them on the field, this article is for you. Do they do more damage on impact?

According to science, the harder an object freezes, the harder it gets, resulting in more pain when it hits you. But is that true of paintball?

Join us to find the answer for “can paintballs freeze?”

Can Paintballs Freeze?

Can Paintballs Freeze

Yes, it is possible to freeze paintballs. Yet, they will lose their shape if you do, making them unusable for a game. 

There is nothing illegal and wrong about that. The fact is that both shell and paint will freeze.

These minor balls are usually made from biodegradable and non-toxic products.

For example, if you bought them at a store, the paint is likely biodegradable. As a result, they may rot over time.

When not in use, these balls may turn solid because of the drying of the paint. So if you thought freezing these shadows was the best way to preserve them, you were wrong.

As mentioned above, these balls are biodegradable, and they will turn into useless items that you cannot use in a game.

You wouldn’t expect freezing to make the paintballs last longer, and they wouldn’t turn into a completely different material through the freezing process.

The same goes for ice. Water and ice are essentially the same things and only differ in form. If you aim to change the composition of your paintballs, then you have to heat them, but it will ruin them.

You can freeze balls. Freezing them is not considered a way to preserve them. On the contrary, it will destroy them and defeat the purpose of preserving them.

What Happens to Your Paintballs When They Are Frozen?

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Let’s say you still want to try to freeze your paintballs. You’ll want to know how they differ from their non-frozen counterparts. Does freezing make it hurt more when they hit?

First, you must know that frozen paintballs will no longer be the same as their previous state. Unfortunately, this difference doesn’t make them any better.

Frozen balls never seem to be better than regular balls. Here are some reasons.


The most apparent concern we need to address is brittleness. Of course, freezing will make your balls harder and tougher. But the biggest downside to this is that they become significantly more brittle.

As your paintball becomes more brittle, it can break easily, even without any impact. When you shoot, it should disintegrate before reaching the target.

So, freezing these balls is not a good idea, which will cause you to lose the game.


If you have several round ice trays, it is unnecessary to worry about having your paintballs deformed. But as we all know, that is not possible.

When you freeze the paintballs, they will be entirely in a bag. Therefore, do not expect them to appear as perfect circles. Instead, these balls will be in any shape.

When these balls are frozen, they will not remain in a perfect circle. Instead, some will have corners and edges, while some will have chipped pieces.


You may be wondering if you can bring frozen balls to the field. So will they still be frozen until you join the game?

If you have an ice pack and cooler, you can expect your balls to stay frozen throughout your game. Carrying a cooler won’t be an inconvenience.

The disadvantage is that these balls will melt in the barrel, especially when playing on a specific day in the summer. When they do, they will be deformed, and returning to their original round shape is impossible.

What if your barrel gets filled with water and paints because your paintball melt? It will be a significant inconvenience and cause you to lose the game.

If you want to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, it’s wise to keep your balls in their original state.


When talking about paintball, consistency is considered one of the critical factors for your paintball, strategy, and marker.

Assuming you’re good at aiming and having an accurate and consistent marker.

Then, it looks like you are all set to win the match. However, adding frozen paintballs into the mix can make all the effort you put in meaningless.

Is a frozen paintball inconsistent? The fact is that it will disintegrate just before the impact. Besides, it will also lose its perfectly round shape during freezing.

Therefore, it will not go straight when you shoot. No matter how good your aim is, you will never hit your target. Your paintball can still go a long way, but it’s pointless if it doesn’t go in the right direction as you expect.

Ever wondered why your balls, including paintballs, are round? The reason is that this shape allows them to reduce friction when moving through the air, which can deflect their orbits.

Once frozen, a paintball will deform and lose its original perfectly round shape.

So as soon as you shoot, it will fall to the ground immediately or will not follow the trajectory you expect.

Does Frozen Paintball Damage the Marker?

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Fortunately, using the frozen paintball will not damage the marker. However, the paint will spread in your barrel when they melt in the worst case.

Your marker will not get damaged because of that, but you must clean it immediately. In that way, ice and paint do not stick to this barrel.

The problem is that when you freeze the paintball, it does not melt entirely quickly. So when you play paintball games, a paintball will still break on impact, but there’s a good chance the paint won’t splatter.

In most cases, you will only be awarded points if there is a collision and paint splatter. As a result, if the paint doesn’t splatter on the target, you won’t get the score, rendering the purpose of your paintball meaningless.

What’s worse if you can’t beat your opponent because the paint is frozen?


1. Is It Possible to Use a Frozen Paintball on the Field?

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Some establishments prohibit the usage of frozen paintballs because they will not give a good game and can hurt other players when it is thrown at a short distance. Yet, there are still establishments that allow it.

2. How Long Can a Paintball Last?

Paintballs’ age may vary, depending on the manufacturer. Some paintballs remain bouncy and in optimal condition for a prolonged period. Meanwhile, others may become brittle after a short period.

3. How to Store The Paintball?

The proper storage of paintballs is essential for optimal performance. They will be ready for use whenever you need them by storing your balls properly.

While they are biodegradable, storing paintballs doesn’t mean putting them in the freezer. You can follow the manufacturer’s guide on storing your paintball.

You should store your paintballs in a cool and dry place as a general rule. A humid environment will cause the paintball to begin to swell. On the other hand, too low a temperature will cause the paintball to become deform and brittle.

The Bottom Line

It is feasible to freeze paintballs. But it is not recommended because it won’t give you an advantage. And they can become useless in your game.

Most founders won’t accept this, and if they do, you’ll have a hard time winning. So, it is always wise to keep the original condition of your paintballs.

Thank you for reading!

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