Can Paintball Guns Shoot Rubber Balls? Here’s What You Need to Know

Paintball markers are for firing paintballs, but you can use a variety of bullets with different guns. So, can paintball guns shoot rubber balls?

These guns can clearly use the rubber balls. Its operation is almost identical to regular bullets but safer at close range.

Therefore, using a variety of different weapons will give you more flexibility in many situations. They can be on the battlefield if you are playing in a game tournament and to have fun with friends.

This article might provide information about rubber balls, use them, and frequently ask questions. We hope it will be helpful to you.

Rubber Balls Overview

can paintball guns shoot rubber balls `

These balls are considered rubber bullets fired from a gun. They have plastic materials and are in various weights, types, and colors. It supports you for many different purposes.

Moreover, owning rubber balls is also very convenient. Currently, many stores, websites, and e-commerce sites sell sporting goods. They might come to an adapter that makes it easy to mark paintballs and install the appropriate accessories.

The bullets, also rubber batons, belong to plastic pellets. When the manufacturer designed them, the original purpose was to fire with pistols with empty cartridges. However, now, many submachines might be fired.

Paintball Rounds And Rubber Balls, What is the difference?

Rubber balls are spherical objects, and they have no air. As mentioned above, their shape and weight can suit many purposes.

For example, if you need to find a sport such as tennis or a baseball product. Alternatively, some people opt to make the one at home with dough or any soft materials.

The original paintball rounds weren’t quite spherical, but they had small holes inside. It allows some air inside the balloon and makes it possible for other substances to be into one side.

You can use the ball with a shotgun-style weapon and plenty of internal bullets if you have a paintball gun. The limitation of rubber balls is that you cannot shoot them directly from the chamber.

The reason is that they do not contain anything inside that can push objects downwards and can’t even deal damage when shot out.

Can Paintball Guns Shoot Rubber Balls?

Using it as Projectiles

can paintball guns shoot rubber balls 2

Shooters will use rubber balls for paintball guns. It works similarly with low-impact ammo for close-range games.

Moreover, they need to ensure safety when shooting at your opponent in the game without eye protection or protective clothing.

Most clip ones can take from about 100 up to 200 rounds inside. The use of paintballs gives you flexibility in many environments, even playing indoors without much space.

If you use balls for your games indoors, they will limit your chances of breaking, dropping things on the wall, or damaging your glass windows. This feature helps the product stand out and dominate compared to ordinary bullets.

How to choose rubber balls for paintball guns?


The equipment you need to prepare when selecting rubber balls for the paintball gun is the adapter. It means that you need to choose a suitable product for your gun’s ammo hopper or tray. Moreover, you can quickly shoot bullets safely.

We suggest you several types of adapters with suitable characteristics:

  • Standard Adapters: These are to fit the most marked points.
  • Autococker Adapter: It is suitable for Autococker.
  • Custom Adapter: It is available and can fit most guns currently on the market. All you need to do is check the instructions for use.

Materials and Weight

When choosing suitable ones, you can also consider the weight and the material made. These features with different products are very diverse, and you can buy from many other sources.

If you choose smaller pellets, the gun will shoot faster. However, its limitation is that it will not fly far or impact when firing at something. In contrast, heavier products will be more serious, but they can substantially affect the target.

The weight factor you should choose is the heavy ammunition that will be best for your paintball gun. Lightweight products can fly quickly and easily hurt others without protective clothing or eyewear.

Gun barrel size

can paintball guns shoot rubber balls 3

Besides, you can also use the gun’s size. Most versions have a 0.68 caliber design. Thus, it would help if you compared switching from paint guns to slingshot guns.


Do rubber paintballs hurt?

The answer is bullets can hurt you or others when hit. They will even break bones and create bruises at the place of contact. Specifically, it will take a few days for the bruise to disappear and weeks for the bone to heal.

In addition, if you use cold paintballs and pellets, they can injure you. So be careful, and it is best to use eye protection protective clothing when playing.

Are paintball guns good for self-defense?

If you use paintball guns for self-defense, they can completely take on this responsibility. Paintball markers are a good product for defense. Moreover, it will not be lethal.

Therefore, you can use paintball guns to protect yourself, family members, and properties in your house.

Do they make clear paintballs?

The clear paintballs are pretty similar to regular paintballs in some respects. However, the difference here is that they are painted instead of traditional paint. The paintballs can work well at standard paintball markers. Moreover, it will be perfect if you use it in places where you don’t want to leave traces.


Thus, the rubber balls are spherical and have fragments like a regular paintball. Moreover, they do not contain paint, so playing without leaving a mark is easy.

You will often see or experience shooting in large numbers. In particular, the product is often used in a short-range, even indoors.

However, you need to be aware of injuries such as broken bones or a shot in the face when playing. You need to prepare eye protection, protective equipment, and possibly a mask. Therefore, rubber balls will be more suitable for quarter-final matches and indoors.

Surely you have understood and can make the wisest choice when buying rubber balls. We hope that you will have a pleasant experience with this game.

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