Can Paintball Guns Break Bones? Things You Need To Know

In many people’s minds, paintball guns are simply guns with the ability to shoot harmless paintballs. But reality has proven that the destructive power is much more potent than most of us imagine.

Even in some cases, the injuries caused by paintballs can be severe and significantly impact your health. So, can paintball guns break bones? What’s the worst you can experience from paintball shots?

Let’s find out right in today’s article.

Can Paintball Guns Break Bones?

Fortunately, paintball guns can’t create terrible shocks like the agents I mentioned above.

Can Paintball Guns Break Bones? Things You Need To Know

So you won’t need to worry about bone injuries during play.

We all know that human bone is a solid structure with a higher stiffness than steel or concrete. And it is this special that makes our body resistant to shocks very well.

However, there is no such thing as an indestructible material, and human bones are no exception when a force is so great that our bodies can’t even support it.

Substantial impacts such as traffic accidents or bullets from ordinary guns can often break bones.

Fortunately, guns can’t create terrible shocks like the agents I mentioned above. So you won’t need to worry about bone injuries during play.

In addition, most paintball gun companies and shooting ranges have regulations on gun firing rates and provide specialized protective equipment. These factors significantly reduce the impact force of paintballs, thereby eliminating the risk of creating bone damage.

However, the above information is only accurate if you are healthy and have no pre-existing bone problems.

If the body, especially the bones, has ever cracked or has just recovered from an injury, the endurance will be significantly reduced.

As the endurance decreases, the durability also decreases, increasing the possibility of breakage if subjected to too much impact from paintballs.

What Are The Risks Of Paintball? 

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What Are The Risks Of Paintball?

You can not deny paintball itself is a game in which the participant may take some definite risk in participating.

Because although paintballs are often shot from low-powered air guns to reduce impact damage, the slightly reduced firing force of the weapon is enough to cause damage to the body.

And in fact, the injury will be more severe if it accidentally hits the soft tissue parts or sensitive places like the eyes. There was even a documented case where a shot to the neck caused acute difficulty breathing in a participant.

Although serious injuries leading to disability or death are shallow, the researchers say these risks are entirely possible in reality. Therefore, you need to be aware of protective measures when participating in this competitive sport.

Paintballs are usually from a low-powered air gun known as a paint polish pen. The weapon is powered by nitrogen or carbon dioxide compressed air.

What Are The Dangers Of Paintball? 

External injuries, bruises, or worse, internal injuries such as sprains or dislocations are the most common hazards while you play paintball.

However, many studies have shown that the most significant danger you face is problems from the eyes when 85% of the most incredible damage is in this sensitive part.

Even with the help of glasses, it is not possible to eliminate all the dangers that come from paintballs accidentally hitting our eyes.

Paintball Injuries

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Paintball Injuries

Injuries when participating in paintball are usually external, but there are still some that affect the internal parts of our body.

Or, in worse cases, permanent injuries. And below, I will analyze some of the trauma problems you will encounter

Minor Injuries

Scratches and bruises are the most common injuries experienced by participants. Even when equipped with sturdy protective panels, the force of impact on our body is still relatively high.

If you hit weak positions or concentrate a lot of soft tissue, you can quickly encounter bruises. While rubbing will occur when bullets meet more challenging classes or fall when you move.

Knee and ligaments, muscles or joints injuries

Knee and ligaments, muscles or joints injuries
Knee and ligaments, muscles or joints injuries

If the impact is too significant, your knees, ligaments, muscles, and joints will likely have severe problems or persistent injuries.

If the bone is a fairly substantial structure and can withstand high impact forces, ligaments, cartilage, or muscles are much more susceptible to damage.

And sadly, the parts that I mentioned above are located on the outside and cover the internal bone structure.

So more often than not, you will have problems with these weak organs rather than problems with bones. Although the regenerative capacity of bone and cartilage is very high, the pain it leaves us is undeniable.

In another aspect, moving or dodging bullets from the opponent’s gun is also very easy to make us operate in the wrong position. It makes the joints move too far from the original part and leaves serious consequences.

Infection or intoxication

The paint in the gun is chemical, and you can run into problems with infection or poisoning if the color accidentally gets into an open wound. Although it is difficult to recognize this problem in the first place, the consequences are enormous and long-lasting.

Eye injuries

Temporary vision loss or blindness are two problems that are not difficult to encounter but are also the worst that a Paintball participant can experience.

Here we are not talking about cases of not using or using the wrong type of protective eyewear because these cases will almost certainly be injured if a paintball comes into sight.

If you even have goggles on, there’s still a chance of some eye damage if the bullet gets too close and breaks the glass.

How To Stay Safe While Playing Paintball?

Fully equipped with protective gear is the first and most important method for you to minimize injuries when playing paintball.

In addition, the correct selection of guns and tools has passed the overall inspection steps to make sure the speed is within the allowable range.

Finally, you also need to avoid participating in this game if your body is experiencing severe injuries or has just recovered.

Can a paintball break your finger?

Although it cannot break large bones such as the ankle, ribs, or spine, paintball can easily break with finger bones.


This article has taught us that although not directly breaking bones, paintball guns can still leave harmful effects on our bodies. Hopefully, you have gained more knowledge about participating and staying safe while enjoying this sport through this article.

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