The Age Requirement Of Paintball: How Old Do You Have To Be To Go Paintballing?

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Paintball Age Requirements

Paintball age requirement depends on where you live. In many place of the world, especially the United States, the age from 12 to 14 is the proper age. However, many other places, you must be 18 or older. Therefore, if you are under 18, you must have parental supervision.

Specifically, you will play this game with paintball types of low damage limits such as paintball (size 0.68) or paintball type (size 0.5), or paintball soft/paintball Light.

Why Is The Age Requirement Required?

In this section, we will look for the reasons why the age requirement is important.

Children May Be Injured

Playing paintball guns is like fighting in the real game world. Therefore, even though it is fun to play, it is impossible to avoid unintended incidents sometimes.

We all know, playing paintball guns has an impact on players objectively. Specifically, many paint bullets when fired from the barrel are likely to hit your body causing injury.

If the injury is minor, you may only get bruises or scrapes. But if the injury is severe, especially in sensitive areas like the eyes or face, you’ll likely need to go to the hospital. So awareness and caution are imperative for safety.

Make Sure It’s Legal

According to many states in the U.S., or other parts of the world, we have specific age laws to participate in this adventure game. Accordingly, the legal regulation of age is to minimize the risk that this game may cause.

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Control Your Behavior

Why can you control the player’s behavior?

Indeed, many people will think that the age limit simply helps them know what age is right for them. But in fact, age will go along with the psychological development of the player in a certain direction.

That said, if you’re old enough to play this paintball gun game, you’re also eligible to take responsibility in the process.

Or you accept that paintball bullets can hurt you. After being hurt because your opponent pranked you, you are also rational enough to control yourself and avoid causing conflicts.

Low-damage Paintballs Information

Paintball has a low damage limit designed with the paintball after being fired at a low speed and with little impact. However, in the spirit of active sport, low damage paintball guns still provide a perfect real-world experience because of the following benefits:

  • The weight is not too heavy, you can easily carry it and move it easily
  • Low damage paintball guns can hold multiple paintballs at the same time
  • Paintballs when fired will quickly break apart so as not to cause great damage
  • Compared to the traditional, the impact force is reduced by at least 68%

Safe Playing Tips For Beginners

This section will tell you good tips to play paintball guns successfully from the first time.

Not Afraid Of Pain

First and also a prerequisite, you must have a brave heart. Courage here means that you have to take risks when playing. But in a positive sports spirit, you have to know how to dodge bullets and respond to your opponent in a cultured way.

Besides, you should know that once the wounds are imprinted on your body, they will probably take a while to fade away. You should train yourself to endure and handle the worst situation caused by a paintball.

Wear A Mask And Protective Gear

Wearing a mask and protective gear helps you protect yourself from unnecessary harm.

Indeed, during combat, many unforeseen situations can adversely affect you. In particular, the eyes and face are the most sensitive and vulnerable places.

If the injury is mild, likely you’ll only have bruising or swelling. But if the injury is severe, you’re likely to have your facial senses affected.

So before entering a fiery paintball gun match, you need to wear protective gear to ensure your safety first.

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Why use your paintball gun and not someone else’s?

Familiarity and comfort with your weapons is important. Only then will you feel confident, and raise your vigilance in the battle. This action will be more effective and safer while playing the game.

The Important Factor Is Still The Safety Factor

Whether you are just old enough to participate in the game, or how many times you have participated in this game, you should know that the most important thing is still the safety factor.

You must ensure you are old enough, wearing protective gear, know the rules and play safely. That way, you can have fun and be safe while also protecting the health of you and your teammates.

Once we know the paintball requirements for where we live, we will know what we lack and need to be safe and have fun. By following the rules of the game and applying good sportsmanlike habits, it will bring us the most impressive paintball game. Thank you for your interest in the article!