Does Paintball Hurt With Armor? Expert’s Guides

Does Paintball Hurt With Armor? Expert's Guides 2

Paintball is a type of sport that offers many exciting things to learn, such as teamwork, concentration, and carefulness. But there is still the fear of the above happening. Many people share a fear of pain when participating in this subject. So, does paintball hurt with armor? The article will give you the complete answer … Read more

Paintball Handguns – Top 10 Best Paintball Pistols for Pro & Newbie (Tested)

Top 10 Best Paintball Pistols

Shooting is a fun sport for many different audiences. The game is meant as a great stress reliever and trains us with effective teamwork skills. In addition, the game also supports maintaining your mental and physical health and enhancing your observation and judgment. To enhance the excitement in each experience, you need to choose for … Read more

Paintball CO2 vs. Compressed Air – What Is Difference?

paintball co2 vs compressed air 1

When playing with a paintball gun, people often pay a lot of attention to the pressure. So. which is better of paintball CO2 vs compressed air? A tank usually contains CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen gas. Among them, CO2 and compressed air are the most popular. Paintball CO2 and compressed air both create pressure to … Read more

Paintball Vs Airsoft: Which Is The Best Choice?

When it comes to fun war games, there may be two game titles crossing your mind at the same time: paintball vs. airsoft. The most significant difference is that airsoft is a battle simulation in which you use guns that look like real firearms. On the other hand, Paintball uses a special paintball gun to … Read more

Best Paintball Hopper: Top 9 Highest-quality Paintball Loaders Reviews (Gravity-fed & Electronic)

Hoppers hold plenty of balls that drop into paintball guns before they fire a ball. The more balls in a paintball gun, the more quickly you can fire. However, keep in mind that you cannot have the best paintball hopper if you do not get well-equipped with sufficient information. In reality, not all paintball hoppers are the … Read more

How To Fill A Co2 Paintball Tank?

Many of us have certainly experienced the excitement of participating in an air gun battle. However, to prepare your airgun in the best condition for the full fun, you must know how to fill a co2 paintball tank. Don’t worry, Discovery UK will tell you how to do that. Our article below will provide you … Read more