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We share the best techniques and helpful tutorials for paintball players. You can check out our recent guides to buying the best quality devices on the market. Our aim is to publish the most detailed content that helps paintball players from Beginner to Professional skill levels gain a great deal of knowledge and great paintball tips.

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Here at, we review all of the latest paintball equipment so we can help our fellow paintball players find the best equipment to suit their budget and style of play. Whether you play woodsball, speedball or rec ball – we’ll help you.

We are also dedicated to helping beginner to intermediate players improve their skills in the game of marbles. Just check out our helpful tips section and you’ll be a better player in no time!

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: A real Florida guy, Miller Cathal is a strategist on Nicholas Rabackoff’s team. Ryan is most commonly known for his incredible paintball IQ and ridiculous skills with a paintball gun. Now, he is the author of our articles.